Next You: The Legacy of Daddy by Angus Day Spotlight w giveaway

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Author:  Angus H Day

Book title:  Next You Universe Series

Publication Dates:  1) Legacy of Daddy(Mar 26 2013), 2) Next You Interstellar LLC (Apr 24 2013), 3) Having Nice Things (May 15 2013), 4) Utopian Estates (Mar 25 2013), 5) Destined for Something (Apr 22 2013)

Publisher:  GMTA Publishing (Imprint:  Mythos Press

Genre:  Science Fiction

Erotic Content:  Some books have minor sexual content:  PG-13 for the sexual content otherwise PG-13   



The Legacy of Daddy ~ (Mar 26 2013)

            What happens when a Graduate student competes for a PhD in a dystopian society by experimenting with dangerous alien technology?  Does humankind need technological help to leave Earth?  These and other questions are awkwardly dealt with in The Legacy of Daddy.

Next You Interstellar LLC ~ (Apr 24 2013)

            If you had the option to come back after death, what would you want to be?  Still want to be human or would you like to try something different?  How much is it worth to you?  Live in the extra-solar human civilization and experience your next incarnation in Next You Interstellar, LLC.

Having Nice Things ~ Having (May 15 2013)

            The Earth is hurting from radioactive wastelands, over crowding and a xenophobic fear of the intersystem alliance.  While adapting Next You Interstellar LLC donated technological innovation to reclaim areas of Earth made uninhabitable by wars of the past, religious and ethical movements threaten to unleash more war.  How many people are too many?  What can aliens and alien technology do to nudge the balance between war and progress?  Read Having Nice Things, a Next You novel, and find out.

Utopian Estates ~ (Mar 25 2013)

            The Martian Dream is to have your own home, work a nice steady job and raise 1.2 well behaved offspring.  Fiona and Ashley feel well on their way to accomplishing this when they make a down payment on their new home.  The dream state descends from there.  Just add water and alien shenanigans will commence leading to an adventure of Extra-Solar dimensions.  Don’t forget to pay the Homeowner’s Association fee as learn about the options in Utopian Estates, a Next You novel.

Destined for…Something ~ (Apr 22 2013)

            In the last year of mandatory school each soon to be graduate takes a multitude of tests to efficiently funnel them into the right career.  Personality profiles showing you to be low IQ, bigoted and prone to senseless violence really increase your chances of being denied.  Scores mean enough to tempt test takers to cheat using answer sets bought from sketchy characters.  You don’t always get what you pay for as Felix Dernoft discovers in Destined for…Something, a Next You novel.

Legacy of Daddy :
Next You Interstellar LLC:
Having Nice Things:
Utopian Estates:
Destined for Something:

The Legacy of Daddy

The Legacy of Daddy

Legacy of Daddy Excerpt
Chapter 3: The proper way to talk to oneself.When I was back in my quarters I responded to the…being. “We need to
have some ground rules. During my relationships, you will find something else to
do and give me some privacy. If you continue to be a dickhead I will eventually
resort to self-harm to rid myself of your presence. Do you understand?”
“Oh I understand what you want. I’ll see about accommodating you when it
suits us. Don’t forget that I can go mental also and you might be impressed by
the number of mental ailments to which my species were susceptible. We might
even create some new ailment in your species with a little manipulation. In your
slang the point is you’re not the boss of me.”
“What do you call yourself, since I’ve never asked?”
“I don’t have a name you would understand, and I don’t care to spend the
effort teaching you. However I think we should be called Dr. Abrams. I like that
name because it’s simple and will remind you that something has changed
forever in your life.”
“Being called by my middle name is going to do all that?”
“I believe it will be enough to behavior-modify you right now.”
I opened my eyes and realized I was on my back, on the floor. “What did you
“I did a little neural programming to insure you do something I like, not to
worry. Shall we get ready for sleep Dr. Abrams?”
“I think that is an excellent idea.”
When I awoke in the morning I barely remembered arguing with the entity
and not what it was about. Hopefully I will be able to recognize when it’s
attempting to control me.
I cleaned up, dressed and ate breakfast without speaking to a soul. When I
was about to enter the lab a tech greeted me, “Good morning Doctor Focsile,
how did you sleep?”
“Please call me Dr. Abrams; I don’t much care for my last name.” What the
hell just came out of my mouth? The tech looked at me like she’d love to pour
acid into my cereal and I empathized. I can hear it now, “That guy is a total
asshole.” What did I tell Etresca to call me? God, that’s going to eat at me all
day now, “Actually, please call me Robert, there is no need to be so formal. I
slept fine and you?” Oh my God, I hope that was the save I thought it was. She
loosened up and smiled at me again.
“I slept fine, thank you for asking?”
As she walked away I hoped that my relief of tension had gone unnoticed. I
abandoned my gawking perch by the door and moved to my lab bench. I spent
the remainder of the day programming nanites to regulate hormones for neural
activity. I lost about three hours of work time that I couldn’t remember what I was
doing. A new stasis jar with a new batch of reclamators was in front of me on the
bench and I had no idea how they had gotten there. “Did you do that?” The
asshole did not answer.
Since I was so tunneled into my work these days I had set a pad alarm for
the end of shift. When it went off I noticed that I had an email from security. It
was from Etresca, which gave me a warm feeling inside.Tomorrow can we meet at the air reclamation hydroponics atrium? I
will make us a picnic and can you bring desert. Say 1830?
Reply: Absolutely. You like chocolate right?
That will do. See you then.
I remembered to store the nanites I’d been working on in a stasis jar and I
closed down for the night. I scooped up my pad and headed for the canteen
lounge with a spring in my step. Etresca met me there and we had a lovely
evening which ended with a kiss.
The next morning I arrived at the lab to find security, including Etresca had
taped off the area. There was a shrinking puddle of blood on the floor of the
doorway and several forensic types were wandering around the benches looking
but not touching, smart guys.
“Officers, what has happened here and may I be of assistance?”
Etresca’s supervisor I assume answered, “One of your lab techs died here
last night and we don’t know yet if it was an accident, suicide or murder. Can
you help our forensic guys identify some things, Dr. Focsile?”
“Yes, of course and please call me Dr. Abrams I don’t really like my last
name.” That little bullshit that is emanating from my mouth is going to get me a
reputation. I imagine there will be some restroom wall tags addressing it unless
I’m overinflating my importance in people’s lives.
I wandered over to the first tech and asked if he had any questions. The tech
seemed puzzled by a tray of half eaten food that had been left on the bench. “Do
your people normally eat in this lab? I thought this was a quarantine risk lab.”


