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My first action of today is to quickly say- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! I say quick because she doesn’t even read this lol!! But Today, I’ve got a really cool one for you. Vampires meets demons meets angels… On the outside that’s how it sounds, but when you read this one, not all is what you seem 🙂 So, let me show you!

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Night Hawk
Book One – Night Hawk Series

J.E. Taylor

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Novel Concept Publishing, LLC

Cover Artist:

Book Description:

Selling your soul has never been so charming and Mark throws in a little something to sweeten the pot, his girlfriend Naomi.

Sentenced to death at the hands of a demon, Naomi Hawk has a firsthand lesson in despair and betrayal in Mark’s deal for fame with all the trimmings. Deep in the clutches of the underground brotherhood, Naomi’s light is coveted for the Master’s gain.

When she slips and falls eighty stories from a precarious ledge, Naomi resigns herself to the inevitable impact and death by shattered bones. Before she can escape her demons in eternal slumber, something sinister plucks her from the plummet, stealing her out of the night to sacrifice her forever to the shadows.

Imprisoned in bottomless darkness, Naomi thirsts for justice…and revenge.

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Short Excerpt

“You’re more than welcome to join me,” I said when she showed no signs of moving.

Her mouth opened and she glanced back toward the living room. “When?”

“Right now,” I said, knowing she wasn’t referring to my offer.

She rolled her eyes. “When did you paint that mural?”

“A long time ago,” I said. “Now, are you going to join me or not?” This time I turned toward her, giving her the full view and I smiled at the way her gaze bounced, her eyes widening a fraction before inching their way back up my chest to my face. Her cheeks bloomed and I cocked an eyebrow at her.

She pressed her lips together and slammed the door, marching out of the room in a huff.

I chuckled and ran the soap over my chest, running my fingers over what was left of the welt on my skin. The vampiric healing powers still amazed me enough that I missed the shift in the air around me.

Nails scraped my back and I jumped, swinging my head in the direction of the disturbance. Her wide eyes met mine and I turned, drinking her in from head to toe. Exquisite was the only word that popped into mind and when her fingers touched my chest I reached, covering her hand and holding it against my skin.

“What are you doing?” I whispered because having her undressed and this close put me at a major disadvantage.

“I’m saying thank you,” she said and her hands moved lower.

Catching her wrists, I warned, “Naomi, don’t start something you can’t finish.” My body responded anyway and she closed the distance. Her lips grazed my chest and I closed my eyes, releasing her and surrendering to her exploration.

When her tongue trailed lower, I recalled the memories of her ex and my eyes snapped open. As much as the thought of her taking me in her mouth thrilled me, I didn’t want to be that memory and I grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her up to face me. She wasn’t one of the common harlots from my past that I let drop to their knees before me.

No, Naomi was different and I wanted more.

“You do not have to do this just because you aren’t ready for anything else.”

Her dark eyes met mine and I traced the frame of her face with my fingertips, studying every curve. Leaning down, I took her lower lip in my mouth, sucking gently before shifting and delivering a kiss that started as tender and rich as her blood, but it soon escalated into an all-consuming heat and I could envision living in this bliss for the rest of eternity.

I had lied to her today.

Fear wasn’t the only deep emotion I had encountered since I plucked her out of the sky, this need to connect, to love again overwhelmed me. The irony of her name and the form she turned into added to the feel that fate had prepared this feast just for me.

My Review:

You guys know I’m not normally the vamper fan. I actually had no idea this would be a vampire story. I was thinking along the lines of demons when the blurb talked about shadows. Well, there’s a little bit of everything in here. It starts out crazy! Like, Naomi is hanging over the side of an 80 story building crazy!!! It really doesn’t slow down either. And vampires are not “really” vampires… I mean they are, but they are different than what we normally associate with them.

Naomi is a strong woman, but when things go up in the air, she has some troubles, and yet she is still willing to bulldoze right through. She knows she isn’t going to be the strongest, or smartest, or most knowledged, but she refuses to give up and be a victim. I like this about her. She has the sarcastic dialogue down as well. 🙂 I look forward to seeing her grow as more comes.

Damian… forgive me, but he is like the most sensitive ancient vamper ever. LOL Don’t get me wrong, he’s hawt, he’s old, but he’s a little whimpy for me. hahahahaha maybe it’s that alpha werewolf lover in me, but I really expected him to be mean and crazy for his age 🙂 However, I need to say I actually liked that his character was not the “usual”. It’s always good when the author can make you do a double take. 🙂 I also love unpredictable things in a book!

The writing is really good! She had me from the first sentences when I realized that the book would be starting with an almost really crazy death! Way to start me out immediately with action and then keep me entertained! Plus, way to have bad guys that you will LOVE to HATE!! I almost hated the bad guys more than I loved the good guys LOL! I enjoyed this one and I definitely will say if you like a vampire romance with some demons and angels and some serious family complications attached, this one is for you! 4.5 REFRESHINGLY BLOODY PAWS!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Interview:

WELCOME!! First, tell me a little about your book ….

