Masked, New World Series Cover Reveal w Giveaway!

Dear Followers… You need to squeal just like me… Ready, set… GO! SQUEEEEEEEEE! OK, I’m sorry I am just so excited to share this phenomenal author’s new cover (PS if you didn’t know, she wrote the Eden series)… It’s also the continuation of her exceptionally good new series. I AM THRILLED!!! I SERIOUSLY cannot wait to get my hands on this one. It’s killing me to wait since the end of book one 🙂 So, enough of me…. Ready?! 
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Book Release: Tentative date of February 25th, 2014

Title: Masked (New World Series Book 2)
Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.
New Berlin, 2040. Rebels prepare to fight against the New World Order, bent on bringing down the world’s greatest tyrant. One girl wanted nothing to do with it, content to keep her head down and make the best of this new world. That is, until she has no choice but to work with the rebels and infiltrate the NWO headquarters. Every moment she spends there puts her in danger, especially when one man, the second in command to the New World leader, continues to make his way into her every thought. She must stay focused and protect not just her mind and body, but also her heart. Will she be able to complete her task without being unmasked? Or will the one man standing in her way ruin it all?
Author  Info:
Janelle Stalder
Twitter: @jmstalder
Ok, since I am so excited, AND it’s Thanksgiving week… How about I offer to GIVE a copy of Switch (book 1) AWAY!
Switch (New World, #1)
Look Ms J, I’m giving away goodies 🙂 Because you always give me goodies! So, if you’d like to read the first book right before the second comes out, leave me a nice comment! GOOD LUCK!!! 
Ms J, if you didn’t already know it, I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! I LOVE this cover and I can’t wait! I am so proud of you! You deserve it ALL! 
Happy reading and later gators! 

2 thoughts on “Masked, New World Series Cover Reveal w Giveaway!

  1. bn100 says:

    Sounds interesting

  2. Catherine T. says:

    WOOOHOO!! I’ve only read the first book in the Eden series and LOVED it!!! This sounds really good too – really looking forward to reading more from this author.

    On a side note – holy cow, 6 paws!! LOL.

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