Dawn of the Apocalypse Blog Tour w Giveaway!

What’s better to celebrate the New Year than the end of the world? ‘Tis the Season of the Apocalypse is a week long blitz and review tour with awesome prizes, interviews, guest posts, and more!

The tour will also have a two-week long giveaway, where winners can get a signed paperback copy of Dawn of the Apocalypse and $10 Amazon cash.

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Dawn of the Apocalypse by E.S.P.
Published: August 8, 2013
Publisher: Mind Candy LLC
January 1, 2000. May 21, 2011. December 21, 2012

These are just a few of the days humans prophesied as bringing catastrophic events that would end the world. We predicted nuclear warfare. Drastic climate change. A call from God.
We were wrong.
Cue the gargoyle invasion—laboratory bred mutants designed to slaughter humans. When the government goes AWOL and gargoyles are swarming by the hundreds, it’s up to the citizens of the United States to regroup and save themselves.
Meet Cliff Matthews, a teenage boy separated from his entire family with the exception of his younger sister, whom he is desperate to keep alive. Along the quest to save their lives, he encounters people who aren’t all that they seem. Everyday’s a battle, but if he can’t trust his own species, where does that leave his family?
And we can’t forget the man who may be willing to sacrifice Cliff’s life, if it means world domination.
In terms of doomsday, no one could’ve seen this coming.


Angel’s chest was rising and falling rapidly as the gargoyles circled them silently. Hunter had never wanted something more in her entire life than to live for another day. She couldn’t even entertain the idea of little Angel being gobbled up by the big bad gargoyle…
 She squeezed her eyes shut. Please, please, please, she chanted silently over and over.
She knew the type of wound a scratch had given Cliff. What type of pain would they concur on her entire body? Would they eat her right away or save her for dinner? Would they pluck out her limbs and eat them one by one?
Time stopped as the door creaked open. The gargoyles soundlessly cloaked themselves back in the shadows. The stairs groaned as someone walked down the stairs without a care in the world. Hunter could practically hear the gargoyles lick their lips.
She wanted to cry out and warn the person. But it was beyond her control.
That’s what you get for walking down the stairs so loudly. That’s what you get for walking in the dark during a damn invasion, she reasoned. But her heart was saying something else.
The person reached the bottom of the stairs. The gargoyles uniformly shifted through the shadows. “Hey…” he said suspiciously.
He had realized his danger a second too late. He broke into a run, but the gargoyles would be on him in a second. And he’d be dead.
“C’mon, sweetie.” Hunter whispered to Angel, crawling out from under the stairs. Ignoring the cries of agony, pain, and sorrow, she raced up the stairs. The wood banged against her ankles, but she didn’t stop. There was the cruel sound of cracking. Hunter shielded Angel’s eyes from the scene and dared to look behind her.
The gargoyles were circled around the man. The predominantly bigger gargoyle bit his neck. A gush of blood spewed across its face. The man’s eyes still stared at her, his mouth formed in an O, as if he was trying to speak to her.
“I’m so sorry.” She choked.
She hurried up the steps, slamming her body into the door. The light washed over her body, as did her relief. But her nerves did not settle.

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About the Author:

E.S.P. Being the daughter of an accomplished author, E.S.P. grew up listening to stories and telling her own to classmates. After writing for several years and even publishing some short works, she finally decided to take the plunge to write (plus finish!)a full length novel. Thus, Dawn of the Apocalypse was born. When she’s not writing, she’s either reading books, blogging at whoistheserialreader.blogspot.com, or watching eighties movies. 

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“Move over zombie apocalypses, the gargoyles are taking over. ” Unabridged Bookshelf Book Blog

“Dawn Of The Apocalypse is a novel full of grit, action, blood and never forgetting the gargoyles…you should get your hands on this one!” Emily at Fluttereal Flight Blog

 My Review

Dude, Gargoyles are awesome! Well, sometimes, cuz in this one maybe not so much. I happen to like them lots 🙂 And get ready to stay on the edge of your seat because this one is a fun thrill ride! I would also maybe say it’s a genre bender, because it’s paranormal for the supernatural part, it’s definitely suspenseful and thrilling, and it’s also maybe a little on the horror side. It’s definitely a page turner, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Cliff is your main character, and as a young boy, he’s just trying to keep himself and his brother and sisters alive. He is only trying to make decisions that will let them live. He joins up with the few others still alive to try to accomplish this. Plus there’s another part, other than the gargoyles to fear, and boy does this make it suspenseful. I find Cliff to be a great character. He’s loyal, he’s dedicated, he’s fierce. He’s also full of worry when he get separated from some of his family. He’s a very realistic character. He’s also got some flaws that I won’t spoil. He’s a fighter, and won’t give up. What’s not to love?!

There’s multiple bad guys, well, because it’s the damn apocalypse. LOL I almost want to call it distopian, but it’s more like the events and occurrences that start the distopian feel. You could call it that though. I loved the lore and backstory and I definitely liked the characters. There’s also a rush from reading this one. I will say, maybe don’t read this one right before bed. You WILL be up, late, trying to find out what happens, and you won’t be falling asleep to this one. 🙂 Another reason why I loved it, I just didn’t want to stop.  I also hope this can continue because I want to KNOW…. I enjoyed the writing style. It’s a little different, and it shows three different POVs. 