author image

Angus day lives in Fort CollinsColorado with his wife and son.  His daughter has embarked on her career as a graphics designer.

He’s been an Infantryman, Swine Farmer, smattering of other trades and jobs and now a manufacturing pharmaceutical chemist.

What aspect of his life that is devoted to fitness favors swimming in open water which means he spends most of the year working out in a pool then hit the lakes when it warms up a bit. His wife, Cheryl, safety kayaks for him when they manage to make it work.

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Author Interview

WELCOME! First, tell me a little about your book and why you wanted to write this particular story….

Legacy of Daddy was an interruption.  I had begun writing Next You Interstellar as my first novel but four chapters in I decided that I needed to write a prequel to build the universe in which my books would live.  Once I was done with it I found I could throw myself into the writing of Next You Interstellar full tilt.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?
My interest in writing was kindled in my senior year of high school then laid dormant for roughly thirty years while life and I got acquainted.  Now those experiences have formed a twisted and maniacal wealth that I intend to form into my stories.
What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?
Frustration at trying to get the family moving together and away from their electronics.  I decided to stop fighting them so much and to use my computer time for something constructive.
Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
My books will always have caricatures and mash ups of my lifelong encounters but no I do not draw from particular occurrences or people.  That would be messy.
How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?
If they are an invested character, they need to have achieved something of note or left something or someone of merit undone (bereft).  Eventually everyone moves on and we need to deal with that in books as well as life.  Suspension of disbelief is a therapy but it can also be a trap.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Evan Currie  and Martin Schiller write my kind of space opera and Alex Butcher has cast new twists on Elves in her Beyond the Light Chronicles.  There are lots of new authors that are striving to create and I enjoy each new work in its own strengths and shudder at some of the goofs.
Who do you look up to as a writer?
That’s not a one answer question.  Prolificacy drives me to look at Stephen King and say, ‘Oh my gods, it’s a machine.’  Frank Herbert captured my imagination in his ability to world build, Isaac Asimov enthralled me with his intellect, Anne McCaffery entranced me with her visions of Dragons,…, told you it was more than one.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?
Not in the book but in the process.  That book went through some growing pains both in editing and covers as did the others of my first three:  Next You Interstellar and Having Nice Things.  There is definitely more involved than just crafting a good story.
Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Wrangling point of view.  I catch myself sometimes getting so into my characters that I might slip into first person in a section I meant to be the narrator.  As a side note I really am biased against the narrator as a story telling tool.
What book are you reading now? Or what genre? My followers love author’s opinions!
Currently I’m reading a paranormal romance adventure called Stained.  I have many genres represented in my TBR pile and I typically organize by date acquired.  That being said, if I hit three vampire novels in a row I will reorganize briefly so that I give them a fair shake and my…patience a time out.  Any thing in that pile I finish, I review.  If I don’t think I will like something I generally know by thirty percent in and pull the rip cord granting it the review of silence.  I don’t do negative reviews.
Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?
Belinda Pepper.  I help in that I pick out key, descriptive passages to her and she drives the bus.
Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?
I learned that I’m only good at writing things that interest me.  If I’m not into it, it will suck!
If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?
PAS from Next You Interstellar, LLC.
Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?
I think everyone should read books they enjoy and use those books as oases for sampling books they are on the fence about.  None in particular just read and keep reading.
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for reading my creation(s) and I hope I have left you wanting more.
 The author is very nicely offering a PDF version of one of his books. Since I had two different stops, and I only offered the giveaway on this one, I will offer it to be the winners choice of which book you’d like to win. 🙂 So leave me or the author a nice comment below and I’ll choose a winner 🙂 I’ll email you to confirm your winnings 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by to chat with us! And don’t forget to comment to win!  I hope you check this author and his books out. If you missed my other stop, it’s HERE! I wish you all Happy reading! Later gators! 


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