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I am soooo excited to show you this one! First, it’s 6 authors, with 6 books, but these are NOT short stories. Like, real sized books in one, and they are AWESOME! So, I have lots of goodies to show you, so let me get to it! 

of Fur & Fangs [6 Book Bundle]

Of Fur and Fangs Boxed Set

D’Elen McClain, Skhye Moncrief, Sky Purington, Celeste Anwar & Teresa Gabelman

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication:  February 2014


Number of pages:  672

Word Count:   336 K

Book Description:

Things don’t shift any better than this. One cutting edge read after another, of Fur & Fangs brings you six steamy paranormal reads from five best-selling authors.



By D’Elen McClain

Every beastkind knows you don’t mess with a Kodiak bear—everyone that is except Mandy, the wolf-pack Alpha’s sister. When Mandy hears whispers that the bad attitude bear, Honey, has chosen a mate, she takes matters into her own hands because her wolf decided months before that Honey was hers.

Website/Blog- www.fangchronicles.com     


By Skhye Moncrief

Each wants the other, but neither can stand to be in the same room together…And each has secretly lusted for the other like a dark explosive sin. Stand back and watch the fireworks light up the Minnesota Territory’s post-apocalyptic sky because the BIG BAD BEAST can’t help but to huff and to puff and to blow Josie’s house in…

Website- http://skhyemoncrief.com    


By Skhye Moncrief

Their blood lust flares hotter than a solar storm…She seduced an earthling to create their were-assassin blood bond. Shanghaied to fight a war between vampires and werewolves, his gut shouts escape. But humanity needs a hero. Colliding in a universe of psychic mind-reading games, each realizes trusting the other is as dangerous as buying into their FERAL FASCINATIONS. 

Website- http://skhyemoncrief.com    


By Sky Purington

When Devin, a mysterious stranger claiming to be from the future, appears on her Georgian’s worksite everything changes for eighteenth century Isabel. Even as smoldering, unavoidable desire ignites between them they must struggle to stay one step ahead of the time-warping house caught in Calum’s Curse. Better yet, the rival werewolf determined to finish the legacy it began.

Website- http://www.skypurington.com


By Celeste Anwar

When Danior found the woman being drained of life by one of his clan, for some unfathomable reason, he knew he could not allow her to die. Against the ruling of the council, Danior secrets her away, taking her through the change from human into vampire and forever changing life as she knows it. But the move ensures they will be outcasts–hunted to the death by his people.

Website- http://www.romancewiki.com/Celeste_Anwar    


By Teresa Gabelman

The Vampire Council Warriors have been ordered to train social workers how to protect themselves against vampire attacks. VC Warrior Damon DeMaster’s and social worker Nicole Callahan clash at their first meeting. Even as sparks fly and tensions mount, Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races against the new drug hitting the streets, Crimson Rush.

Website www.teresagabelman.com

6 mini excerpts  ***Each excerpt is approximately 165 Words*** 


“I’m giving you to the count of three before I shift and tear this cage apart.”

Mandy’s green eyes flashed. She checked out the bars and then gazed back at him. “Hmm. It might hurt, but go ahead and give it a try.” She flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder.

His low growl swelled as it traveled up from his chest. “One…”

Her pouty lips curved slightly. “I’m not a child, and the number counting thing is ridiculous.” Eyelashes swept down over her green eyes and then went back up almost in a practiced move.

Nine hundred pounds of Kodiak bear exploded within the steel bars. Large tuffs of brown fur stuck out between the solid three-inch slats of metal, leaving no room for movement. He pushed his weight against the steel, and when nothing gave so much as an inch, he went completely wild, which did exactly… nothing.

She gave him her bored look again. “Are you finished throwing your temper tantrum?”


Interesting way to see if I feared nightfall and being preyed upon by alien monsters. “I thought I’d ask for sanctuary.” I shot him a firm glance, challenging him to think otherwise. “Avoid Bounders one night.” Why not? The alien creatures could dine upon my carcass tomorrow night. This game of cat and mouse with this young Shifter could be pretty entertaining. I’d just play along to see how long it took for us to get around to introductions. Then the fireworks start.

“Then?” he asked.

The door creaked.

Jaguar spun to the doorway.

One filling with an extremely large form. Shadows draping his features. Shifter though. Too big for a Normal. Apparently, Augustus had enough sense to keep an adult around to keep the hormonal antics to a minimum here.

“Shouldn’t you be guarding the gate?” a familiar unsettling voice asked.

My whole being shuddered and quaked.

In fear. I think. Hostillian.

My gut actually had the audacity to do somersaults. 


My mouth watered where I sat across the table from the bloodied mixture. The succulent smell of blood isn’t what I remembered from a lifetime of fistfights and accidents back on Earth. No. I could have done without the blood smell then. Now, the metallic tang rooted in my nostrils with a sweetness that begged for a chug-a-lug.

My mouth watered again.

Drink it and I cave. To give in means I relinquish the last vestige of choice I have. But the scent calls to me.

Nausea roiled in my gut.

Was that an intuitive sign to abstain? You stupid gut that only makes sense on Earth.

She settled into the bed, shoving the blade back in its boot.

Funny thing about the glass’s contents. It had some kind of magical power because my captor blurred into the background behind the shimmery blueness of the liquid. Faded into a smear. And my woody didn’t pitch a fit.


Devin gently seized her wandering, worried hand and shook his head, voice strained. “I’m fine, lass. Please sit.”

“No. You’re not.” She frowned. “What is it?”

After pouring three glasses of wine, Calum sat behind his desk. “Do as he asks, Isabel.”

She glanced between the two. Both were clearly troubled. Though reluctant, she slowly sat. “What’s happened?”

Calum looked to Devin. When Devin shook his head, he continued. “There have been some unfortunate changes.”

A chill raced up her spine. “Tell me.”

“The wolf…” Calum cleared his throat then said, “Has left its mark.”

Fists clenched, her heart skidded to a stop. Devin. Frightened, she looked his way. His smoky green eyes were unusually pale. Sensuous lips were cut into a thin, grim line and the skin around his eyes drawn. “What does he mean?”

“Did Lucas never tell you how he became the beast he is?” Devin drained his wine, eyes locked with hers. “Did he never mention the bite of the werewolf?”


Maggie gritted her teeth and jerked the poker out of the wall.  “Look, I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know what you had in mind when you brought me here, but I’d like to leave now.” 

He shrugged.  “Unfortunately, I can’t allow that.  You’ve been bitten.” 

Her eyes widened.  “You son of a bitch!  You’re the one that attacked me, aren’t you?” 

He smiled faintly.  “Not I.” 

She wanted to wipe that smug look off his face with the poker, but she didn’t want to get that close to him.  If he was the one who had attacked her, he had thrown her around as if she was some shrimpy ninety pound weakling.  “Why is it that I don’t believe you?” 

Again, he shrugged, as if it was a matter of indifference to him one way or the other. 

She studied him for several moments when he didn’t respond.  “You can’t keep me a prisoner here.”

He looked at her with interest.  “Why not?”


“I still think you are taking grave risks that you are ill equipped to take, human,” Damon scowled, his voice a low deep rumble of authority.

“Yeah, well, it wasn’t you who put that child in the hands of a monster, vamp,” Nicole shot back. If he thought to scare her with the big bad vampire warrior thing he had going on, he was sadly mistaken. Backing down wasn’t an option when it came to her job.

“Ah….okay,” Duncan stepped in not liking where this was heading. “Everybody partner up.”

Mitch glared a warning at Nicole, who just shrugged and mouthed, “He started it.” Taking a quick peek at the warrior, she noticed his smug grin. Oh yeah, this was going to be a problem.

My Review:

ok this is going to be hard, because these are all full sized books, so I think I’ll start with saying a little of each so as not to have the largest review ever, and then I’ll post some full sized individual reviews to come. LOL I also want to say that you should ALL get this book. It’s fantastic. And it’s very entertaining.