Overall, a very well done story. I would like more please 🙂 LOL a HEARTSTOPPING JAW DROPPING 4.5 PAWS!!! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

First, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🙂 It’s almost here 🙂 And next, a big thanks to the author for including me in this blog tour! I hope you all check this one out, and a big GOOD LUCK! Happy reading and later gators! 

Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic BOOK BIRTHDAY w giveaway!

Hello everyone! Today I have a little something special  for you. One of my favorite authors- and fellow name sharers- has a BOOK BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! 🙂 AND as part of the celebration, I have goodies!!! 🙂 So without Further ado, let me show you! BUT let me say, I am going to show you a double review, and I will try not to give away spoilers, but maybe be careful anyway 🙂 LOL 


Trinkets (etc) book cover

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Blurb:  Three months ago, I lost my foster sister, Sienna, to the darkness. As in blood magic and chaos and general mayhem. No one saw it until it was too late, but I should have. Now, I have a wounded heart and soul that I can’t even reveal to anyone around me, because I’m supposed to hate Sienna with the fiery passion of the justified. And I do. I just wish I didn’t feel so lost without her, so unsure of the path I thought I had carved for myself, and so outclassed by the powerful Adepts constantly by my side these days. I’m not even sure if they’re with me for my own protection or because my shiny new powers are rare and valuable. Assuming I ever figure out who or what I am, and how my magic actually works.
Even chocolate can’t save the day every time … just most of the time. At least I’ve got that going for me.

Book 1:

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic (The Dowser, #1)

Blurb:  If you’d asked me a week ago, I would have told you that the best cupcakes were dark chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing, that dancing in a crowd of magic wielders — the Adept — was better than sex, and that my life was peaceful and uneventful. Just the way I liked it.

That’s what twenty-three years in the magical backwater of Vancouver will get you — a completely skewed sense of reality. Because when the dead werewolves started showing up, it all unraveled … except for the cupcake part. That’s a universal truth.

Note: This 68,000 word urban fantasy is the first book of the Dowser Series by author Meghan Ciana Doidge.

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My Review for book 1:

I will say it one more time- I LOVE THIS AUTHOR! She writes about so many things, and yet I still love each and every one of them. I seriously loved this one. I happen to LOVE cupcakes, even though I don’t like chocolate. LOL yes, yes, I KNOW… *gasp* hahahaha it’s ok. There is a lovely little bakery, owned by a sweet, normal-ish woman, and boy is her world thrown into chaos when a damn vamper shows up, and the fun begins 🙂 Not only is it full of action, and great story lines, it’s hilarious. 

So Jade is your main character. She comes from a family of witches, strong ones. Her grandmother raised her, her mom was always away, and she has an adopted sister that means more to her than anything, except maybe her cupcake shop.  I think Jade started out strong, but grew stronger, but not in a way that you may think. She originally stood up for herself, her only weaknesses being her cupcakes and her sister. And then, she meets a vampire, and then she meets a werewolf, and then she figures out that there’s something seriously crazy going on. People are dying, horribly, with her very own handcrafted jewelry that she likes to call trinkets. She feels obligated to help out, especially since everyone thinks it’s her… And to prove that, she’s got to find out who is killing them, except she didn’t bargain for who the killer was. She definitely wasn’t prepared to learn all those secrets, and she totally was out of her league when she learns about her own magic, and how much she really has. 

OOOOOOOOH, I will say that the bad guy had me, really. I had suspicion, but damn that was a whammy. And the HAWT male piece floating around here, get ready to fan yourself. BUT don’t get your hopes up on her getting one of those smokin hot guys, things are CRAZY! There are some excellent plot twists, and I absolutely can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. I was so entertained, I was captivated, and then I craved cupcakes for like ever, and still don’t feel like I got good ones like in the book LOL Plus, who wouldn’t want a cupcake when you’re surrounded by vampires, and witches, and werewolves… OH MY! LOL oh, and the dead people… and the necromancers. 

I definitely look forward to more. I normally say how nice things were, but seriously. The world building is excellent, because it’s real. It’s a normal Vancouver town, with real places, that just happen to support supernatural creatures without the humans knowing about it. And it’s done so well. The writing is excellent as always…. Ms. M, maybe you can mess up one time, so I can change my sentence from “IT’S AWESOME”… to maybe “JUST WOW!” LOL Seriously well done! 5 CUPCAKE FILLED MAGICALLY DELICIOUSLY YUMMY PAWS!!! 

paw main

My Review for book 2:

SERIOUUSLY! ok, so I immediately emailed the author, and told her I read the last sentence and said OMG!!! LOL this is one soooooo good. I thought I loved the first one, but I am in LUST, LOVE, and total OBSESSION with book two! YES! I would recommend reading book one first, as you’ll think Jade is some crazy chick, which she is, but she has reason. LOL AND you’ll get to read all about her yummy cupcakes, and HAWT pieces, and crazy family. It’s the best! 

Jade is now trying to figure out her magic, her place in the supernatural world, who her father is, and what the hell she is supposed to do with herself. Not to mention, she is surrounded by people who she wants to trust, but isn’t sure if she should, and then when an unexpected visitor shows up and plops herself right in the middle of the chaos, things get out of hand. The vampire wants to use her to find more magical people. The werewolf… I think he just maybe wants to “use her”- and dude I’m all for that- as they a debt to each other. Her mom and grandma, well they have been hiding so very much from her, for so long, that I don’t know if I’d be as nice to them as she is. She also just wants to survive, now that she is on the “radar” of some supernaturals.  