I’m going to quote from one of my reader’s Amazon reviews here…

“Eagles, Tigers and Angels Oh MY!, March 13, 2013 By Thedivasmommy

I found this book to be spell binding, difficult to put down, and a very easy flowing read…The initial quarrel between Naomi and Damian make for a true friends-then-lovers relationship. They razz each other until the end of the book, and it makes them so enticing. Naomi’s familial heritage provides for quite a bit of drama, and I love that she is a strong woman who rises to every occasion. She may be a damsel, and she may be in distress, but she takes everything head on, and that is the best trait a woman could possibly hope to have in her life.”

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

The first book I ever finished was Dark Reckoning (originally titled Mirror Lake). I started it in college and put it aside when I got married. It took twenty years and a question from my daughter to provide the kick in the pants to finish the book, so long story short, my daughter inspired me.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

No, not directly. I have taken certain events and tapped into them like the unfortunate experience of seeing a killer in a courtroom when I was a newsroom intern. Between the death penalty deliberation and the man’s cold, soulless gaze, that case stayed with me all these years and has inspired many a bad guy in my books. Incidentally, that man was given the death penalty, which after the testimony I heard, I was glad the jury returned that verdict.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

I know this is a sore spot with some of my fans, because when the story line calls for it, I don’t shy away from it. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to give your characters depth and heartache. With that said, there has been at least one big surprise along the way. I killed off one of my favorite characters in an intense scene in my Steve Williams series. When I sat down that evening to write, I had no intention of killing him off, but it just happened. After I wrote the passage, I burst into tears. As much of an emotional upheaval as it was, it made sense to the story, so I left it the way it flowed.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Considering I’m also a publisher, why yes, there are some new authors that have captured my interest and we are lucky to have a few of them under our label. We have some wonderful talent: Bob Stewart, J.A. Todd and Ashlynne Laynne are among the list. Of course my partner, Jason Halstead, also writes some kick ass stories.

Outside my publishing label, I’d have to say the most compelling author’s that I’ve been introduced to in the last few years are Allison Pang, Hugh Howey, Poppet and Cat Connor.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

Not a darn thing. 🙂

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Only finding time to write. That’s my biggest challenge these days.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

Well, beyond the books I edit for Novel Concept Publishing, LLC and the few submissions to Allegory e-zine that I sift through, I’m not really reading right now. Lately, when I’m not writing or editing, I’ve been proofing productions of audio books, which takes much more time than you would think. But it is really cool to hear your book come to life with a great producer. By the end of this blog tour, the only book that won’t be released in audio format will be Night Hawk, and who knows, I may have a producer contracted by that time.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Cover Shot Creations designed Night Hawk. I’ve done some of my own cover design and also work with NCP’s resident cover artist – Willsin Rowe on my covers. I have a lot of input into the covers because I have the ability to visualize the components and when I stumble upon a picture or, in this case, a pre-made cover that captures the essence of the story – you bet I grab it.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

That I have a very dark mind. If you met me in the office or on the street, you’d never know this dark side existed. I laugh a lot and have a level of comedic timing that I get from my father, but I migrate toward the intense and scary forms of entertainment. I love a good horror flick or a great action film. My favorite show is Supernatural, so I guess I am a bit warped.

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Naomi. Hands down.

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

The Stand by Stephen King. Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry.

And of course, Night Hawk by J.E. Taylor. 😉

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the reads as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.

Thanks for having me on Happy Tails and Tales today.

Until next time,



About the Author:

J.E. Taylor is a writer, a publisher, an editor, a manuscript formatter, a mother, a wife and a business analyst, not necessarily in that order. She first sat down to seriously write in February of 2007 after her daughter asked:
“Mom, if you could do anything, what would you do?”

From that moment on, she hasn’t looked back and now her writing resume includes a more than a dozen published novels along with several short stories on the virtual shelves including a few within eXcessica anthologies.

In addition to being co-owner of Novel Concept Publishing

(www.novelconceptpublishing), Ms. Taylor also moonlights as a Senior Editor of Allegory (, an online venue for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. She has been known to edit a book or two and also offers her services judging writing contests for various RWA chapters.

She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children and during the summer months enjoys her weekends on the shore in southern Maine.

Visit her at


I am giving away-courtesy of the wonderful JE Taylor- an ebook, winner’s choice of format! So leave me, or Ms Taylor, a nice comment and we’ll pick a winner! 🙂

I sure wish you guys good luck! Thanks everyone for stopping by and of course an extra special thank you to Ms Taylor who stopped by as well, and of course is offering that wonderful giveaway!! Happy reading everyone! Later gators! 🙂


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  1. jetaylor75 says:

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I had a great deal of fun with your interview. Happy Thursday, y’all!

  2. SandyG265 says:

    I’ve never heard of Night Hawk before but it sounds like a good book.

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