FANG CHRONICLES: MANDY’S STORY by D’Elen McClain– ok so let me say this. You know, you normally read about the alpha male doing stupid stuff to “get” his mate? Like say, kidnapping making sure they are stuck with you…. Well, the tiny little alpha chick in this one captured the big ole bear shifter to make sure he knew he was stuck with her. Dude, this is the best story EVER! I laughed, a lot, thinking that main lady was NUTS and then I saw how AWESOME she was. The leading dude, well, he literally got his balls handed to him and now has a tiny wolf who demands things and gets them. I LOVED this story. I am now stalking this author, because I need to read all of these stories of the series. AND I recently read her new books coming out soon- Dragons don’t cry, and let me tell you, it’s really good, but spoilery for the Fang Chronicles LOL it’s ok, I’m so glad netgalley said I could have it, because I now love this author 🙂

BIG BAD BEAST by Skhye Moncrief– Think futuristic Wild West. HEHE I can’t help it, that’s what came to my mind. If John Wayne and Clinit Eastwood could have done their thing in the way future with werewolves 🙂 Giggle. This one is interesting, and though it really could and did, stand alone, I think I am also going to read the other books in this series, which by the way, this is not the first. So, I may hold off on more details until I read a little more, BUT, I will say, Josie had me cheering for her from the beginning. Watching her family like that, I felt to bad. And Host, yeah I called him that LOL, is of course the alpha 🙂 but not in title. He has to follow his alpha’s rules just like everyone else. And let me tell you, with Josie and Host, there’s definitely lots of fireworks here, some good, some destructive. 🙂 overall it’s a fun read!

FERAL FASCINATIONS by Skhye Moncrief– let me vote that though all the other stories are “adult”, I found this one the most “adult”, though it’s not tacky or anything, I just wanna give a heads up… OOh there’s a pun LOL. Anyways, this one is a little different that what I normally read. It stands more on the sci-fi side than fantasy, it what I mean by that, but it’s still a really intriguing story. The world building in this story is probably what stands out for me the best. I am fascinated by everything that was created and how the characters interacted with each other and how this new world works. I’m not sure I can say too much more without going into major details or giving away spoilers that I kinda really wanna tell you. Let me just sum it up with this, if you like a little sci-fi mixed with your fantasy, a fantastic world building, unique characters, and a very fresh plot, this one is yours. Really, this one is STEAMING, in more ways that one 🙂 

THE GEORGIAN EMBRACE by Sky Purington– I’m a little disappointed that this is the second book of the series, BUT that just means I’ll need to read the first now. LOL It can actually be read by itself, so no worries if you’re thinking about skipping this one, it’s very interesting so I definitely vote to read it! And, from what I hear the first one has a vamper, so I of course am going to vote werewolf every time 🙂 Anyways, there’s so many great reasons I love this story, beyond just the werewolf part. It’s almost a ghost story, I can’t elaborate, you’ll have to read it 🙂 And beyond the ghost part, the were and vamp, there’s wizards, too. Yeah, you wanna read this one. Really. I now feel the need to read this whole series, like now. AND it’s just as steamy as the others in this book set, so you won’t need to worry about that 🙂 This one definitely stands out with characters and has a very interesting “curse” that’s part of the plot line that I found extremely intriguing. I’ll be reading more of these! 

CARNAL THIRST by Celeste Anwar– hmmm, we have moved away from my furry friends, LOL but this one is good. It’s about a vamper who sees a human woman being attacked by his own kind and decides he can’t let her die, especially not like that, so he saves her. Maggie is the unwilling human who has a lot of changing to do, literally. She’s got to come to terms with now being a vampire, and not only that, but because Danior saved her, his kind are now hunting them both. And they won’t stop until they get their blood. Another pun LOL. It’s a little shorter than the rest of the stories in the book set, but it’s still interesting and a fun read to throw into the mix 🙂 

THE PROTECTORS DAMON by Teresa Gabelman– This one is also short, but still a great story. Damon is a protector, not just of his fellow vampires, but of humans. He’s ordered to protect Nicole and she falls for him. This one is SMOKIN’ HOT, so I’d fall for it too. 🙂 This one has a very unique twist, and a good plot line, even for a quick, short read. I’m definitely going to say that my vamper fans are going to go gaga for this one. Even I have to admit the vampire is cool in here 🙂 

So now that we have them all, it’s definitely a 5 PAW book! I vote you all just get it already!!! And then tell me so we can gossip about how much fun these stories are! 🙂 

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I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I know I sure did, and I got some new authors I want to read more, too. I wish you all good luck on the giveaway! Happy reading and later gators!!  PS thanks Bewitching Book Tours for giving me not just one book to read but SIX!! 🙂 

Spelled Release Day Blitz!



Book 2 of the Casted Series

Now Available!

spelled_promoConfused by the turn of events, Jade is only sure of four things:

My name is Jade Kinsley.

I’m 20 years old.

I’m an Enforcer for the Triad.

And I have a debt to settle with Original Coven.

Will Jade be able to break through the spell her Grandfather put on her and remember who she is, or will she become just another piece in Lorenzo’s game?


Amazon logo



Sonya2Sonya Loveday, first and foremost, is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to the realization that this was the answer to the nagging persistant feeling that ‘there has to be something more’.

The dream came alive in 2009 when she purchased her lapton and began the tedious step of becoming a pubished author.

When she’s not reading, she’s writing. When she’s not writing she’s reading. And when she’s not doing either of those things she’s sleeping, shuttling her children back and forth to school, letting the dogs and cats in and out of the house for the upteenth time in the last hour and dreaming of a clean house.

You can find Sonya on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and WordPress

I am thrilled to share this with you. I am currently starting this book as I just finished book one. 🙂 I’ll have a blog tour stop on April 6th,  so make sure you come back for my reviews of both books and an extra special giveaway!! 🙂 Happy reading and later gators!! 

Tanker 10 Blog Tour




Jonathan Curelop makes literary debut with compelling novel ‘Tanker 10’

Tanker 10

Book Details for “Tanker 10”

by Jonathan Curelop

Meet Jimmy LaPlante – sensitive, bookish, baseball obsessed – the neighborhood fat kid and easy prey for his bullying older brother. The story opens in Brockton, Mass. It’s 1976. When Jimmy tries to stand up to Cliff, the verbal abuse turns physical and an accident occurs, sending Jimmy to the hospital with an injury that changes the trajectory of his life. “Tanker 10” follows Jimmy during his pre-teen and teenage years as he struggles to understand the physical and psychological effects of his injury. Throughout this period, baseball is his outlet. By the time he begins high school, Jimmy is an up-and-coming right fielder on the freshman baseball team. Despite having no physical signs of his condition, he is so ill at ease with himself that he can’t help but feel like a freak. Jimmy spends his life grappling with what it means to be normal as he tries to find his place in his family, among his friends, and with his brother Cliff. “Tanker 10” is a funny and heart-breaking story about self-acceptance in the wake of trauma. Readers will root for Jimmy as he struggles to understand that the key to becoming who you are is learning to get out of your own way. 

NEW YORK – “Tanker 10,” written by Jonathan Curelop, is a compelling and timely story about the love of baseball, and being bullied and overweight.

“Tanker 10” (published by Book Case Engine) opens in Brockton, Mass., in 1976, where bashful and overweight 10-year-old Jimmy just wants to read his books and toss the ball with his best friend, Ben. Unfortunately, Jimmy is an entertaining victim for his older brother, Cliff, and his buddies. When Jimmy tries to stand up to Cliff, the verbal abuse turns physical and an accident sends Jimmy to the hospital with an injury that changes the trajectory of his life.

“Tanker 10” depicts the story of Jimmy during his pre-teen and teenage years as he struggles to mend his physical and psychological injuries. Finding salvation through baseball, he dedicates himself to a strict regimen, taking him from intramurals baseball to Little League. By the time he reaches high school, Jimmy is no longer the fat kid throwing a ball against a wall but an up-and-coming right fielder on the freshman baseball team. Yet despite his successful recovery, Jimmy remains ill at ease with himself. He longs for emotional and physical intimacy and grapples with finding his place in his family, among his friends, and with his brother, Cliff.

Curelop, a lifelong baseball fan who was bullied as a child for being overweight, has written a poignant fictional account of a character in search of himself. His debut novel, “Tanker 10,” is a funny and heart-wrenching coming-of-age journey toward self-acceptance in the wake of trauma.


Meet “Tanker 10” Author Jonathan Curelop 

Jonathan Curelop is a graduate of the City College of New York’s Creative Writing Program. He has studied at Gotham Writer’s Workshop and the New York Writers Workshop. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in various publications, including Solstice, Amarillo Bay, Liquid Imagination, UMass Amherst Magazine, apt, Raging Face, The Melic Review, The American Book Review and Aura. Originally from Massachusetts, where he graduated from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst’s Theater department, he now lives in New York City with his wife, Pamela.