Jade is no longer just a simple witch, she’s a dowser, she can literally find magic, and know about it. She can do thinks no one else can, including make magic, not just use it, but literally put magic into things that aren’t magical. Jade is making new friends, and new enemies. She is having a hard time coping with some things that happened in book one, and she’s trying to help out the family of one of the “bad guys”. She has a lot going on. BUT… Kandy is still my second favorite character. You see a little bit of her in book one, but now you are getting to know her. I LOVE her. Kett is the damn vamper that I just wanna smack a little bit. I still think he is going to be bad news, and it’s going to blow Jade’s mind. And Mr werewolf McGrowly… he is HAWT… I want him. And I hope is also isn’t going to seriously hurt Jade.  I hope that Jade learns to stand up for herself again, because I think she is letting too many walk on her in her quest to find out about her powers. Hell, I’d be throwing fire balls at people LOL 

The ending…. I don’t know what to say. I am still a little shocked. Like, WOAH BABY!!! This ending is totally rocking, and I can’t wait, REALLY CAN’T WAIT for so much more! I am always grateful to read anything by this author. She is magnificent. GIMME GIMME GIMME MORE! ASAP. 🙂 And for the rest of you, stop sitting around and twinkling your thumbs and get this series LIKE NOW! 5 EXCEPTIONALLY MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL PAWS! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main


I like this series so much that I wanna buy it for someone! So, leave me a comment telling me which of this series- book one or book two- you’d like to win AND tell me your favorite cupcake (or desert) and I’ll pick a winner for an ebook copy…. 

Ms M… A VERY BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU!!! Thank you for including me, always, in your cover reveals, and contests to share. Especially for letting me read your books. I am always at your disposal!!! 🙂 

Good luck everyone and a late Merry Christmas! And a soon to be HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂 

The Corvids: Winter Tour w Giveaway!

The Corvids: Winter Tour

The Corvids Winter Cover

The Corvids: Winter
(The Corvids #2)
Francesca de Lorimar, the beautiful Gypsy necromancer from Ravenswood Glen, is called to investigate a murder at Talus Hall and exorcise the unruly poltergeists which nightly ravage the mansion. During her quest to unravel the truth, Francesca discovers scorching secrets about herself, her parentage, and of power, as she stumbles headlong into first love and battles the ancient evil which stalks The Corvids.


Francesca saw the body before she smelt the decay of death.

            She knelt down beside the cold flesh and closed her eyes. Flashing images assaulted her senses immediately. She watched in dull horror as the spectacle of the poor girl’s death played out in glorious color, all of the abysmal details glaringly vivid. Horror closed over Francesca; a great fist of unrelenting enmity clasped her tightly.

            The dead girl was young. Too young to die leaving a life unlived in her wake.

            Hovering above the corpse, Francesca utilized her preternatural vision to discern several small intersecting red and grey lines – denoting possession – and she glanced around immediately to seek out the corresponding Dorojenja wheel of death. Francesca could feel the pull of the wheel’s malicious intent as it greedily trolled energetically for further souls to ensnare.

            Xavier immediately pulled his mount to a stop in front of the gruesome display.

            He jumped from his horse and knelt in the snow beside Francesca and the dead girl. His eyes closed, Xavier efficiently created a sacred circle of Gypsy magic and performed a counter-spell ritual to immobilize the curse, utilizing his athame. Zander quickly joined in with the work.

            The throat of the girl had been slashed viciously. Multiple jagged lines had been cut gleefully across the expanse of her now cold, lifeless skin. Her innocent blood soaked the snow, glistening deep ruby red and dark, inky black.

            A sacrificial victim, the young woman had been dressed in a long, heavy, brown hooded robe and she wore nothing underneath.  The large cowled hood had been thrown back to reveal the torn throat of the victim and the harsh, angry slashes against her pale skin.

            The dead girl did not appear to be much more of an age than Francesca and Francesca keenly felt a terrible sense of loss at her untimely demise. The sorrow permeated the most profound depths of Francesca’s gentle heart.

            To have one’s physical life ended in such a vicious manner! And then to further suffer the cruelty of eternal possession to the forces of darkness and evil was a fate Francesca was certain no one deserved. She despised the forces who had stolen the girl’s life-force. No one deserved to die like this and most certainly not this young, innocent girl.

            Francesca telepathically followed the trail of red and grey lines to the pulsating source. The wheel of death beat out a sharp series of harsh, staccato notes of displeasure, soiling the environment. Peering intently, Francesca determined that the Dorojenja wheel was indeed placed next to the roaring bonfire, and was hexed properly to ensnare the sacrificial victims to its torturous call. The wheel had been coated with invisibility rendering its presence impossible to detect through regular vision.

            Francesca, with her advanced training and preternatural vision could barely see the shield. But she could feel it, and she knew what sordid stains decorated its face.

            The intersecting lines and numbers. The headless dove. The blood. 

