Perry Road Pre-Release Day Special w giveaway!

Perry Road is Now Available!

ok, well, not until tomorrow, BUT I am posting early because sometimes Amazon lets you get it early LOL Plus, this one is EPICLY AWESOME!!! So, Ms Emi is the fantastic author of the 19th Year trilogy (OMG the last one is coming out soon!!!!!) and I am a blogger, reviewer for her publisher of that series. So, she so very kindly offered me to be a part of this one! So, I am going to show you the goodies, with a giveaway, and a review, so when those links are live, you can get yours! 🙂

Release News! Perry Road, the first in the Revolution Series, by Emi Gayle released September 3, 2013

Perry Road
Revolution Series
by Emi Gayle
Release Date: September 3, 2013
Target Reader: New Adult/Young Adult
Keywords: Dystopian
Paperback, EPUB, Kindle


In 2132, “We the people …” means nothing, and it hasn’t for a hundred years.

Like all the citizens of the American Union, eighteen-year-old Erianna Keating is not to ask questions. She is not to believe anything except what the A.U. tells her. More importantly, she’s not supposed to know what she doesn’t know, nor that she’s a pawn.

Like everyone else, though, she is, and like everyone else, she is a hundred percent oblivious to what’s going on.

Or is she? Are they?

Erianna thinks going to Perry Road and joining the national registration program is her next step toward adulthood; the 2132 candidates for adult-classification, though, are in for a big surprise. Especially Erianna.

Thanks to Zane Warren, an awkward but hot guy who won’t shut up about a history that doesn’t—or shouldn’t—matter anymore, Erianna will know. Will learn. That includes finding out what actually happens after registration and doing something, anything, about it.

Fixing what went wrong, what caused the U.S.A. to split into two countries, though, is not on Erianna’s bucket list, but as she faces her future, she must decide whether to fall in line with the American Union’s plan for her, or to consider that Zane might not be wrong, and the time for revolution begins now.



Which I could be. Don’t want to be. Really, really, really don’t, and staring at Cam in her new clothes without holes, her clean hair cut by a professional and the fact that she’s my friend reminds me why: Flukes are poor. I should know. My mom is one.

The animation keeps going as if it’s really trying for me—not that it can. I drop my P-Comm to my leg just as dark words appear on screen. My heart picks up speed, and a tingly tension takes over.

“Well?” Cam asks.

For some reason, I don’t want her to know. I want to find out by myself if I’m going to get a real life, or if I’m destined to wear hand-me-downs from twenty years ago until I’m ninety. I want to prepare, to plan, to cry if we don’t get to go together, or if I’m not like her.

I’m not, of course—in any way like her. Who am I kidding?

After what seems like hours, but is only seconds, I say, “Nothing.”

“Damn.” She throws her arms up in the air. “Figures. And it’s almost five. So, you know, I gotta go. Mom’s sure I’m going to be chosen to pop out babies, like she is, so she wants to make sure I know how to cook before the fake chefs get ahold of me to ‘teach’ me.” Cam gives me a dramatic eye roll and places a hand to her forehead. “Like, oh, my Oz, Eri, you know? We have people to cook for us for a reason. Duh! If I learn to cook, what job am I going to give someone like your mom, you know? And why would I get picked to be fat and ugly when I look like this?” She bats at her blonde curls.

Wanting to change the subject—to anything but the woes of Cam’s perfect life—I walk to her, give her a hug and a quick pat on the back. “I’ll … call you when I get it, ‘kay?”

“You better. We only have two days to shop for the perfect outfit. Why couldn’t your birthday be October twenty-ninth instead of December?” She snatches up her coat—preparation for the winter blast that will tear into uncovered skin. “And … you’re not a fluke. You will get in the white house, and when January first comes, we’ll be official!” She boogies her way out, hips wiggling. For someone who’s not happy about the prospect of becoming a baby factory, she’s awfully chipper.

I know it’s because she’s waiting to hear my fate. To prove I’m not a fluke. To validate my relevance as her friend—the one girl Cam can give backhanded compliments, and, for that matter, insults all day long, and still walk back in with a smile as if nothing happened.

Cam walks through the hallway and says goodbye to my mom who’s probably still working at her makeshift office in our miniature kitchen—trying, I assume, to avoid the whole days’ events. As much as Cam wants me to not be a fluke, my mom wants me to be one. If I’m like her, nothing will change. Like Cam, I’ll be the same old Erianna, just one day older and as useless as all the other flukes in the world.

The front door opens and closes, and I move to the window. Once Cam disappears from view, and only then, I turn over my P-Comm and touch the one message that sits inside.

The one that says: “Invitation for Erianna Price Keating.”


What are people already saying about Perry Road?