 Jonathan Curelop      @JCurelop

 Jonathan Curelop      Jonathan Curelop

In the News

Short Stories

What Readers Are Saying About

“Tanker 10” by Jonathan Curelop

“Jonathan Curelop’s portrayal of Jimmy’s suffering is frank, honest and intimate. Tanker 10 should be required reading for parents, students, and teachers alike. It’s a story about courage, overcoming fear, and resilience. More importantly, it’s a story about the damage human beings can inflict on one another and leaves the reader wondering what can be done to protect children and adolescents who are perceived as flawed.”

“Baseball is a game of hits and misses, new starts and last chances. ‘Tanker 10’ brings us back to a simpler time where learning how to talk to each other got us to first base, but listening got us home.

‘Tanker 10’ is funny and sad and agonizing and awkward…in much the same way growing up is.

“Jonathan Curelop is clearly a gifted writer in so many ways. He is human, candid and extremely amusing at times. The book flows and it was one that I simply didn’t want to get to the end. But I did, and I loved it. I look forward to the next one by Curelop.”

“Great read! I found myself carrying ‘Tanker 10’ with me everywhere, hooked by the voice of Jimmy as he takes us through his harrowing, funny, utterly believable life.”

“Beautifully and sensitively written story of a young overweight boy who, as he matures, forgives his brother and himself for seemingly unforgivable acts, without which he would have been unable to embrace his manhood. The underpinnings of his stability are parental love, reading and baseball. The theme of forgiveness, love and overcoming life’s obstacles, is universal. A truly wonderful read.”

“Curelop takes you through a roller-coaster ride of emotions as he shares his thoughts and feelings dealing with some of life experiences so many young kids deal with everyday. One minute I found myself laughing out loud and the next minute reaching for a box of tissues. For me, the book was more than just about bullying, baseball and relationships, it goes much deeper than that.”

Finally a true teen hero! In this age of overhyped teen fantasy novels, ‘Tanker 10’ spins a classic coming of age tale through good old fashion story telling. Curelop’s overweight, bullied teen, Jimmy, wins over daunting physical and emotional challenges through his passion for baseball.”

Q&A with Jonathan Curelop

Tell us about the title, “Tanker 10.” What does that mean?

          The title comes from real life, as do the first two chapters. My brother branded me with the nickname Tanker 10 because on my 10th birthday I received a tee shirt with the number 10 on it as a gift. It was too tight, but I was determined to lose weight and continue to wear it until it fit properly. One day I made the mistake of wearing the shirt in front of him and…well…Tanker 10 was born.

Jimmy is such a great character. The more you learn about him in “Tanker 10,” the more relatable he is. Did your experiences growing up shape the world you created for Jimmy?

          Absolutely. The book is a work of fiction (I never suffered the injury that Jimmy suffers, nor have I ever played organized baseball on a serious level), but the fundamental elements that occur in the book are triggered by actual events from my childhood: being bullied by my older brother; being hospitalized for an injury in a body part that is…shall we say…sensitive; the sudden death of a friend; being overweight; being petrified of girls.

What role did baseball play in your life when you were growing up?

          My first memory of baseball was the 1975 World Series. Louis Tiant’s windup and delivery; Dwight Evans’s magic in right field. Well, the whole outfield really! I’ve been hooked ever since. How it never pushed me to actually play baseball is something that still troubles me. I played on intramural teams and softball teams, but I never attacked it the way I wish I had.

Bullying is a serious issue among kids and teens. How does your book address that?

          When I first started writing Tanker 10, bullying wasn’t the headline-grabbing issue that it is today. Bullying plays a part in the novel because that’s what happened to me in real life and is the catalyst of the novel. Jimmy is not the only character in the book who gets bullied. Lance, a boy on the swim team, endures a horrendous experience at the hands of his teammates. Both Jimmy and Lance overcome their taunts and beatings to the point that their relationships with the attackers actually improve over time. Being bullied doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Sometimes it’s the beginning.

From a writing perspective, I needed an event that would separate the brothers (at least emotionally) for years. The bullying leads to the accident; the accident and its aftermath define how the boys develop emotionally as they become men.

Is it true that you started working on “Tanker 10” back in 1989 and didn’t touch it again until 2005? What inspired you to start writing again?

I actually started working on it well before 1989. That was when the first (very rough) draft was completed. When I first moved to Chicago, I spent quite a bit of time writing letters to friends who I had known at college and were still living in MA. After a while, though, the letters dried up as we drifted apart, but I found that I missed writing. So I picked up a story that I had started in college about a boy who dreamed of playing centerfield for the Boston Red Sox. It didn’t really stick, so I thought about something else I could write about. I had had some delicate surgery as a child, so I figured I’d write about that. It didn’t take. So I figured I’d add some stuff about my brother, who bullied me for being overweight. Again, I found no inspiration. I tried writing about my childhood friend, Bobby, who was killed by a car while he was riding his bike. Still, nothing clicked. Then I started combining all the stories and that’s when my imagination started spinning. When I finished it, though, it took one rejection letter from an agent responding to my query letter to convince me the book wasn’t worth pursuing.

It took a long time, decades, to realize that the reason I had stayed away from this story – had let it sit in a filing cabinet – for so long was because it was so close to my life, at least when it came to the relationship between the brothers. Although a work of fiction, this was my story in a way that none of my other writing had been before. Part of me feared the reaction if the book were ever to see the light of day. 

Who were some of your baseball heroes growing up?

          Most are mentioned in the book: Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton Fisk, Dwight Evan, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice. Especially Carlton Fisk, probably because his nickname was Pudge.

So, who do you root for these days?

          Always the Red Sox. If they’re not in it, always the underdog.

Your book seems like it will appeal to a lot of people – baseball fans, teens, adults. Was that something you thought about while writing?

          No, I try not to think about the reader until the very late stages. Obviously, I want a broad readership and I want everyone who reads to really enjoy it, but finding the voice of a character is too hard and too important to allow some editorial presence in the back of your mind to interfere with the creative process. Asking questions like, “Hmm, is this too old adult for a 13-year-old?” “Is it too young adult for a 20-year-old?” I figure just write the story in the truest, simplest, most honest way you can and hopefully it will find an audience.

My Review is coming soon!! 🙂 

I hope you guys check this one out soon! Thanks for stopping by and as always, happy reading and later gators! 

Beyond The Veil Blog Tour w Giveaway!

Beyond the Veil Button 300 x 169

I’ve got a new book for you guys today! With an excellent giveaway! I am now going to get right to it so I can show you all the goodies!! 🙂 

Beyond The Veil (The Veil Series, #1)

Beyond The Veil

The Veil Series

Book 1

Pippa DaCosta

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Date of Publication: 7th Feb 2014

ISBN: 1494242354


Number of pages: 250

Word Count:  70,000

Cover Artist: Celairen Art



Book Description:

“They say I’m half demon, but I like to think of myself as half human, especially as the demons want me dead.”

Charlie Henderson is living a lie. Her real name is Muse and her attempt at a normal life is about to go up in smoke.

When a half-demon assassin walks into her life, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, Muse must return to the one man she hoped never to see again and ask for help. The Prince of Greed isn’t known for his charity. The price is high, but the cost could tear her apart.

Trapped between the malevolent intentions of a Prince of Hell, an assassin with ulterior motives, and all of demon-kind, Muse must embrace the lure of chaos at her core; the demon inside her, in order to survive.

When your ex is the Prince of Greed, you’d better be ready to raise hell.


Excerpt:  Chapter 1 

I should have known he’d be trouble as soon as he walked into my workshop, but I couldn’t have known he’d be the death of me. He wore a three-quarter length red leather coat, had platinum blond hair long enough to sweep back out of his eyes, and sported scuffed Timberland boots, but if the goose bumps shivering across my skin were anything to go by, he clearly was not as human as his appearance had me believe.

 At first, I tried to ignore him, refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing me hesitate. A quick glance at my dusty clock told me it was late, past midnight, and I’d be damned if I was going to drop everything just because he’d invited himself in. I continued to work on the sword resting on the anvil before me. I hammered out imperfections in the blade’s surface with renewed vigor, metal singing at each blow. Behind me, the coal forge roared. Rolling waves of heat branded my back. I told myself it was sweltering temperatures sprinkling perspiration across my face and back, making my scruffy tank top cling to me, but in truth, it was fear.