            Francesca attempted to block the noise from inside of her head as best as she could. The screams of the possessed filled her with their sobs, their unrelenting terror. The dead girl had joined a large number of souls, many more than Francesca had ever known to have been collected within a Dorojenja wheel of death. She felt the trapped energies pulling at her, desperately seeking a last audience, desperately seeking release from the torment.

            Francesca sent the image of the wheel and its location to Xavier. He frowned as he addressed the group.

            “We shall disperse the Sending & Seeking Spell immediately to source out Arabel’s presence. We’ll soon see if she is being held against her will by these Dorojenja members. Advancing upon their meeting under the cover of our current energy void – assisted by a severe Blocking Spell – we shall disperse in two’s to encircle the members of their party. Once we have ensnared them within our boundaries, Zander will unleash a hostile energy void, regressing the ages of the members to that of toddlers. We shall easily capture their party with an Immobilization Spell. ”

            Xavier released the potion Daphne and Francesca had created.

            The potion filled the air with a colorless, spinning vortex as the herbs swirled and danced excitedly in the frigid air. A line of magic assembled itself into a seeking circle of energy as the herbs took hold of the destination Xavier programmed them with. The herbs would thoroughly track and trace the Dorojenja and search out Arabel’s presence among them, if she was indeed held captive.

            Francesca shivered involuntarily. The screams inside of her head from the dead girl had increased, both in intensity and volume. Inundated with misery, Francesca felt all of the victims – so many other young girls – pressing now, against her very temples, screaming and wailing and screeching. Francesca clasped her small hands to her ears, fighting once more to control the harsh, disturbed track of her inner audio. She sent golden waves of solace toward the ravaged and violated girl.

            The screams continued, moaning from the depths of eternal torture.

Stella butted her head lovingly up against Francesca’s arm, letting her know telepathically that she was going to fly up to the top of the nearby forest branches where she could observe the Dorojenja without being noticed.

            Zander was busy creating the hostile energy void filled with regressive properties while Xavier monitored the Sending and Seeking Spell fragments for clues. Francesca wrapped the psychic edges of the protective energy void Xavier had called into being closer around herself, much as she would enclose herself in a warm blanket. The wrath and pain of the wheel of death became suddenly muted and Francesca felt the energy void extending its reach farther out as the group broke down into pairs.

            Without discussion, Francesca found herself coupled up with Simon.

            Xavier and Zander had moved to the right of the bonfire and Bertrand and Lorenzo were circling around to the left. Which left herself and Simon. Francesca ventured a quick look at the golden curled young man and was comforted at once by the calm assurance she spied within his compassionate hazel eyes.

            Simon took hold of Francesca’s hand briefly. She watched as colors of green and gold encircled her upon the contact. Francesca’s eyes closed of their own volition for a brief moment as the energy created between the two of them warmed her instantly. They moved in unison toward the roaring red flames of the bonfire and the amassed group clustered in celebration of dark lust and black magic. Francesca set her jaw firmly.

            Saul Porchetto would pay for this latest desecration, she vowed to herself.

My Review:

Please forgive me, this is also one of the books I will be posting my review shortly. I am still catching up on reading for reviews, with finals finally finished-they finished Friday woo hoo!!!-, I am now trying to get back in line with all those I’ve missed, hopefully in the next week or so! So so sorry again 🙂 

About The Corvids: Autumn (Book #1)
The Corvids is a four-part paranormal romantic suspense series. Delve into the depths of darkness, magic and love in this murder mystery/coming of age quartet!
Arabel Spade, a young girl living in the strange and mystical land of The Corvids, determines to solve a brutal series of murders using her unique paranormal abilities. Through her perilous journey, Arabel learns about herself, the dark secrets which stain her family history and the passions and rigors of first love.

Amazon – Smashwords

My Review Is Here!

Lisa Ann Brown
Lisa Ann has been involved with storytelling and entertainment, in one form or another, her entire life. Beginning her creative journey as both a writer and an actor, Lisa Ann spent many years immersing herself in innumerable books, countless theatre productions and earning a degree in Musical Theatre. Shortly after college, she attended the Vancouver Film School to learn the finer points of screenwriting. This study culminated in the writing of a few feature length scripts and an overwhelmingly potent desire to move from Canada to Hollywood. Once ensconced in East Hollywood however, creative inspiration lured Lisa Ann away from screenwriting and returned her to her original writing intentions: to be a novelist. In three months, Lisa Ann had completed her first novel, I Raid, and there has been no cessation of her novel writing ever since. Moving back to Canada, she spent many years working as a talent agent in Vancouver before retiring from the film industry to focus on writing full-time. Lisa Ann derives great personal satisfaction by delivering her characters through the twisting arcs and unexpected tribulations of their imaginary lives. She strives to keep her readers on edge while enjoying the suspense and surprise of their literary journey. She resides in picturesque Vancouver, BC, Canada where she is happily nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountain range.

Blog – Twitter – Facebook – Goodreads – Amazon

The Corvids: Winter Tour schedule:


We are having a tour wide giveaway with 5, yes FIVE, winners for an ebook copy of The Corvids: Winter! SO GO HERE NOW TO ENTER!

I hope you guys enjoyed today and I want to thank Dark World Books for always giving me awesome goodies! I wish you all good luck to win! Thanks again for stopping by 🙂 Happy reading and later gators! 

