Dare Me Demon Underground #5 Review

So I’ve been trying to catch up on my Netgalley Reviews, and I figured I could show you guys some great books that I’ve read and finally had time to review 🙂 

Dare Me (Demon Underground, #5)

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Dare Me (Demon Underground #5)

Someone is hunting shadow demons.
A magical amulet is trying to control Val.
A sexy cowboy vamp is tired of waiting.When unknown demon hunters from a dark religious sect focus on killing Shade, Val’s ex-boyfriend and shadow demon, she has to bury her feelings of rejection and do her job as Paladin for the Demon Underground. But protecting Shade is more difficult than she ever imagined.

Shade is fighting his own internal demons as long-suppressed memories begin to surface. Lola, Val’s inner succubus, can barely suck, which leaves Val dangerously weak. Austin, Lola’s vamp of choice over Val’s objections insists his job is to protect the Paladin regardless of Val’s opinion on the matter. Fang is distracted by the impending birth of his pups. 

Val is distracted by Austin and the tangle of feelings she has for two gorgeously irritating guys who couldn’t be more different.

When she learns the demon hunters’ shocking identities, Val will need all her allies ready, willing and able to help her fight. Even with luck, the cost of saving the world may be more than Val can bear to pay.

My Review:

I love this series! I can’t help it. It’s so unique and fun and exciting! You know, I think Val, other than being what she is, is so human sometimes. She started out in the beginning of the series a girl, with a small knowledge that she has some demon in her blood. She learns to go and take care of herself, she meets and falls in love, with Dan, and has her heart broken by Dan. But she keeps on keeping on. In book three, she meets Shade, finds out she has family, learns that there are people like her and that she can live a somewhat normal life. By book 4, things are nuts. She knows she’s not even close to human, her and Shade’s decisions have cost her some of her powers, she’s way in over her head with the vampires, and she feels responsible for losing some of her friends. And here we are at book 5. It’s been an amazing ride so far and I can’t wait for so much more!

Shade has pushed her away, but no matter, Shade Demons are being hunted and she’s decided she will prove her love to him by saving him. Val and Shade have a complicated relationship as it is. He’s trying to stay so far away from her, and she heartbroken that he could just throw her away. But she has to keep going. There’s people that need her help and she needs to be their protector. And then Shade’s sister shows up, hell Shade has a sister?!? So things are even more tense. And Val needs help protecting everyone, so she reluctantly lets Austin, the SMOKING HAWT vamper help out. I cannot believe I’m going to say this, but I am all team Vamper right now. After this book, Austin has my sole vote. He’s damn well earned it. And Shade, I loved him, but boy oh boy is he making it hard to just not hate him.

Seriously though, I always thought it would be Val and Shade to the end. Well, I now see the end of them. This one was definitely an emotional ride for me. I was so mad, then sad, then excited, then worried. And now, I’m still a little shocked but I can’t wait for so much more! And seriously Austin is HAWT! Like I LURVE him 🙂 Damn, I’m on team Vamper, which is surely not my usual pick LOL But after getting a few sneak peaks into POVs from Val, Shade, and Austin, I can’t help it. Having those POVs has made things so much more intriguing!

Val deserves to be happy, even if she has to risk her life all the time for everyone else, so I sure do hope we get MORE MORE MORE, SOON SOON SOON! I love love this series and I cannot wait for another great ride! 5 EXCEPTIONALLY PHENOMENAL PAWS!

paw main

Other books in this series!!

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1) Try Me (Demon Underground, #2)Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3)Make Me (Demon Underground, #4)Forget You (Demon Underground #4.5)

This is one of my seriously favorite series! I love it! So just thought you guys should check it out! Happy reading and later gators! 

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