 Picking up the unfinished sword with gloved hands, I turned and plunged the blade into the glowing coals before facing my uninvited guest. He’d given himself the tour of my cramped workshop, seeming to admire the various swords on display, some unfinished, some as close to art as I was ever going to get. Shame I couldn’t wield them as well as I could craft them.

 “Well?” I managed to instil some genuine irritation in my words in the hope it would disguise the anxiety building inside me. I tried to flick my hair out of my face but a few strands stubbornly clung to my sweaty cheek.

 “Impressive.” He nodded once and turned arctic-blue eyes on me before flashing what he probably thought was a knee-weakening smile.

 If my guest expected me to gush and swoon, he was in for a shock. “Who are you, and what the hell do you want?” It was late. I was tired. He wasn’t human. I figured I was within my rights to be blunt.

 His expression tightened. “You’re Muse, right?” He tossed a gesture at the stuffy workshop. “I was expecting something…else.”

 I hadn’t heard that nickname in years. Muse was a tag left over from dark days I didn’t wish to revisit.

Approaching me, he reached inside his coat. I caught a flicker of light slide over a handgun tucked into his waistband and tensed. An unusual motif, like entwined scorpions, adorned the grip. But he didn’t reach for the gun. He withdrew a sword and rested it on my anvil. “I want you to read this.”

 I tugged off my glove and skipped my fingers over the smooth surface of the blade. The metal burned cold against my insolent touch, as though the sword resented my presence. It was a wonderful piece of workmanship. The ripple – or hamon – below the surface of the carbon-steel blade hinted at Japanese origins, and the tempered edge was sharp enough to slice through flesh with little effort. An intricate hand-forged guard and leather-wrapped hilt betrayed the sword as functional but with a flair for the dramatic, and yet it was clearly a weapon meant for combat, not ceremony.

A thin snap of power danced up my fingers, and with a small hiss, I snatched my hand back. This sword would not easily give up its secrets. “What’s in it for me?”

“What do you want?”

Now there was a loaded question. I didn’t know what or who he was, and had no idea how much he could afford or what the stakes involved. “It depends on what I’m going to find. If we’re talking murder, then I want danger money. If it’s just a lovers’ tiff you’re interested in, a few hundred should do it. I’m assuming you want recent information. If you need me to go back more than five years, it’ll be another two hundred.”

 “Or I could walk out of here now and tell the world where you are. I know there are a few unsavoury characters from your checkered past who’d be very grateful for the heads-up on your whereabouts.” His smooth voice and slight smile belied the threat in his words.

 I smiled tightly, my first smile since his arrival. “Now, there, you see? We were having a civilized conversation, and you just had to go and spoil it by threatening me.”

“Why don’t you just read the blade, and I can leave you to get on with your–” he cast a glance about him, “–work?”

And now he’d insulted me. “I’m not telling you anything until you give me more to go on.” Who did he think he was talking to? Some back alley half-human woman who would fall over her own feet to do his bidding? He might know my name, but he obviously didn’t know me.

He blinked, before turning back on the charm, as if I could be bought by a handsome face. “You’re right. I’m sorry. A few hundred, was it?” He dug deep into his coat pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. Without counting it, he tossed it onto the anvil. “That should cover it.”

I tugged my glove back on, pinching the heatproof fabric between each finger. “I think you should leave.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Just read the sword, Muse.”

I didn’t have time to humor assholes, especially those of the demon persuasion. “Get out.”

He pulled his distinctive gun on me, finger resting firmly on the trigger, aim rigid. “You will do this for me.” It wasn’t an order. It was fact–at least as far as he was concerned.

“Go back to hell,” I sneered, before reaching around and snatching the blade from the forge, flinging both the half-finished sword and some hot coals at him. He recoiled, cursing as the embers bounced off his coat. I dashed for the doors. My hand was on the handle, when he slammed into me, knocking the breath from my lungs.

He thrust the gun under my chin, freezing me rigid. “Why do you have to be so difficult?”

I really didn’t want this to escalate. Bad shit happens when she comes out to play. The darkness slumbering at my core began to unfurl, opening like the petals of a flower, but its intent was far from delicate. The trickling touch of power spilled into my muscles. Heat flooded through my body. The warmth of my element embraced me, threading itself through every part of me, the lure of chaos undeniable.

He abruptly released me and took a few steps back, gun up. His narrow glare measured me.

I pressed my back against the workshop door. Power dripped from my fingertips. I couldn’t see it—the human part of me was blind to the energy—but he could. His arctic eyes blazed with a promise of conflict.

He appeared to consider his next move and then, quite unexpectedly, laughed and lowered the gun, tucking it back into the holster inside his coat. “You’re right. This isn’t worth it.” With his hands up, as if in surrender, he turned and retrieved the sword in question before weaving his way back around workbenches toward me.

“I’ll leave you in peace.”

“What?” His sudden change in mood completely disarmed me.

“Step aside. I’m leaving.”

Surprised by his abrupt surrender, I did as he asked and watched him slide the door open and step out into the night. A sharp winter breeze invaded the heat of my workshop, rousing me from my muddled stupor. Confused and somewhat disappointed, I followed him out into the alley. The raw energy he’d aroused began to fizzle out. Its departure left me with a sickly chill and bitter sense of loss.

He climbed into the driver’s side of an old Dodge Charger with rust-bruised red paint. I had no idea who he was, where he’d come from, how he’d found me, or what lay hidden in that damn sword. And he was leaving. That couldn’t be right. Didn’t I deserve some sort of explanation?

“Hey!” I ventured further into the street.

Headlights bathed me in twin beams, forcing me to shield my eyes. He gunned the engine, jammed the box into reverse, and swung the car backward into a J-turn before speeding off, fat tires squealing on wet asphalt.

I stood in the street, hand on hip, head tilted to one side and breathed the crisp night air, clearing my lungs of forge-dust. Then the shockwave hit me. The explosion lashed across my back. I must have briefly lost consciousness, but the furious pain in my back quickly summoned me from the depths. A whine drilled into my skull. Alarms sounded from the industrial units around me.

I turned my head toward the heat, grit digging into my cheek as I peered into the smoke bellowing from the hollow gap between two buildings.

My workshop had gone and with it, my attempt at a normal life.


About the Author:


Born in Tonbridge, Kent in 1979, Pippa’s family moved to the South West of England where she grew up amongst the dramatic moorland and sweeping coastlands of Devon & Cornwall. With a family history brimming with intrigue, complete with Gypsy angst on one side and Jewish survivors on another, she has the ability to draw from a patchwork of ancestry and use it as the inspiration for her writing. Happily married and the Mother of two little girls, she resides on the Devon & Cornwall border.







My Review:

Let’s talk awesome demons! I haven’t had so many shocks and twists in a while. It’s a story of a woman who is half human and half demon. She is completely used, by all it seems. She is tortured for a good bit in the beginning of her life. Then saved. Then tortured again but in a different way. I’m still in a little bit of shock but in a good way- like… Dammit I have to WAIT for book two!!! 🙂

We meet Charlie, as a human, who we then learn is also called Musa, and she’s half demon. She’d been hiding for a long time because the demons want her dead and the humans can’t know what she is. And in walks in Stephan, which also causes Akil, to come into her life again. I will get to them in a moment. It’s complicated for Muse. She was only trying to live a normal life. She’s been so tormented by her past and she’s as close as she thinks she can get. Damn if this girl isn’t the strongest being ever. When you learn of her life you’ll want to hug her and hide her. Instead she learns to not only stand on her own but to fight back. She is no longer going to be a victim and she’s gunna make sure she leaves a mark while she’s alive. She’s my new hero and if I’m in a pickle she’ll be my new emergency contact 🙂 I’m definitely a fan!

Alright, let’s talk HAWT pieces. You have Stephan and Akil, cold vs hot. Literally Stephan is a frost demon while Akil is a fire demon. Akil is a literal Prince of Hell, Stephan is… Not, but I won’t tell you exactly what he is- you know, spoilers and all. They both have nice qualities- Akil saved Muse from her past, Stephan is trying to save her future. They are both liars. And then they both want her for different things. Look I will be honest I was team Stephan from the beginning but hot damn if shock value doesn’t give you some major doubt. It was amazing how much character depth had been put into all of these people. Even the tertiary characters, like Ryder, Adam- whom I HATE TOO- and Nica were excellent!