All That’s Unspoken Release Day Spotlight!


Hello everyone! A wonderful author friend of mine has a new release today  and I wanted to make sure you heard about it! Let me show you! 

All That’s Unspoken

Turquoise Morning Press
COMING: Dec. 15, 2013

After eight years, Hailey is back in Caseville Michigan. Just months after her mother’s death, her siblings want to put their father in a nursing home and rent out the family farm. If that wasn’t enough, the prospective tenant is Nate, the high school crush she left behind the day after they acted on their mutual attraction.

After high school, Nate Jenkins planned to leave small town behind, but life dealt him a different hand of cards to play. He’s now back in Caseville, raising his daughter, and running his family’s diner. His daughter’s speech disorder has been improved by therapeutic horse riding and if he can lease the old Lambert farm, he can get her a horse of her own. The only standing in the way is Hailey, the same woman who left him eight years ago without even saying goodbye.

Can they get over all that’s unspoken between them?

About the author:

Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, daughter, and four canine kids. Her son, now on his own, is planning a wedding, reconfirming that romance still lives and breathes.

When not writing stories of finding and rediscovering love, Constance and her husband spend the hours planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for the not-so-distant future…if they can find a sidecar big enough for the pups.

Fairyproof and Resurrecting Harry are available now through Crescent Moon Press. The Novella sequel to FairyproofCouncil Courtship is also out now. Look for her first Contemporary Romance, All That’s Unspoken, will be released Dec. 15, 2013 by Turquoise Morning Press. The Ultimate Catch will be released in  2014 from Whiskey Creek Press.

You can also follow her on Twitter or friend her on Facebook.

Other books:

Fairyproof Series



Crescent Moon Press
Sept. 4, 2012

Buy: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | All Romance Ebooks

When Monique finds out her brother, Kieran, is planning her future with the one fairy she wants nothing to do with, she seeks refuge in the human world. Now Kieran fears she will be the next victim in a string of murdered fairies and is determined to bring her home.

Hiding should be a breeze. She can control any human with a flirtatious smile and an attraction spell. Until she meets Daniel Elliot, the only human who’s immune to both.

A year ago, Daniel’s fiancée disappeared with the engagement ring, an Elliot family heirloom. He’s ready to move forward with his life, but his mother’s obsession with retrieving the ring makes that impossible. Then Monique walks into his office to apply for a job.

Daniel and Monique can’t deny their attraction, but will the reason he’s Fairyproof be too much to overcome?



 Council Courtship

Constance Phillips Press
Oct. 14, 2013

Buy: Smashwords | Amazon | B & N |

Tristan Ipsly knows firsthand how Eero’s ideals have ripped houses apart. More than half of his family was prosecuted for supporting the revolution, the remaining fled to the otherworld, leaving him the lone member of his house, and one of two candidates for the recently vacated Council seat. As a healer who is seated on the repopulation project, he has real solutions to the problems that face them all, but fears he’s been branded a traitor, not worthy of the seat nor to court Quinn.

Quinn Vettore knows that Fairykind is dying. Eero and his revolution have left them a people divided, but she believes tradition and the Canon’s writing are equally to blame. She wants to see the Council fill the vacancy with someone who will be the voice of change. The prime candidate in her mind is the same choice of her heart: Tristan.

Too bad her Grandfather is the one man who stands in the way of both.



resurrecting harry 385kb
Resurrecting Harry

Crescent Moon Press
March, 2012

Buy:  Amazon | B & N | All Romance e-books

Devastated by Harry Houdini’s unexpected death, his widow, Bess, clings to his promise to deliver a coded message from beyond the grave.  She’s determined to provide the bridge for him to cross, just like she assisted him on the stage, even if that means befriending her husband’s sworn enemy.

In order to save the only woman he’s every loved from self-destruction, Harry puts his afterlife on the line by entering a wager with purgatory’s keeper, Jaden. He gives Harry a younger face and body, and a new name: Erich Welch. Even with Harry’s soul and memories, Erich feel out-of-place and disconnected from everything once his.

Will Erich be able to help Bess over her loss and will any good come from resurrecting Harry?

I hope you guys check this author and her lovely books out! Congrats again Ms Phillips on another wonderful book birthday!!! Happy reading and later gators! 

Paper Wishes Blog Tour

Hello everyone! I’ve got a little holiday spotlight book for you guys to check out! Lemme show ya! 😉 

Paper Wishes

Paper Wishes (a Two-Part Novella)
Part One – Connect the Dots: Jill writes her most intimate Christmas wish to God—and throws it away for its ridiculousness—but Christmas wishes have a way of coming true, even when you don’t know what you’ve wished for.
Part Two – A Test of Faith: One day after her Christmas wish comes true, Jill faces a wrenching choice that tests her deepest beliefs. Will love prevail over conviction, or is happiness nothing more than a fairytale?

My Review:

This is a very sweet little romance of two stories bundled together for one great book. It’s also holiday related so it’s a perfect quick, sweet, fun read! There’s two short stories telling you about some romance during the holidays. 

I loved that even if you’ve never read anything from this author, or know who these characters are, when you read this one, the writing is done so you feel like you already know. 🙂 That means the writing is excellent. 

