First Bite Release Day Tour w Giveaway!

YES!!!! I have a new werewolf book obsession!!! I am loving it! But before I start to get all excited, I have some really good things to show you first. And a giveaway… It’s a really good book! And giveaway!! 

First Bite (Dark Wolf, #1)

Release day STORM on October 15

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ISBN: 1477807594 (ISBN13: 9781477807590)
Series: Dark Wolf #1
Expected Publication Date: Oct  15

Geneva “Neva” Ross doesn’t want to die. But now that she’s been turned into a werewolf against her will, she’ll do anything to protect her family and friends…even if that means taking her own life.

After witnessing Neva’s leap from a high ledge, Travis Williamson—a Changeling with a dark past—uses his powers to save her life. He feels a connection to the strong-willed woman whose eyes flash that familiar Changeling green. While Neva is hospitalized, Travis risks everything to kidnap her, knowing the approaching full moon will put everyone in jeopardy.

Bickering constantly to hide their growing attraction, Travis and Neva run from the authorities…and from Neva’s sinister sire, Meredith de la Ronde. Meredith delights in creating new shape-shifters and compelling them to do her dark bidding; now Neva must join Meredith’s murderous wolf pack…or die.

Intensely suspenseful with deliciously sexy twists, this paranormal romance—the first in (the title of series)—intertwines sensual passion with an epic, thrilling battle between good and evil.

My Review:

I always love werewolves… But I love them way more when they are written in a story this awesome!! It’s very quickly become on of my favorites and I can already tell you this series will be added to my must buy group! It’s just way too good not to. There’s definitely paranormal romance, but it’s also full of mystery, even with some mysteries left a little open for the next book, without a cliffhanger. It’s the perfect fight of good versus evil and you won’t believe when those plot twists happen, it’s so quick and wickedly smart your jaw will get stuck open!

Geneva aka Neva, starts on the literal first sentence as trying to kill herself to keep everyone around her safe. She knows after being forced to become a werewolf, and by the person who bites her, it’s all so shocking. Neva is very stubborn, she is downright crazy, and yet I love her. She’s loyal, even when it’s not called for, she’s sweet to those who don’t give her any reason to be, she’s strong when every single person tries to break her down. I almost didn’t like her… Lol when it started that she was gunna kill herself, I thought she had a good reason but I thought she’d be whiny- UM NO! She’s freaking crazy, and though she started out suicidal, she definitely fights tooth, nail, claw, hair, and paw to survive. She fights to make the good outweigh the bad that had become a way of life for some. I’m so very happy with her and her ending!

Travis is your ultimate broken beautiful bad boy! You know, if I were him, after like the tenth time Neva was ugly, or the second or third time she tried to run away, I would have let her LOL!! When Neva finally listens to him, Travis starts to open up, and though he has flaws, he’s an excellent match for Neva. They balance out each other. He frowns and broods, she pouts and challenges him in every way. Their conversations made me giggle.

I am hoping to learn more. More about the villain, more about her “army” more about Riley and Baker, more about them all! I can’t wait for more of this story. I loved the writing. I loved the story. This is the perfect paranormal romance especially with enough action that I was glued to it! I can’t wait for book two!! I also now need to read more by this author! 🙂 5 BLOSSOMING BEAUTIFUL WOLFY PAWS!!

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About the Author


Dani Harper

Dani Harper is a former newspaper editor whose passion for all things supernatural led her to a second career writing paranormal fiction. A longtime resident of the Canadian north and southeastern Alaska, she recently ventured south with her husband, Ron, to rural Washington to be closer to their grown children and to live the country life (Goats and chickens and pugs, oh my!).

Dani is the author of the shapeshifter series Changeling MoonChangeling Dream, and Changeling Dawn. She’s currently signed with Montlake Romance for two brand new series – STORM WARRIOR kicks off the Grim Series this August and FIRST BITE launches the Dark Wolf series in October of this year.

Find out more at or stop by her Facebook Fan page at


Prize 1 – an Audiobook (set of CDs) of First Bite
Prize 2, 3 – two paperback copies of First Bite
Prizes 3,4,5 – three Kindle ebooks of First Bite
Prize 6 – one black plush Webkinz Wolf.
(total of 6 prizes for the Release day)
So are you guys excited about this book and giveaway!! I am so excited for this series. I can’t wait for more. And I can’t wait to read more by this author! A big thanks to Paranormal Cravings for always being awesome!! Happy reading and later gators! 

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