It goes to the excellence of writing skill when you love, and hate, ALL of the characters so much. Seriously, I think it could have had a bad plot and I would have loved the characters. BUT the plot is amazing. You’ll never be able to guess what’s really going on because it’s all about the unveiling… Ooooh I realized I made a pun HA! The whole veil thing has significance ya know 🙂 But when it boils down, I can honestly say this is an AMAZING start to a wonderfully fresh, unique take on Urban Fantasy Demons, and I absolutely annoy wait for so much more!! GIMME GIMME! 5 DEMON FIRE, FROSTY SWIRLING PAWS!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main


3 paperback copies of  Beyond The Veil by Pippa DaCosta


GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you guys check this one out! Happy reading and later gators!! 

I Am Forever Blog Tour w Giveaway!!

I Am Forever Tour

Hello everyone! Today I have a fantastic sequel to a book I loved. I am thrilled to show you the next installment and tell you all about it. AND there’s a great giveaway 🙂 So, let me show you now! 😉  I Am Forever (What Kills Me, #2) I Am Forever (What Kills Me #2) Axelia fought an army of vampires and survived. Once fated as the destroyer of the vampire race, she is now welcomed into the immortal empire and revered as a god. But instead of relishing her victory, she faces a dangerous new world and an empire at war. Axelia is thrust into the position of supreme vampire and caught in the crossfire of battle. To make matters worse, her role alienates Lucas, the one vampire that she trusts. Her power spawns evil enemies. And they know how to get to her — by hurting those whom she loves most. Amazon US – Amazon UK – Kobo – Smashwords  Add I Am Forever to your Goodreads list! _________________________ What Kills Me (Book #1) So when 17-year-old Axelia falls into a sacred well filled with blood and emerges a vampire, the immortal empire believes she is this legendary destroyer. Hunted by soldiers and mercenaries, Axelia and her reluctant ally, the vampire bladesmith Lucas, must battle to survive.An ancient prophecy warns of a girl destined to cause the extinction of the vampire race. How will she convince the empire that she is just an innocent teenager-turned bloodsucker and not a creature of destruction? And if she cannot, can a vampire who is afraid of bugs summon the courage to fight a nation of immortals? Amazon US – Amazon UK – Barnes & Noble – Kobo – iTunes My 5 PAW review is HERE!  Excerpt:  from I Am Forever


It was a whisper. A hiss.


Louder. Raspy. From the corner of the room.

I sat up and blinked but saw only black.


It called my name again, this time from the foot of my bed. Oh my God. I froze.

“Who’s there?”

In the darkness something reached out and grabbed my leg, nails piercing my flesh. The agony shocked me. I screamed and struggled like an animal crushed in a steel trap.

It was neither vampire nor human. It was slimy, oozing blood and some other rancid liquid. I choked on the putrid stink of rotting meat.

I shrieked and kicked it in the face. The jagged edges of its fangs sliced my heel. I rolled sideways, fell from the bed, and hit the floor. My bloody feet slipped as I tried to skid away. But the creature was on me, snarling, dragging me by my feet toward its mouth. Then I saw its eyes. Yellow. Filmy. Their black centers bleeding at the edges.

The creature snapped at my face.


I put my fingers in its mouth and it sank its teeth down to the bone. With a cry I tore its jaw off. It didn’t even scream, just reeled away. I scrambled back against a dresser, and a lamp smashed and fell to the ground. Still blind, I felt around until my hand closed around a shard of glass. I stood and the creature crashed into me, a storm of claws and teeth. As we slammed into the wall, it stabbed its talons into the back of my shoulders, the pain hot and intense. I drove the shard in between its ribs. We fell together.

Laughter. I heard a low, hoarse cackle and when I looked toward the sound, I saw eyes. Blood red. And then they were gone.

The monster was shaking me. It was talking. No. It had Lucas’s voice.


Suddenly, there was light. Lucas was crouched over me and I was twisted under him, mid-struggle.

What? What’s going on?

“Zee! Stop!” Lucas shouted. “Stop. You’re all right.”

“Where is it?” I cried. “Where did it go?”

“Calm down. You were dreaming.”

“No, th-there was something in my room. Where is it?”

“You were having a nightmare, my lady,” Uther said. He clutched the belt of his robe, eyes wide. A row of soldiers stood beside him, their gloved hands on the handles of their swords.

“What…?” I blinked to clear the fog in my head.

Lucas rose and helped me to my feet. Then he staggered back. He had blood on his hands.

“Lucas, you’re bleeding!”

“I’m fine.”

I rubbed my eyes. “What happened?”

Wincing, Lucas lifted his shirt and seemed to yank at the skin on his abdomen; he threw a piece of glass to the ground.

The shard of glass. I put that in the monster. The monster is Lucas? No, wait.

“Oh my God,” I whispered. “Did I do that to you?”


“In my sleep?”


“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I swear, there was something in my room and then someone else who was watching. I heard them. I felt them.”

I reached around to rub my shoulder, searching for bloody punctures. No wound. I looked down at my rumpled dress, stained with sweat. I turned my hands over and searched for scratches. “There was something here. It was so real.”

A chunk of the bed frame had splintered off. Chairs and tables were overturned. One of the doors had come off its hinges. Water from the vase, now broken, dribbled from the table to the floor.

“Did I do all this?”

“You had some help,” Lucas said.

Uther nodded. “The swordsmith and the maids tried to wake you from your nightmare.”

Oh no. “Did…did I hurt them?”

“They will be all right,” Uther replied.

Under the light the confusion dissipated and guilt swept in. “I’m sorry,” I said. “Lucas, are you okay?”

“I’ve healed already, so don’t give it another thought.”

I put my hands up as if I was facing a squadron of armed officers. “Sorry, everyone.”

“Please leave us,” Uther ordered. The Aramatta filed out without a second glance.

I plucked a few feathers stuck to my clothing. A cushion had been gutted and its fluffy innards were strewn all over the bed and floor. Lucas placed a hand on my still trembling shoulder. His fingers touched where the creature had pierced me with its nails.

“You were stuck in a very bad dream, my lady,” Uther said.

“I’ve never had a nightmare like that before,” I said. “Usually I dream that I’m horribly late for a final exam and I can’t find the classroom. But there were monsters. One was attacking me and biting me and I couldn’t get away. It was so real.”

The creature’s fetid blood still lingered in my nose. It made me nauseous. I sank down onto the once-beautiful bed.

“You’ve also never been through the kind of trauma that you’ve experienced,” Uther said.

“I’m not making a good case for myself, am I? Being a house guest from hell.”

“My lady, the Monarchy is only concerned with your safety and well-being.”

“Thanks, Uther.”

“Try to get some rest, my lady.”

“Yeah, I’ve given up the whole sleeping thing. It’s overrated.”

“I will return shortly. If there is anything you need, just call for one of the maids.”

“I don’t know how eager they’ll be to come in here after what’s happened.”

“We are all here to serve,” Uther said with a bow before leaving.

“I’m not,” Lucas said. He sat on the bed beside me. “But apparently I’m here to be your pin cushion.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“I’m teasing you.”

I raked my fingers through my hair. “What happened?”

“You fell asleep while the cleric was trying to convince me to give you space. I refused and ended up resting on the couch in your room. Then you started sleepwalking and screaming.”

“I was standing up?”

“Yes, you threw a maid through the door.”


“Yes. And anyone who touched you.”

“Were my eyes open?”


“Then what did you do?”

“I tried to wake you.”

“Then I stabbed you?”

“Well, you did that after.”

“After what?”

“After a struggle. Let’s just say that I learned very quickly that I could never fight you.”

I slapped my hands to my face. I wanted to fold into myself and disappear. I’m dangerous. This is partly why the Monarchy hunted me in the first place. They feared that I would be out of control and murderous. The Empress would have something to say about this. Maybe this was enough proof that I could not be free.

“Don’t beat yourself up over this.” Lucas pulled my hands away from my face. “You’ve done enough beating up today,” he added with a wink.

“Seriously. I hit something so hard that my hand was sore.”

He slid his thumb into my palm and massaged my hand. “You’re all right?” he asked.

“Mmhmm,” I murmured.

I turned my hands to feel him trace my skin with his fingertips. He grazed the inside of my wrist and the pleasure radiated up my arm and into my core.

“Thanks for waking me up,” I said.

“Thanks for not killing me in your sleep.”

“That’s not even funny.”

“They have cameras in your room. You could probably ask to see the whole thing.”