It’s very heartwarming, it’s so great to share these. Christmas and New Years are a holiday to spread the love, so why not share it with those you want to. 🙂 Jill had some heartbreaks, is a single mom, and wants to do everything to make her daughter happy. She has to support her and her child, and she happens to work with Jack, who’s her best friend. 

Jack loves one of the other women in their office. Ummm, I don’t know if I like him. Or I didn’t and then he wised up LOL His little issues made Jill have some self doubting. I think I just wanted Jill to be happy and so if Jack made her happy, then I’ll support her…. Let’s just say that maybe Jill’s daughter is smarter than everyone, and some of those other office people are…. blah. 

This is just a cute little book, and if you like love those sweet holiday romances, this one is so for you! Sorry, I know I am usually all into the fantasy, so I hardly ever read this genre, BUT I gotta support my author friends. AND I know that just because I like things that blow up doesn’t mean everyone else does too. 🙂 SO, today, check out this great read, maybe you’ll fall in love too! 4.5 PAWS! 

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

About the Author:


Jennifer M. Eaton is a contemporary blender of speculative fiction and romance. 

Her work ranges from the sweet contemporary romances of Paper Wishes, to the dystopian society of Last Winter Red and Optimal Red, to the urban fantasy of The First Day of the New Tomorrow, and beyond in upcoming Paranormal and Science Fiction adventures.

While not off visiting other worlds, Jennifer calls the East Coast of the USA home, where she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband, three energetic boys, and a pepped up poodle. 

A special thanks to Ms Eaton for inviting me to participate! I hope you guys are ready for the holidays like me! Thanks for sharing the spirit with us and I hope you check this one out! Happy reading and later gators! 

The Howling Heart Blog Tour

The Howling Heart
Paige Donovan is an ambitious college graduate who aspires to reach the top of the corporate ladder. She’s climbing fast when given the promotion of a lifetime at a prestigious fashion magazine in New York City. Her bright future comes to an unexpected halt after news of her father’s death. She inherits his old cabin in the Colorado Rockies, and just when she thinks her luck couldn’t get any worse, she has a car accident in the mountains and awakens in the small, remote community of Black River.Soon, she’s engulfed in the mystical world of Varulv—wolves descended from 13th century Scandinavia and blessed by Norse gods with the ability to appear human. Paige is desperate to return home, but never expects to fall for her rescuer, Riley Gray, a charming young werewolf from England who offers her an alternate future with his pack.

Now, she must choose between the career she’s always wanted and the love she’s always dreamed.

My Review:
Hmmm, what if werewolves weren’t the humans that turn into wolves, but wolves who turn into humans. And what if they came from those Vikings and their Gods. I like it when there’s a little twist on a very loved supernatural being. This story tells you that werewolves are a little different than we thought 🙂 It’s a paranormal romance that will keep you on your toes with the twist that what “really” happens when the wolf finally finds the mate. Really it’s a fun one! 
Paige is your main character. She’s a city girl who fell in love with the country as a kid but could never go back. She’s worked extra hard to get her job at “Elle” and then her one family member she loves and relies on dies, she gets to go back to that country she loved as a kid. But some things are different now that she’s grown. She still can’t get along with her mom. She has a wolf who is tracking her. She doesn’t understand the law enforcement in the small town. Things are complicated. And it gets even more complicated when Riley Gray rescues her from dying in a car wreck. Oh boy does it turn into a fun ride. 
Riley has his sweet gentle demeanor. But can that surpass his wolf dual nature. He’s desperate to keep Paige as his mate, he’ll do anything, he can’t help it. And then what happens if they do become a mated pair. And he’s got some add habits, like his non-aversion to nudity, all the time. But he’s so sweet, and he’s gorgeous! But he howls, and sometimes growls, and he never wants to wear clothes. LOL and can Paige really deal with “mating” for life. And I will say that these incidents in the book are for the more mature adult. 
I will say that there’s a certain shock value that comes with some parts. I will also say that some parts are also just so innocent. So, maybe be a little prepared LOL BUT it’s still a really good story. It’s got some twists that I found so interesting. I do so love werewolves. 🙂 4 PAWS!
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About the Author:
April Bostic is a New Jersey-based, Adult Romance author who enjoys unleashing her creativity and letting her imagination run wild. Her love of romance books inspired her to become not just a reader, but also a writer. In December 2008, she self-published her first novel, a contemporary romance with a supernatural twist entitled “A Rose to the Fallen”.

Her first short story, “Right Here, Right Now”, released in January 2012, is an erotic romance with a dash of S&M. The following year, she released two more short stories: a romantic urban fantasy inspired by the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche entitled “Eros, My Love”, and a sexy romantic comedy entitled “Love Addiction”.

After five years, she released her second novel, “The Howling Heart” in August 2013, a paranormal romance that delves into the mystical world of werewolves and Norse gods. To end her busiest year in publishing, April will release her fourth short story in December 2013, a historical paranormal romance entitled “A Dark Scandal”.

Author’s website and Goodreads page.
Thanks for stopping by today guys! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you check this one out. 🙂 Happy reading and later gators! 
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One More Day Blog Tour!


Hello everyone! Today I have something special. As part of the blog tour, I am featuring this book, BUT I also have one of the authors stopping in to say hello! 🙂 So, now I wanna show you all the goodies! 🙂


By L.S. Murphy, Erika BeeBe, Marissa Halvorson, Kimberly Kay,

J. Keller Ford, Danielle E. Shipley, and Anna Simpson

One More Day

Back of the Book: What if today never ends?

