Resonance Blog Tour w Giveaway!

IT’S HEEEEERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I am just so excited I cannot seem to help myself!!! I just LOVE this series and this author!!!! I will not take up any more of your time because you NEED to see how awesome this post is!!!! Wait til you see my guest over today 🙂

Resonance (Holloway Pack, #2.5)

Resonance Details

Release Date: April 2nd 2013

Title: Resonance

Series: Holloway Pack 2.5

Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble |KoboBooks


Guilt is a heavy burden for the one carrying it.

Jem Stonehouse is no exception to this rule.

What if she’d acted sooner? What if she’d fully recognised the threat? What if she hadn’t allowed the male pack members to head into the witches’ ambush?

For one, youngest pack member Josh Larsen wouldn’t be trapped in the sleep of the dead.

Now, Jem is convinced it’s her job to bring him back to life no matter what it takes— learning more about her heritage, risking pack exposure, or travelling to places she couldn’t have imagined possible.

Even if the journey endangers her soul.


Whiteness reflected back at me from the ceiling above—a blank canvas of nothingness. For two weeks, I’d spent a few hours each day in the lilac bedroom. For two weeks, I’d prayed for a

miracle. For some kind of enlightenment. Or at the very least, for Jess to find a way to wake up Josh.

Some days, the emptiness dulled my senses to a warble of incoherency. Thankfully, on those days, Sean came to my rescue, reminding me life still existed beyond the four, pale purple walls. Somehow managing to convince me that everything would work out.

If Sean believed Josh would awaken, what right did I have to dispute him?

If the rest of the pack believed, who was I to douse their flames of hope?

Yet, no matter how many hours, how many days, how many weeks I spent at Josh’s side in a show of optimism, the ache in my heart belied any positivity I feigned.

Rolling onto my side caused the mattress to dip, but even that jostle didn’t stir Josh. I flicked at an errant, dark blond curl, poked at his cheek. Still, he didn’t move, didn’t flinch, didn’t acknowledge my prodding.


Poor kid had probably been poked more in the past fortnight than he had his entire life.

As my heavy sigh eased out, footsteps ascended the stairs outside the room. I knew from sound alone who they belonged to, didn’t even need to inhale to confirm. That didn’t stop me, though, and my lids lowered as my mate’s bouquet found home within my olfactory.

Seconds later, Sean’s body filled the doorway and cast a shadow across the carpet. “Hey.”

“Hey,” I whispered without looking up.


I tapped my fingertip along Josh’s jawline, willing him to react yet knowing he wouldn’t.

Josh hadn’t moved the entire two weeks he’d been under. Heck, we’d barely moved him. No toileting. No sweating. He didn’t seem to feel, hear, taste, see or smell.

All thanks to being in a death sleep, Jess had said.

I slaughtered the witches responsible for putting Josh under—for bewitching him in the worst possible way. At the time, their deaths had seemed fitting. That had been before I realised Josh’s predicament.

With a small head shake, I rubbed my hand along Josh’s arm as if the friction would help a body lacking in heat. “I’ve been thinking.”

“Thought I heard the turning of rusty cogs.”

My gaze skittered to the left and landed on Sean’s lopsided smile. Dark hair stood on end above dark eyes staring back at me. All male, all muscle, all mine, Sean Holloway got me like no other.

“You going to make me pry it out of you, Jem?”

Rolling my eyes at the suggestiveness of his tone, I brushed a kiss across Josh’s cheek and wriggled off the bed. At the door, I grabbed Sean’s hips and steered him backward across the landing and into our room.

His left eyebrow arched up. “You do want me to pry it out of you.”

I breathed out a laugh as I trotted over to the bed and sat crosslegged, tugging him along with me until he mirrored my pose. Nudging his hand up, I placed my palm flat against his, studying

the size difference as male dwarfed female in a way I rarely noticed. “I’ve been thinking about what you said.”