“No, I’d rather pretend it didn’t happen. Hey…I didn’t…I didn’t pull off anyone’s lower jaw, did I?”

 My Review:

I am so excited for the sequel!! Within hours of the first book ending, book two takes off with Zee in some trouble again! Zee and Lucas are still stuck within the Monarchy and she was told she will now be called The Divine. Ummm creepy right. Look this story is just as good if not better than the first, but I do recommend reading book one first, so maybe if you haven’t maybe just skim this review, as I will try really hard to keep out spoilers, but it’ll be hard. But Zee and Lucas have become excellent characters to follow. They have become a part of your heart 🙂 Or mine anyways! 

Zee tries to see the best in everyone, literally, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. But it wouldn’t be Zee if she didn’t do that. She’s brave, she’s courageous, she’s funny, she’s also loyal and courteous. She’s also stubborn, and hard headed and tends to not listen to Lucas when he tells her things, things that will HELP her LOL You know, like when he says, “we should go, so they can’t kill us”, that means we should go LOL But anyways, she’s growing, just maybe not in the way most people would want her to go. You can’t forget that just a short while ago, she was a naive teenage human girl. 

Lucas is awesome! He’s HAWT, and smart, and sweet, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Zee. And I still am waiting for him to be mad about what happened to his family. He’s a beautiful soul, and one day I hope to have one like him 🙂 He’s so loyal to Zee, that it’s sometimes scary. But he’s a good guy, and he’s been around a bit, so we should all take heed to his advice… HINT HINT ZEE!!! 

This is such a well written book. I am so thrilled that this is a great sequel which continues to unravel a wonderful story with unique vampers, yes they are still vampers! They are also back-stabbing, wretched…. nevermind, I’ll hold off on that. 🙂 But, with that in mind, there are some very interesting things that go on in this vampire monarchy. There’s ceremonies, and initiations for the newer vamps, and things that are just different but in a wonderful way. Anyways, I cannot WAIT for book 3. I just know that after the first two, it’s going to be a wonderful continuation to a great series. If you like Vampires, this one is for you, especially if you’d like some fresh new way of life things that go on 🙂 a WONDERFUL, BLOODY GOOD  5 PAW SEQUEL

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Guest Post: The Beginning of I Am Forever

Readers often ask me: How did you get the idea for I Am Forever?

Well, it all began with a bug.

I was living in Taiwan for a few months and at night, I could hear cockroaches scurrying around my room. But when I turned the lights on, they’d be gone. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep, afraid they’d rent out my mouth for a party. So I would lie there, thinking all sorts of crazy things, asking myself all sorts of questions: “What would happen if I suddenly disappeared?” “What if I fell into a hole? What if that hole was filled with blood?” Man, that would suck. That image, of a young woman climbing out of a well, soaked in blood, was what started it all.

When I wrote What Kills Me, I envisioned it as a three-book series. I wanted to follow Zee’s superhero journey from a naive 17-year-old girl to a powerful, even terrifying, creature.

In book one, Axelia aka Zee falls into a well filled with blood and emerges a vampire. She finds herself hunted, accused of being the legendary destroyer of the immortal race.

Book two, I Am Forever, continues her adventure and her evolution as the most powerful creature in the world. Two vampire factions are at war and Axelia is caught in the middle, with both sides trying to use her for their own gain.

In book three, the final installment in the series, Axelia comes face-to-face with a terrifying threat to both humanity and the vampire race. Everything that she will have been through prepares her for this ultimate battle.

 Wynne Channing

Wynne Channing

Wynne Channing is a national newspaper reporter and award-winning young adult novelist. Wynne loves telling stories and as a journalist, she has interviewed everyone from Daniel Radcliffe and Hugh Jackman to the president of the Maldives and Duchess Sarah Ferguson. The closest she has come to interviewing a vampire is sitting down with True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard (he didn’t bite). She briefly considered calling her debut novel “Well” so then everyone would say: “Well written by Wynne Channing.” Website – Blog – Twitter – Facebook – Goodreads Google+ – Pinterest – Youtube – Amazon Author Page I Am Forever Tour schedule:


GRAND PRIZE: A stunning ballpoint pen filled with more than 100 pink crystals, a black leather note book by Canadian designer Jessica Jensen, an ecopy of I Am Forever (Book Two in the What Kills Me series) and a signed What Kills Me bookmark.  GO HERE TO ENTER!! I hope you guys check this one out! I love this series, and you guys know I am not normally a vamper fan 🙂 GOOD LUCK on that great giveaway! Happy reading and later gators!! 

White Sheets, Joe 2 Blog Tour!!

I am so proud to be a part of the sequel to Ms HD Gordon’s Joe. I wasn’t sure if she was going to write a sequel and when she told me she was, I definitely fist pumepd! It was fantastic! And Now, I get to show you lots of goodies!! 

Book One


From the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga comes a story that will take you into the mind of a genuine psychopath, the lives of six ordinary people, and the world of a very special girl named Joe. Joe is seemingly an ordinary college student. She works, studies and reads. But in between these activities, Joe has a gift that promises to add a dose of color to her life at any given moment. Joe sees things before they happen. Bad things, and the worst thing she has ever faced is just around the corner. Someone is planning a massacre at the college university Joe attends, and the only person with a hope of stopping the psychopath is her. Oh, the beauty of foresight. More like a curse. Joe has four days to figure out the mystery, make plans to take down the psycho, and save the lives of people. People like you and me. Ordinary people.   

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Joe-The-Knowe-Series-ebook/dp/B008GETO0O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393780233&sr=8-1&keywords=Joe+h+d+gordon

My 5 PAW review is HERE! 

Book Two

 Joe 2, White Sheets

Joe Knowe sees things before they happen. Bad things. Just a couple months ago it was a psychopath planning a massacre at the college she attended. Now, she’s facing a whole different kind of madman, and one potentially far more dangerous.
To keep the pending disaster from happening, this time Joe will have to get up close and personal, making herself at home in the lion’s den, and attempting not to be swallowed whole.
Will she be able to keep herself and those around her from drinking the Kool-Aid? Or will they all end up under white sheets? In this second installment of the thrilling JOE series, H. D. Gordon takes you into the heart of a cult, the mind of its leader, and the lives of his followers.

My Review:

no worries, I have every intention of buying this book as soon as I can and then I can tell you all about it! 🙂 I know it’s going to be epic! I also know how awesome this author is, so I promise to let you know when I get my copy and I’ll post a review for you! 

Author BIO

H.D. Gordon
H. D. Gordon is the bestselling author of THE ALEXA MONTGOMERY SAGA, THE SURAH STORMSONG NOVELS and THE JOE KNOWE SERIES. She is twenty-five years old and a true lover of words. When not hanging out with her two beautiful daughters, she can be found reading, writing, or just taking in the world so that she can translate it’s beauty and wonders into the written word. 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdO_uSMtF_Q  (BOOK TRAILER LINK)

So don’t forget to keep watching for my review, soon hopefully! And big thanks to Ms HD, and her awesome sister Muriel who totally did all the hard work for this tour 🙂 I hope you guys check this out! Happy reading and later gators!! 

Witch’s Bounty Blog Tour w Giveaway!

Witchs Bounty Button 300 x 225

I love this author, so when she has new books coming out, I have to grab her goodies up! 🙂 So, today, instead of her wolves- which I love- I have her witches, which I now also love!!! AND she has a great giveaway, so let me get right to it!! 

Witch’s Bounty (The Witch Chronicles, #1)

Witch’s Bounty

The Witch Chronicles, Book 1

Ann Gimpel

Publisher: Taliesin

Release Date: 3/6/14

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

Word count: 63,000 words

A demon-stalking witch teams up with a Sidhe, but their combined power, never mind their love, may be too late to make a difference.

Book Description:

One of only three remaining demon-stalking witches, Colleen is almost the last of her kind. Along with her familiar, a changeling spirit, she was hoping for a few months of quiet, running a small magicians’ supply store in Fairbanks, Alaska. Peace isn’t in the cards, though. Demons are raising hell in Seattle. She’s on her way out the door to help, when a Sidhe shows up and demands she accompany him to northern England to quell a demon uprising there.

Duncan swallowed uneasy feelings when the Sidhe foisted demon containment off onto the witches two hundred years before. He’s annoyed when the Sidhe leader sends him to haul a witch across the Atlantic to bail them out. Until he sees the witch in question. Colleen is unquestionably the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Strong and gutsy, too. When she refuses to come with him, because she’s needed in Seattle, he immediately offers his assistance. Anything to remain in her presence.