What if everything about life—everything anyone hoped to be, to do, to experience—never happens?

Whether sitting in a chair, driving down the road, in surgery, jumping off a cliff or flying … that’s where you’d be … forever.

Unless …

In One More Day, Erika Beebe, Marissa Halvorson, Kimberly Kay, J. Keller Ford, Danielle E. Shipley and Anna Simpson join L.S. Murphy to give us their twists, surprising us with answers to two big questions, all from the perspective of characters under the age of eighteen.

How do we restart time?

How do we make everything go back to normal?

The answers, in whatever the world—human, alien, medieval, fantasy or fairytale—could, maybe, happen today.

Right now.

What would you do if this happened … to you?

Excerpt from “A Morrow More” by Danielle Shipley available in ONE MORE DAY!

Lorrel lifts his gaze from his writing desk as the autumn breeze and I enter his tent. His glossy black lips smile before his dark brow furrows. “Good morrow,” he says. “Word from the commander?”

“Good morrow,” I say. “Only this.” I step forward to present him a small square of old cloth.

Lorrel folds and sets aside the cloth already on his desktop, the patch I’ve delivered now taking its place. He opens the desk’s shallow drawer, extracts a broad-tipped painter’s brush, and removes the tie holding his hair in a knot at the nape of his neck. As he slides the brush through the sleek black waves hanging free just above his shoulders, it takes immense effort on my part not to blatantly gaze.

I have yet to lose my fascination with Inkborn hair.

Or Inkborn movement.

Or the king’s part-Inkborn son.

The brush now coated, Lorrel sweeps the bristles back and forth across the face of the cloth before him, and the fabric quickly begins to stain—save, of course, for the sections treated with a solution specially devised to withstand the oils of Inkborn hair. In moments, the once-hidden message is plainly visible, unstained lines forming the words, The war is over.

Lorrel lifts his chin, his mouth twitching toward a smile like the one spreading unchecked across my own face. “This is old news, word-runner.” If he means to sound reproving, the twinkle in his eyes spoils the effect.

“And, yet, it is good news,” I say, wishing it were my place to throw my arms around him in shared victory, shared relief, shared love.

Standing, he comes around the desk and clasps my hands, my needle-pricked little fingers lost in his strong and sinuous ones. Not the embrace I wish for, but a touch I relish. “Yes, Raeve,” he says, voice weighty and warm. “It is good news. Every bit as good this morning as when first delivered two days ago. For a moment, I feared you brought word to contradict it.”

I shake my head happily. “The old word stands. The Vale is won. Your company turns toward home tomorrow.”

His liquid black eyes search my face. “And what of you?”

“That will depend,” I say, my meaning as carefully encrypted as our military’s textile code, “on what the Crown may require of me.”

“Less of you than of me, perhaps.” His gaze drifts past me toward the wind-fluttered tent opening and the castle of Likanstone—a long day’s travel beyond.

Author Guest Post! Tens List. 

It seems there are never enough hours in the day to do all the things we want for as long as we wish. Time flies all too quickly when we’re having fun, but if I could somehow get it to slow down or stop instead, holy wow, I would spend so much more time…

1) Reading. No need to keep putting off those books I’ve been meaning to get to for years. (Looking at you, Ivanhoe. I know you’ve got a version of Robin Hood within your pages!) With time slowed to a crawl, I could make my leisurely way through a novel or two in an hour, leaving the rest of my day free to do anything. …including maybe starting in on another book. (:

2) Writing. People outside of my time bubble would stand amazed at my inhuman output. A whole fantasy trilogy written in a week? Nothing to it, when the clock stands still at the tip-tap of my keyboard! Ah, and speaking of keyboards…

3) Playing piano. Taking a few minutes to let my fingers dance through my favorite songs is “me time” at its most carefree. With the rest of my family out of the house and time unmoving, I could sing along at the top of my lungs and in a half-dozen character voices until I’ve exhausted my repertoire. Ah, but why should I ever run out of songs to play? I could teach myself the full score of “Wicked” before the sun goes down!

4) Talking to my dearest friends on the phone. It’s so hard to scrape together times when both they and I can coordinate an hour or three for conversation. I would love to be able to stretch those calls longer, until our voices give out or our phone batteries bite the dust – whichever comes first.

5) Walking in the woods. No sense that I’m missing any important messages at home, no worry that I’m not putting my afternoon to the most productive use. Time’s not going anywhere. The forest is mine to imagine as my Sherwood for as long as I desire.

6) Drawing. I used to spend the lion’s share of a day sketching out concepts, drafting comics, fiddling with colors ‘til a character portrait looked just right. With time on my side, I could go back to doing just that, and still be able to meet personal deadlines for higher priority matters.

7) Book shopping. See number one. (:

8) Journaling. Like drawing, this used to be something I did all the time, before more pressing matters cut in. It would be nice to put life on pause whenever I feel the need to scrawl out my innermost thoughts.

9) Having “Lord of the Rings” movie marathons. Back to back to back, extended editions. This could become, like, a monthly tradition.