“This one, by far, is Emi’s best. Of anything she’s written.”
— Julie Reece, author, Crux

“I really hope [this] stirs up controversy and changes some youngsters thinking. God knows we could use that today in this society!”
— Terri Rochenski, author, Eye of the Soul

“… this was a total pleasure to read.”
— Kelly Said, author, Tidal Whispers & Make Believe

“… [this] will inspire an extreme diversity of opinion. It kept me involved and interested throughout, and I love novels that make me question my current understanding/viewpoint on life.”
— Amaleen Ison, author, Remember Me

About the Author

Emi Gayle

I had a really great bio in my head around midnight one night …. right before I fell asleep and it disappeared into the nothingness of unconsciousness. Bummer. So here’s something less well thought out.

I want to be young again, so I’m kinda sorta living it again. At least on paper. You see, I write paranormal romance. Now, that stuff can get really hot, and really gritty and well … mine does. But! My characters are teenagers, 18 and under. Like I was once … and want to be again.

Why would I want to be a teenager again? Geez. Because! If you met the man of your dreams at 14 was engaged to him at 19 and married him at 20, wouldn’t YOU want to do all that over again? Especially if you were still in love with him? I mean, c’mon! It’s love! That’s why I write, too.

You see… just because you pass a certain age doesn’t mean you forget what it was like to be 14, 15, etc. Actually, because I kinda grew up with my husband, we both still feel like the 14 and 17 year old kids we once were. So that’s where I’m coming from. You might think it’s totally lame, but you know what? That’s ok! Maybe you’ll like my other me instead. 😉


Running from September 2 – October 10, with a plethora of prizes! Or, if you just can’t wait, below, you can buy it now for just $2.99! There are print and ebook copies, book marks, amazon gift cards, so much to WIN!!! You can GO HERE to enter or use the link below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Review:

ok, time to get series… I am in love with this author’s 19th Year series, so I immediately felt the need to read her newest series. She’s an amazing writer, so I knew that part would be good. What I didn’t expect was to be completely in love with this series, right from the beginning. I am definitely putting this one into the dystopian, post apocalyptic type story genre. And this world building is so well done, I don’t even know how to say how great it is. I seem to be really loving some of this dystopian genre lately 🙂 

So, Erianna’s the main character. She lives in the year 2132. The USA is no longer, there’s the United States and the American Union. Don’t quote me on that, as I may have forgotten their “official name” but think the north and the south. Eri lives in the south in the American Union. You meet Eri on her 18th birthday. She’s shy, she’s reserved, she’s also very poor. And the government decides this for you. Every person on their 18th birthday must receive an invitation from the government to decide what kind of job you will have. They literally decide from what you do, to how much you make, to where you live, to how many kids you can have. It’s freaking crazy. I would be killed for treason immediately because there’s no way in hell I would be able to conform to this. 🙂 Anywho, Eri is the perfect conformist. She follows all the rules, she never speaks out of turn, she has perfect manners, she gets good grades, she is obedient to her mother. And her mother is a “fluke”, which means she wasn’t deemed good enough to have a good job, so they live very poor on basically nothing. Halfway through the book, with Eri going through so many changes, she decides to go by Anna. Her full name being Erianna, made it easy for her to change her name, as her entire life was changing around her. She has to conform to what the government wants her to be, so she may as well change her name. Her character growth was wonderful. She is becoming such a wonderful young woman as she learns how things really are. She has to go through a lot and I look forward to so much more from her!

The plot is pretty fanatical. I mean, you really do learn about things as Eri/Anna does. The people who she meets tell her one thing, as they’ve had family go through it, but then things are also changing. When you realize the government has a conspiracy that is real and isn’t theory, you will have that “jaw drop” moment that I did. Things are getting really out of control. And then to thicken the plot twists, there’s some major surprises for Eri/Anna to deal with. She finds out some of her family thought gone or dead are still around and she’s in complete shock. So, things get a little crazy. And enter the “rebellion”. Those who have figured out what the government is up to and will not allow it to happen. I happen to think there’s some fantastic characters who are introduced with this rebellion. It makes me want the next book like REALLY bad!!! 

I am in serious need to get my hands on every single thing this author has ever touched! I will give all the credit to the 19th Year series, as if it weren’t for that series, I wouldn’t know how wonderful this author really is! She is a phenomenal writer. She has a way with words that will make you forget to go through life until you finish every single word she’s written. She is now an auto buy author, meaning I will buy everything with her name on it! I seriously recommend this book to anyone who even kinda likes dystopian. To anyone who likes a little mystery with their coming of age stories. To anyone who just likes a good, well written book. 🙂 So what are you waiting for? 5 SHOCKING, SUSPENSEFUL, DYSTOPIAN PAWS! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

I know I put my review at the bottom, which I normally don’t do, but I wanted to make sure you guys saw everything. I definitely hope you guys go check out that giveaway. And before I forget, Happy Labor Day!!! 🙂 To Ms Emi- THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for giving me a copy and letting me be a part of you blog tour! I can’t wait for Darkest Day! Happy reading everyone and later gators!!! 🙂 I’ll leave you with the covers and links to that wonderful 19th Year Series! 🙂

After Dark (The 19th Year, #1)Day After (The 19th Year, #2)Darkest Day (The 19th Year, #3)


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    Woohoo! SO glad you loved this. 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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