Colleen can’t believe how gorgeous the Sidhe is, but she doesn’t have time for such nonsense. She, Jenna, and Roz are the only hedge Earth has against being overrun by Hell’s minions. Even with help from a powerful magic wielder like Duncan, the odds aren’t good and the demons know it. Sensing victory is within their grasp, they close in for the kill.

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/9Dyrl06IANo 


…The bells around the shop door clanged a discordant riot of notes. “Crap!” Jenna shot to her feet. “I should have locked the damned door.”

“Back to cat form.” Colleen flicked her fingers at Bubba, who shrank obligingly and slithered out of clothing, which puddled around him. She snatched up his shirt and pants and dropped them back into the canister.

“I say,” a strongly accented male voice called out. “Is anyone here?”

“I’ll take care of the Brit,” Colleen mouthed. “Take Bubba to the basement and practice.”

She got to her feet and stepped past the curtain. “Yes?” She gazed around the dimly lit store for their customer.

A tall, powerfully built man, wearing dark slacks and a dark turtleneck, strode toward her, a woolen greatcoat slung over one arm. His white-blond hair was drawn back into a queue. Arresting facial bones—sculpted cheeks, strong jaw, high forehead—captured her attention and stole her breath. He was quite possibly the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on. Discerning green eyes zeroed in on her face, caught her gaze, and held it. Magic danced around him in a numinous shroud. Strong magic.

What was he?

And then she knew. Daoine Sidhe. The man had to be Sidhe royalty. No wonder he was so stunning it almost hurt to look at him.

Colleen held her ground. She placed her feet shoulder width apart and crossed her arms over her chest. “What can I help you with?”

“Colleen Kelly?”

Okay, so he knows who I am. Doesn’t mean a thing. He’s Sidhe. Could have plucked my name right out of my head. “That would be me. How can I help you?” she repeated, burying a desire to lick nervously at her lips.

“Time is short. I’ve been hunting you for a while now. Come closer, witch. We need to talk.”


Duncan Regis eyed the grim-faced woman standing in front of him. She was quite striking with such stunning bone structure—high cheekbones, square jaw—she could have been a runway model. Her unwavering pale blue eyes held his gaze. Dressed in brown wool slacks, a multicolored sweater, and scuffed leather boots, she had auburn curls that cascaded to waist level. A scattering of freckles coated her upturned nose. Her lips would have been full if they weren’t pursed into a hard line.

He knew he was staring, but couldn’t help himself. Colleen was tall for a woman, close to six feet, with well-defined shoulders, generous breasts, and a slender waist that flared to trim hips. He smelled her apprehension and was pleased she was able to cloak it so well with the defiant angle of her chin and the challenge in her icy stare.

Despite his earlier command, she didn’t move. Annoyance coiled in his gut. He could summon magic and force her, but he wanted—no, make that needed—her cooperation. Compulsion spells had a way of engendering lingering resentments. He smiled, but it felt fake so he gave it up. “I like women with spirit, but I’m used to being obeyed.”

She frowned and tilted her chin another notch. “I’ll just bet you are. I’m not coming one angstrom closer until you tell me why a Sidhe is hunting for me.”

Surprise registered. He tried to mask it, just like he’d attempted to disguise himself in a human glamour. Duncan tamped down a wry grin, wondering if his second ploy had worked any better than his first.

“Not really.” She tapped one booted toe. “I read minds. You’ll have to do a better job warding yours, if you want to keep me out.” Colleen exhaled briskly. “Look. Maybe it would be easier if you just told me why you’re here. I’m sort of busy just now and I don’t have a bunch of time to spar with you.”

“You don’t have any choice.”

“Oh yes I do.” Anger wafted from her in thick clouds. Along with it a spicy, rose scent, tinged with jasmine, tickled his nostrils and did disconcerting things to his nether regions. He resisted an urge to rearrange his suddenly erect cock. Colleen unfolded her arms, extended one, and pointed toward the door. “Out. Now.”

“You’re making a terrible mistake—”

“Maybe so, but this is my turf. If you force me with your magic, you’ll have broken the rules that bind your kind—and the covenant amongst magic-wielders.”

Duncan’s temper kindled, but it didn’t dampen the lust seeping along his nerve endings. Rules be damned. He could flatten this persnickety witch, or better yet, weave a love spell and bind her to him that way. Maybe he should do just that and have done with things. He clasped his hands behind him to quash the temptation to call magic. The movement stretched his trousers across his erection, making it obvious if she chose to look down.

Something dark streaked from the back of the shop and planted itself in front of him, hissing and spitting. Gaia’s tits. A cat. He stared at it. Hmph. Maybe not a cat after all. Duncan reached outward with a tendril of magic. Before it reached the creature, Colleen bent and scooped it into her arms. The not-a-cat wriggled and hissed, but she held fast.

“Leave him alone,” she said through clenched teeth. “He’s mine.”

Duncan narrowed his eyes. “Damn if it isn’t a changeling. How’d he end up with you?”

Her foot tapped the scarred wooden floor again, its beat so regular it could have been a metronome. “I asked you a whole lot of questions.” She took a step backward. “But the only one I want to know the answer to is—”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jenna wavered into view, having teleported in from somewhere. Her gaze landed on the cat. “Thank Christ! For a minute there I thought the little bastard got away from me.”

“Jenna,” Colleen snapped. “The Sidhe have deigned to call.”

The other woman whipped around and stared at Duncan. He stared back. What was it with these witches? Had they taken some sort of potion to supersize themselves? She made Colleen look positively petite. Jenna sidled closer to Colleen; part of her height came from high heels, but she was still an imposing woman. “What does he want?” she growled.

Duncan cleared his throat. “I’m right here. You can ask me.”

“Fine.” Jenna put her hands on her hips. “What are you doing here?”

“How do you know I want anything?” he countered, trying to buy time to figure out what to do now. He hadn’t counted on two witches, and a changeling.

“Because if you didn’t, Colleen would have shooed you out of here by now. You really do need to leave. We’re busy.”

He snorted. “Yes. Colleen made that abundantly clear.” He looked from one witch to the other. At least his erection was fading a bit. Crowds always had a dampening effect on his libido. Many other Sidhe thrived on group sex, but he’d never appreciated its appeal.

“Either tell us what you want right now,” Colleen moved toward him, cat still in her arms, “or leave. I’m going to count to three—”

“Maeve’s teeth, witch! We’re on the same side.”

“Generally speaking,” Jenna joined Colleen about three feet away from him, “that’s probably true, but the Sidhe have never helped us.”

Colleen quirked a brow. “No, they haven’t.” Her eyes narrowed. “And I have this prescient feeling that Sidhe-boy here is about to ask for a pretty big favor.”

“Sidhe-boy?” The dregs of his lust scattered; he crimped his hands into fists. “Show some respect.”

“You’re not respecting me,” Colleen said. “I’ve asked you to leave—twice. No, make that three times.” The not-a-cat finally twisted free. He skimmed over the distance to Duncan and buried his claws in his leg.

“Why you changeling bastard!” Duncan shook his leg. The thing didn’t even budge. He bent, curled his hands around the furred body, and tugged. The thing bit him. Anger flashed. Magic followed. The changeling howled and fell into a heap on the floor.

“Goddammit!” Colleen shrieked. “He was just trying to protect me. If you’ve killed him…”

“I didn’t. He’s only stunned.” Duncan rubbed his ankle, glanced at the puncture wounds on his hand, and directed healing magic to both places.

Colleen sprang forward and gathered the creature into her arms. Duncan felt her magic quest into its small body. She blew out an audible breath. Cradled against her, shrouded by her long hair, the changeling mewled softly.

Duncan shook his head. He’d hoped to be subtle, accommodating, encouraging, so the witch would at least hear him out with an open mind. The time for that was long past. “All right.” He spread his hands in front of him. The flesh wounds on the one were already nearly closed. “I’m here because we’ve had problems with Irichna demons—”

“Christ on a fucking crutch,” Jenna cut in. “Seems like they’re on everyone’s mind these days. We were just—”

Colleen rounded on her. “Shut up!”

“Oops. Sorry.” Jenna held out her arms for the changeling. “I’ll just take him and—”

“No.” Colleen’s voice was more like a growl. “You’ll stay right here.” She placed the changeling in the other witch’s arms and turned to face Duncan. “I know you’re Sidhe, but who are you?”