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My Review:

Lets talk about a short story being that awesome! After all the hell they went through in Blue Moon, Jem finds herself stuck- because she could lose herself if she does this, or she could lose a member of her pack if she doesn’t. I am very much starting to love Jem’s sister Jess. She’s become a majorly favorite character. Jem is still top notch to me, as she really is a wonderful character. I feel very sorry for Sean. I think he’s still trying to recover, and he’s got a lot he thinks is his fault, and he’s worried about Jem. Damn those witches!!! And Ethan is still very much Ethan, EXCEPT, he surprises me with how very politically helpful he can be. I look forward to seeing how much fun this new person will be 🙂 the writing is absolutely flawless as always! Her writing is just beautiful and can take a reader to places they never thought to go! To Ms J- HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME WITH THAT LAST SENTENCE!!!! 🙂
Extremely well done as for a cliff hanger!! 5 MAGNANIMOUS PAWS!!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Character Interview:

My OMG moment has come…. WELCOME ETHAN HOLLOWAY!!! Ladies, I will fight you severely for him, regardless of what he wants or says LOL 🙂 I am also going to call FAIR WARNING AND GRAPHIC CONTENT…. I have some not so lady like answers to Ethan, so, read at your own risk, and of course, I encourage giggling…. He’s met his match! I’ve also left the interview very vague as I didn’t want to ask any spoiler type questions.


•How’s life living as a werewolf?

Well, it’s a bit like living as a werewolf. What the hell does this even mean? My life’s the same as any other grafting male out there. Except it has added bonuses. And complications.

•Well, honey, you don’t live the same kind of life as me, though I would love to be a werewolf. *makes mean eyes* Why do you always seems so stand-off-ish when it comes to meeting people?

I prefer to use the term ‘cautious’. Because you make me sound rude.

*Uhh, sometimes you are 🙂 How do you feel about Jem being in your family now?

She’s cool. She can stay. Plus, she’s fun to wind up.

•In a perfect world, how would your life play out?

There’s no such thing as a perfect world. And even if there was, I wouldn’t want it to play out much differently to how it has—other than Connor’s wife would still be alive, and I’d have swallowed my principles and offed the witches without waiting for them to give me a better reason to. *shrug*

•Well, that was the longest I’ve ever heard you talk. *smiles* Why do you fight with Sean so much? You guys always seem to disagree…

We’re brothers. It’s in my job description to piss him off.

•Tell me something people wouldn’t expect from you?

I think Sean’s car is stupid. He should just give it to Jem.

• You’re such a serious guy, tell me something crazy, or outgoing you’ve done?

You’re reading me all wrong. I know how to have fun. In fact, this one time … actually, nah, I ended up getting run over that day … okay, I have it. There was a girl in school I wanted to impress, and decided turning up at the stables where she visited her horse was the way to go. Guess what? It didn’t work out.

Anyway, define crazy and outgoing?

•LOL, I call bullshit to your “I know how to have fun”, but I will keep the vision of you getting run over in my mind so I can giggle 🙂 If you could have one wish, any one, no restrictions, what would you wish for and why?

To never have to worry about the safety of the pack. I’m sure you don’t really need me to emphasis why.

•No, you don’t. I whole-heartedly agree. It’s not really a question, but could you call me? I’m a southern Louisiana girl, and your number 1 fan… I’m sure we could find something fun to keep us busy lol or if not, could you just sit in my kitchen and let me stare at you while I cook you a Cajun meal hahaha !

Yeah, I don’t tend to do the dinner and drinks scene. It’s not like anyone can cook better than me, anyway. And who wants to be stared at?

•And there’s the ass hat answers again… Jeez, I just called you hot, and you get cocky! *urgh* Alright, now let’s try a few this or that questions 🙂

This should be fun.

•Boxers or briefs?

That’s personal on a whole level of ‘Mind your own business.’

•Chicken!!!! Hot or cold?

You know I’m hot-blooded, right?

•BLAH! I like cold ice cream, but hot tea… It wasn’t hard… Night or day?


•Winter or summer?

Summer. Way more excuses and opportunity for shredding annoying clothes.

•Fall or spring?

What the hell’s fall? You mean autumn? Yeah, that. It smells amazing.

•Oh must you make things difficult. Coffee or tea?


•Favorite color?

What does colour matter?

•A lot, but obviously not to you *LOL* Favorite food?


•Werewolf or vampire?


•Oh come on, have a little fun 🙂 Angels or demons?

Never met either so how would I know?

•Zombie or dead-for real?

Are you for real? Who’d want something that’s frickin’ decomposing? Scrap that. I wouldn’t want something dead either. But at least something that stays dead would conserve energy, so I’ll go for that one.

•Good Lawd, don’t you read or watch movies! You are forgetting that “have fun” statement! Dogs or cats?

Heh. Your shitting with me, aren’t you?

•HEHEHEHE nope, I think I’d like for you to meet a tiger, and see who would win 🙂 See, that’s a kitty! Perfect date?

Dunno. Never been on one. I guess it’d go something like this, though: I cook. We eat. She services.

