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Today we have a special guest and her new book is coming out! It’s a fun one, so I can’t wait to show you all the goodies! Here we go! 

Realm Walker
Realm Walker Series

Book One

Kathleen Collins

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Carina Press

Date of Publication:  October 28, 2013

ISBN: 9781426896545


Word Count: 76,000 

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Book Description:

An estranged mate, a mangled body and a powerful demon who calls her by name…

As a Realm Walker for the Agency, Juliana Norris tracks deadly paranormal quarry using her unique ability to see magical signatures. She excels at her job, but her friends worry about her mysterious habit of dying in the line of duty without staying dead. That’s only the first of her secrets.

Most people don’t know Juliana became the mate of master vampire Thomas Kendrick before he abandoned her seven years ago. Most people don’t know the horrors she endured at the hands of the vampire he left in command. Most people don’t know her true parentage, or why a demon on a world-threatening rampage has taken a personal interest in her…

Even as Juliana pursues the demon, it goes after all she holds dear—including Thomas, who is back to claim her for his own. But if she can’t reconcile her past and learn to trust herself again, she will lose him forever.


Juliana’s chest ached and she ignored the sharp pain that tried to remind her she’d just been betrayed by one of her closest friends. One of the few people she trusted. She should have known better. She’d mourn the loss later. Right now she had to worry about saving her own skin.          She fired up her gift causing her eyes to glow much brighter than their normal emerald. Many beings could cloak their presence from the casual observer, but she’d yet to meet one that could hide from her. Miguel smiled as she pulled a pair of dark glasses from her pocket and slid them on. They hid her eyes from view but were charmed not to interfere with her vision. Despite the near impenetrable darkness of the lenses, to her it was like looking through glass.

            She didn’t intend to hang around and wait for whoever called to show up. If she could get out of the Den before they got there, she could conceal herself in the night, memorize their signature and hunt them down when she was more prepared. Tony came out of the back room just as she passed the bar. Seeing her, he shot a narrow-eyed look at Miguel.

            Her former friend rounded the bar in a flash and snared her arm in his cool grip. Tony’s palm was damp as he started to steer her back to her table. “You can’t leave yet, Jules. You haven’t finished your drink.”

            She planted her feet, resisting when he tugged. “I’m not thirsty. Besides, I think it’s about time for me to head home.”

            He released her and stood with his arms at his sides, palms out in a pleading gesture. “I really think you should stay.” Sweat beaded his forehead, the skin around his eyes stretched tight with worry. Either he feared her, or whoever was about to walk through the door scared the crap out of him. Maybe there was more to this than she’d thought. A thread of worry for her friend snaked its way through her.

            “What is this, Tony?” She crossed her arms over her chest. She wanted to believe he’d been manipulated or coerced, but she wasn’t ready to trust him just yet. “If you’re in some kind of trouble, I can help. Whatever they’ve got on you can’t top me. You know I’ll kick your ass if you cross me.”

            Hurt flashed through his eyes. “I’d never harm you, Jules. You’re family. You know that.”

            “Then what in the name of all the dark gods is going on?” She maintained her stance, waiting for him to answer.

            He opened his mouth and froze, eyes locked on a point over her shoulder. His already pale skin blanched to a new shade of white. She reached for her gun. At the same time, a warm breeze caressed her neck like a lover’s tease. Her breath caught. Her pulse raced. She stayed her hand though part of her still ached to palm the weapon. She shut down her gift but left the glasses on. She knew this enemy.

My Review:
I love the gritty ones. I know that sounds dirty but this is a good one. You have a unique main character. She has a great journey ahead of her and some excellent little plot twists.

Juliana is a realm walker. She knows what you are. She works to keep those beings in check. She died and came back to life with a lot of secrets, and this makes for some mystery. Plus she has a disappeared mate, Thomas, and another who wants her, Kendrick. Things are getting crazy. And there’s a demon 🙂

This demon is destroying everyone and Juliana must stop him. This is the plot line but the story is well written and the characters are so much fun. This made it so easy to stay interested in the story!

I’m definitely looking forward to so much more! 4.5 ACTION PACKED PAWS!

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Author Interview:

I just want to thank you again so much for taking the time to answer questions for my blog! 

Thanks for having me!

WELCOME!! First, tell me a little about your book :)….

Juliana Norris is a Realm Walker for the Agency, kind of a police officer for the supernatural. She’s content to just do her job until her estranged mate walks back into her life after a seven year absence. When a demon threatens everything she holds dear, including her wayward mate, she has to learn to trust herself again or lose him forever. 

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I literally wrote my first story when I was five years old. I wrote my first book in Middle School. Not that it was a good book, but I wrote it. I wrote stories about my friends in High School. I have always written. 

What inspired you to write your first book and what was it?

Well, that first book I mentioned back in Middle School was a horror story about a demon in a haunted house. I just thought I could write a book and so I did. I still like the bones of that story. Maybe I’ll write a new version someday.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Not really. I do occasionally pull inspiration for characters or certain character traits from people I know or I’ve met. 

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

This is going to sound crazy, but I don’t. I’m a pantser. Which means while I have a general idea about what’s going to happen but almost every time I’ve killed someone, it’s come as a big a surprise to me as it was to the character.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Amanda Carlson. I love her series. My friend Terri L Austin is fairly new and I love her stuff. And that’s not just friendship talking. Of course, some of my favorite stuff of hers isn’t available for public consumption yet, but it’s a name you should watch for. 

Who do you look up to as a writer?

Shannon K Butcher inspires me because of how organized she is and how on top of things. I aspire to be half as together as she is some day. Also, Katie MacAlister because of the variety of genres she works in. I have ideas across a lot of genres as well, so she inspires me in that regard. Plus they’re both just great writers. 

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

No. I love this book. 

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Mainly finding the time. I’ve got two younger children at home and I work a full time job. 

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot. I love the Heather Wells series.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

Honestly, I  don’t know the name of my cover designer, but I love them. We fill out an art fact sheet that gives some details about our characters and story and they take it from there. I think they did a fabulous job.

Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it?

I learn something with every book. It might be a craft technique or something about my writing process that changes. 

If you could be one of your characters, who would you chose?

Thomas. He’s a bad ass. I want to be a bad ass. 

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

I just think everyone should read, regardless of what they’re reading. I always recommend The Mummy by Anne Rice, Sunshine by Robin McKinley and for a good laugh The Corset Diaries by Katie MacAlister

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Just that I hope everyone enjoys the book and please come say hi on my website or twitter or facebook. I love to connect with people. Thanks again for having me. It was fun. 😉

About the Author:


Kathleen Collins has been writing since Kindergarten. And while her ability has drastically improved, her stories are still about monsters and the people who play with them.

The rare instances that she actually finds some spare time, she spends it playing with her two boys. Three if you count her husband.

She is currently hard at work on her next book.   


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I want to wish you good luck on the goodies! A big thanks to the author for stopping by and for Bewitching Book Tours for this awesome tour and giveaway! Ps, thanks netgalley for also giving me an early copy to read! And I’m still quite sick, yes I’ve been to the doctor but please forgive any typos or strange things 🙂 let me know if there’s anything major happening and I’ll do my best to fix it quickly! Happy reading and Later gators!