10) Learn all the things! I’m talkin’ swordsmanship and stave work, knitting and sewing, Italian and Latin… All the cool people in my head had better watch out: Given enough frozen moments in which to practice, I could become just as— well, maybe half as amazing as they are. It would be only a matter of time.

Danielle E. Shipley


Danielle E. Shipley’s first novelettes told the everyday misadventures of wacky kids like herself. …Or so she thought. Unbeknownst to them all, half of her characters were actually closeted elves, dwarves, fairies, or some combination thereof. When it all came to light, Danielle did the sensible thing: Packed up and moved to Fantasy Land, where daily rent is the low, low price of her heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, firstborn child, sanity, and words; lots of them. She’s also been known to spend short bursts of time in the real-life Chicago area with the parents who homeschooled her and the two little sisters who keep her humble. When she’s not living the highs and lows of writing young adult novels, she’s probably blogging about it.

My Review with a remix:

So, the lovely Ms J Keller Ford-who has a very cool story in here- has requested a little something. Though she is not my “guest” author, she is a favorite of mine, so of course I totally had to tell her yes on that request. It may not be as “detailed” as last time, but it’s the thought that counts. I’ll be listing at least one song with each story 🙂 LOL And, I am not going for the sappy I love you forever, I am going for the “holy crap we’re gunna die” type of music… LOL yes, I listen to that type of “angry music” as my mother calls it 🙂 So, ready, set… here we go!

Time Piece by Anna Simpson

This one is interesting. What if someone you loved created a time machine, and not only is it STUCK so you keep reliving the same loop of time over and over again, BUT it’s also killing your loved ones. Literally. You got through one loop and one person dies, when it restarts, another one dies. Dude, this one kind of creeps me out, because think about it. Would you save one loved one over the other loved one? That’s what’s happening here. The story started out so sweet, and though it’s short, it swept the rig out from my feet. You first kiss to death. *whew* thank goodness it works out, but you have to read it. I’ve decided I like Brads kiss too!

AEnema by Tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neGdoqsuiN8

Dark Rose by Marissa Halvorson

So, what if you’re a high school kid in the middle of an exam and all of a sudden time stops, and  you’re in the middle of a war between parallel worlds. There’s crazy monsters killing people and Scarlett is just trying to finish her exam. She then meets another version of herself, and then another. Who’s the good guy, and who’s the bad guy. But even though it’s a quick story of action and a little mystery, it’s the lesson of the story. Or at least the lesson I learned from it. You don’t know who you are until you know what you are willing to sacrifice. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your loved ones? If you had one more day, what would you do? How would you spend it?

More Human than Human by White Zombie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0E0ynyIUsg

Dragon Flight by J Keller Ford

I LOVED this one. I also expected to love it, as a Fan of Ms Ford. And no…. sadly there are no dragons, LOL though it’s totally awesome anyway! It’s well written and done, oh so right! It’s going to be a little a really fun ride! I am kind of having a difficult time telling you exactly about this story without TELLING you the story. I know it’s complicated. I will tell you that this is a fresh new story that is so much fun! It may be my favorite of them all. 🙂

40 Miles from the Sun by Bush https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji7h8RZJre0

The 13th Month by LS Murphy

I think this one is excellent. It’s got great characters and wonderful, and it’s just magical! There’s some prophecy things, but then there is a wonderful main character who made it just so cool. It’s also not predictable. There are some very fun parts to this one, and I’ve heard so many good things about this author, I am now totally going to have to check out this author for her other goodies 🙂 

Dark Horses by Switchfoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_5oE0ijhKg
Sleepless Beauty by Kimberly Kay 

This is a twist of having one more day while retelling Sleeping Beauty.  And it’s also probably the funniest. And it’s also predictable, because it’s a retelling, BUT it’s done so well that I can’t help but love it. I mean, who would think about changing a few little details about Sleeping Beauty, and that making it so much fun 🙂

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mbBbFH9fAg

Stage Fright by Erika Beebe 

This one is particularly for the, Always follow your dreams, lessons in the One More Day theme. It’s very descriptive and made for a fun read! It’s about a stage play based on a musical and boy oh boy was in interesting. I am not into musicals, which is maybe why I liked it because I am not familiar with the original, therefore I get to make my own assumptions 🙂

The Catalyst by Linkin Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51iquRYKPbs
A Morrow More by Danielle E Shipley

This one is one of the most “fantasy based” worlds, which is probably why I liked it so much! Excellent world building, excellent characters, and extremely good plot twists! I would love to see this one because a “big” story but I guess we’ll have to see 🙂 I hope that there’s more, and I will be looking forward to hopefully more of this type from this author!

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by the Smashing Pumpkins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59g5R8rwqpY

Like all anthologies, this one has goods and bads- in opinion of course, and it’s great because you get a little bit of something from each one. You get to see how each author forms their stories, and the flow of their writing, and how they can be similar or different. I still give it a 4.5 PAWS overall because I liked each and everyone of those stories. And though I may have liked some more than the others, I still liked them 🙂 

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Ladies, I want to thank you for letting me promote your very cool anthology! If you guys ever need, I’m here! And THANK YOU Ms Shipley for giving me a wonderful guest post that WE ALL agree one! I hope you guys check this one out too! It’s great for a holiday read because it’s several short stories, if you are crazy like me for the holidays! Happy reading everyone and Later gators!