We done yet?

*Stares open mouthed* WAIT!!! Why are you cooking instead of me! I cook better! …….

Well, I think I just got a compliment from him, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything else but that from Ethan…. *sigh* And yet I am still hopelessly head over heals…. It’s MY MISSION to totally snag him!!!! 🙂 I will continue to conspire LOL

The Big Resonance Giveaway!

*From the mouths of babes…. or at least from Mrs. Belifield!* April 2nd 2013 marked the official release of Resonance upon the world, and yes, Resonance is available to purchase at all of the usual outlets. However, because I love and appreciate my fans so much, I decided to go on a mission to give something back.
Thanks to my super-duper editor, I’ve been granted permission for the following.

My Mission

I vow to give away a FREE copy of Resonance to everyone who submits a valid entry between April 2nd and May 2nd (inclusive).

On top of that, one main-prize winner will receive a Holloway Pack swag-bundle (see image).

So, what do you have to do to enter?

Simples. Read on.

Resonance is, by no means, intended to be read as a standalone. If you haven’t read at least Blue Moon, then you will have absolutely no idea what is happening in Resonance. Also, if you haven’t read Blue Moon, then you will be hit upside the head with one massive spoiler for how the book ends if you read Resonance first.

Here’s the deal. You can enter in any (or all, if you wish) of the following ways:

Post a picture of you with your precious copy or Blue Moon somewhere on the Internet.
It does not have to be a hard copy (paperback); it can be the cover image on the screen of your Kindle/e-reader/reading tablet. No, pdf’s do not count. If you have a pdf, then it’s most probably an illegal copy, and so will only upset me.
Once said picture is posted, link me up so I can see it. If you stick it on FB, then tag me, but remember, I have a space (for some bizarre reason) between my initials on there. So, make sure you use @J. A. Belfield in your tag. NB: There will be a space in the Rafflecopter form to paste in a link to your pic, also, just in case I miss any or the tagging doesn’t work. If you stick it on Twitter, then be sure to mention: @JABelfield so I can see your entry. And if you happen to stick it anywhere else, then be sure to forward a link to the post to j.a.belfield72 at and include ‘The Big Resonance Giveaway’ in the subject line.

Post a review for Blue Moon.
Obviously, I’d prefer amazing ones, but I get that my writing won’t jive for everyone, so any review over 100 words will be accepted, even if it doesn’t rave and include 4/5 stars. However, I will read each review carefully (because I always do), and ascertain that I believe the book has actually been read rather than a review being composed out of a rewrite of the blurb (yes, this does happen on occasion).
Where you post your review is up to you. On Goodreads. Amazon. B&N. On your blog. Completely up to you. But the Rafflecopter form will have separate entry options for each of these places, and each one will be included as an entry toward the main prize.

Make sense?


Off you go, go, goooo!


Rafflecopter Details

SO GO HERE to enter via rafflecopter!!! 🙂 You REAALLLLLLLY wanna read this one!!! 🙂

Author Bio

Best known for her Holloway Pack Stories, J.A. Belfield lives in Solihull, England, with her husband, two children, three cats and a dog. She writes paranormal romance, with a second love for urban fantasy.


Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


So, what are you thinking about today… Anybody else have the total hots for Ethan… WELL DON’T… I will get all crazy cajun and whoop up on ya! LOL But you can definitely stare from afar! 🙂 To Ms. J- I LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for being the most awesome 🙂 I hope Ethan isn’t too offended… Pffft, scratch that, tell him it’s on! 🙂 I hope the rest of you all check out this series! Happy reading everyone and later gators!!

Until next time …

Out Now!

Out Now!


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  1. kford2007 says:

    love, love, love this series. I’m always recommending it to werewolf fans. Fantastic post. Keep up the good work, J.A. 🙂 Can’t wait for me some Caged!!!

  2. aimeelaine says:

    Oh my holy god. I have been reading this at work in a room of 4 people and doing my damnedest NOT to laugh OUT LOUD. This is a don’t drink and read interview. It needs a spew warning!

  3. jabelfield says:

    Maghon, BIG thanks for having us here. Thanks for the amazing review. Thanks for making Ethan’s interview so much fun. You’re da bomb! ❤

  4. Rachel says:

    Wicked interview – loved it :o) x

  5. […] you’re interesting is seeing me trying to get Ethan to go on a date with me… IT’S HERE! I should warn you it’s a little…. NUTS! But Gabe was much more obliging that Ethan […]

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