“Duncan Regis.” He held out a hand. She ignored it, so he let it drop to his side.

“Regis, Regis,” she mumbled, her eyes narrowed in thought. “Ruling class from somewhere in Scotland.”

He nodded, impressed. “Northern England, at the moment, but the border has moved around a bit over the years. I do lay claim to Scottish roots. I didn’t know witches studied our family lines.”

“Witches don’t, but I did.”

“Any particular reason?” He was almost sorry he’d asked. She had strong feelings about the Sidhe, and he was about to find out why.

The changeling yowled, obviously recovered from his semi-comatose state. Jenna cursed and set him down. “Damn it! He scratched me.”

Duncan thought about saying something cheery, like welcome to the club, but bit back the words.

Colleen rolled her eyes. “He wants to talk. There’ll be no peace until he shifts.” She flicked magic toward the creature winding itself between her booted feet. The air shimmered and a rather large gnome took form.

He rocked toward Duncan with a bow-legged gait that made him look like a drunken sailor; his open mouth displayed squared off teeth. “I’ll tell you why she knows about you.” The changeling drew himself to his full height of about three-and-a-half feet. “She came to the Old Country looking for help during the last demon war. You Sidhe were too high and mighty to get your hands dirty, so she had to settle for me.”

Colleen snickered. “Not exactly the way I might have described it, but close enough. Hey, Bubba! Get some clothes on.”

“Later,” the changeling snapped without looking at her.

“Which of us did you approach?” Duncan made the question casual. Whoever turned Colleen down had broken the covenant binding magic-wielders to come to one another’s aid in times of need. He wondered if she knew.

“Of course I do.” She sneered. “Your thoughts are as transparent as a child’s. Even Bubba here,” she pointed to the changeling, “does a better job masking his feelings when he puts his mind to it.”

“Thanks.” The changeling glowered at her before transferring his attention back to Duncan.

“What kind of name is Bubba?” Duncan linked to the changeling, and was surprised by the complexity of his thoughts. Maybe the witches had been a good influence.

“You didn’t have to just push your way in.” The changeling screwed up his seamed face in disgust, but didn’t draw back. “My true name is Niall Eoghan.”

“Clothes,” Colleen reminded him.

Bubba made a face at her, turned, and walked behind one of the display cases. When he emerged, he wore wide-bottomed green trousers and a black shirt.

“Irish.” Puzzle pieces clicked into place and Duncan transferred his attention back to Colleen. “You never did tell me who you’d asked for help. It appears they not only turned you down, but chased you across the Irish Sea.”

“We left voluntarily,” Jenna said.

Colleen’s lips twisted in distaste. Whatever she remembered apparently didn’t sit well. “We spoke with two Sidhe at Inverlochy Castle outside Inverness. They refused to give us their names, but said they were princes over your people. They heard us out and sent us packing. Gave us twenty-four hours to leave Scottish soil.”

“I was all for staying,” Jenna chimed in. “After all, we had passports.”

“Was it just the two of you?” Duncan asked.

“Roz was with us,” Colleen said.

Understanding washed through him. “Three. You brought three to maximize your power.”

Colleen’s full mouth split into a chilly smile. “We were under attack by the Irichna. Would you have done any less?”

“Probably not. So after we, that is, the Sidhe—”

“We worked fine,” Bubba said flatly. “Unless you’ve decided to renounce your heritage.”

Duncan traded pointed looks with the changeling. “Speaking of magic, you’re stronger than any changeling I’ve ever come across.”

“That’s because you’re used to our feeble Scottish cousins. They were stronger before you stripped their magic and diverted it for your own purposes.”

“Enough.” Colleen snapped her fingers. “Or I’ll change you back into a cat. We don’t need a history lesson just now.” She shook her hair back over her shoulders. The movement strained her sweater tighter across her breasts. Duncan dragged his gaze elsewhere.

“About the Irichna—” he began.

“We can’t help you,” Colleen said flatly.

“Why not? We’d pay you well.”

“It’s not a matter of money, although I’m not sure you could afford us.”

“We have an, um, previous engagement,” Jenna offered.

“Whoever it is, we need you more than they do.” He looked from one witch to the other.

Colleen dropped her gaze and rubbed the bridge of her nose between her thumb and index fingers. When she looked up, the skin around her eyes was pinched with worry. “I’m not sure it’s a matter of who needs whom more.” She speared him with her pale blue gaze. “Do the Sidhe know why the demons are so much more active here of late?”

He debated how much to tell her. Given her ability to burrow inside his head, it was unlikely he’d be able to hide much. If he told her everything, though, it might piss her off. Hell’s bells, it annoyed the crap out of him. “Not exactly.”

Her nostrils flared. “You can do better than that. If you can’t, the door is behind you.” She folded her arms beneath her breasts. “Talk now or leave now. It’s all the same to me.”

About the Author:


Ann Gimpel is a mountaineer at heart. Recently retired from a long career as a psychologist, she remembers many hours at her desk where her body may have been stuck inside four walls, but her soul was planning yet one more trip to the backcountry. Around the turn of the last century (that would be 2000, not 1900!), she managed to finagle moving to the Eastern Sierra, a mecca for those in love with the mountains. It was during long backcountry treks that Ann’s writing evolved. Unlike some who see the backcountry as an excuse to drag friends and relatives along, Ann prefers solitude. Stories always ran around in her head on those journeys, sometimes as a hedge against abject terror when challenging conditions made her fear for her life, sometimes for company. Eventually, she returned from a trip and sat down at the computer. Three months later, a five hundred page novel emerged. Oh, it wasn’t very good, but it was a beginning. And, she learned a lot between writing that novel and its sequel.

Around that time, a friend of hers suggested she try her hand at short stories. It didn’t take long before that first story found its way into print and they’ve been accepted pretty regularly since then. One of Ann’s passions has always been ecology, so her tales often have a green twist.

In addition to writing, Ann enjoys wilderness photography. She lugs pounds of camera equipment in her backpack to distant locales every year. A standing joke is that over ten percent of her pack weight is camera gear which means someone else has to carry the food! That someone is her husband. They’ve shared a life together for a very long time. Children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out their family.





@AnnGimpel (for Twitter)

My Review:

Ok, so this is a very interesting story of not only how witches were created but how they work and function, and that there are different types. Back in the day, there were all different kind of supernatural creatures, including witches and Sidhe, among other things, but let’s just say that the Sidhe decided to throw the witches under the bus so they didn’t have to get their hands dirty. And this story shows you just how rough it has gotten. one Sidhe meets some witches and some big changes come about 🙂 

Let’s start with our witches, Colleen specifically. Colleen is a demon stalker witch, and this means she literally catches bad demons and carts them back to hell.  She’s strong willed, she’s determined, brave, and quite bad ass in my opinion. Plus she has the coolest Changeling familiar, named Bubba. That’s just SO COOL!!! She may not have a whole lot of big magic, but her magic is still something to be nervous about AND she has her demon carting powers and fighting skills and that alone scares me. And when she meets Duncan, she’s furious with him and his kind, but he also grows on her as he continues to stand by her side. And with Roz and Jenna being the only other two demon stalking witches left, their kind is very important and she’s very protective of them! 

Duncan is just damn pretty LOL He is. He’s powerful and he’s a Sidhe royal, but he’s willing to give it up to help Colleen and her sisters, but mainly Colleen. I think his character grows the most, because he started out being annoyed having to answer questions, you know normal ones like “who are you” and “why are you here”. He’s never been turned down or questions, or not revered even, so him being at the bottom of the totem pole was a whole new kind of reality for him. Plus, he’s got some serious feelings for Colleen and you know what they say, Love makes you do stupid things 🙂 

Overall, I loved the story, because it’s not just a great plot, or wonderful characters, but the history that these characters were built on was fascinating. There’s a whole fresh look at how supernaturals came to be and what they were made for. And the plot is excellent. The side characters were wonderful. Wait til you meet Bubba, Roz, and Jenna. And there’s something cool about the good guys winning, even if it means they have to keep going into battle, the demons need to not be baddies LOL so 5 WITCHY GOOD PAWS from me 🙂 

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I wanna thank the author and Bewitching book tours for giving me good books and excellent things to give away to you guys! I hope you check this one out, or this author and her many many great books! Happy reading and later gators!!