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Of course, when there’s werewolves involved,  I just must. First, before I say anything, I want to have a big shout out to Heather Hildenbrand, who send this lovely author my way, and I swear in her email, she said werewolves, and before I could even read anything else I replied YES!! My little stalkee’s werewolves are awesome, and if she’s backing this story, well then I’m crazy to pass on it, so THANK YOU HEATHER!!! Second, to Ms. Winter, we cannot be friends if you don’t acknowledge Alex with Wes… Except Alex is mine, you can totally fight for Wes if you want to LOL 🙂 Ok, now, on to the goodies for you guys! 🙂 

Nature’s  Destiny (Nature’s  Destiny #1)


My  life  was  changing,  morphing  into  something  greater  than  I  could  have  anticipated.  I  was becoming  something  I  didn’t  recognise  as  myself  anymore.  A  Werewolf.
I  was  different.
‘Hybrid’  was  what  they  called  me,  and  the  weight  that  rested  against  that  one  word  was crippling.  They  depended  on  me  to  bring  them  safety.  What  made  me  so  special?
Oh,  that’s  right.  My  destiny.
I  was  sucked  into  a  world  I’d  had  no  idea  existed.  Twenty-one  years  as  a  human,  and  this was  what  I  found  out.
My  travelling  plans,  my  writing  degree,  all  of  it  was  gone  within  one  night.  One  evil  night that  robbed  my  humanity.
I  wasn’t  completely  sour.  Life  had  been  unfair  a  while  ago,  only  now  I’d  had  something worth  fighting  for  besides  myself.  Something  to  live  for.
I  was  afraid  for  the  others.  I  couldn’t  let  them  down.  I  wouldn’t  let  them  down.
I’d  gone  to  bed  a  human  and  woken  up  a  Werewolf.
A  special  Werewolf.
A  Hybrid.

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My Review:

So my fascination with werewolves just continues.  And this book is an excellent addition to my obsession! This is the story of a normal girl, who got bitten, we think on accident at first, and it was such an occurrence that she really didn’t grasp what was going on until she could see it for herself. She thinks she’s going crazy, she’s trying to figure out why things are happening the way they are, and how she can save herself and her new packmates. And there’s one thing I actually really grasped, that a lot of authors don’t do. When someone has some supernatural thing happen to them that they have to hide, usually they just go into hiding. But with Luna, she was planning on travelling the world, so she literally wrapped up her life. She had already had a last day at work, she told her best friend goodbye for now, she included her parents in her going away. So when she dropped off the grid, it didn’t send the world into panic and amber alerts. I swear that was brilliant. I also swear that if I did that, half my family, the cops, my boss, would hunt me down and beat me up for doing just that, so I must say, way to NOT have a single plot hole! 🙂 HA, ok back to the moment! 

Luna is finishing up her college degree, though being from across the pond, they call it Uni… Yeah, we damn Americans call it school LOL Giggle. She’s very smart, she’s very responsible, she’s very neat and tidy and in line. And then she gets bitten. She misses almost a whole day of school right before big exams, she’s seeing things, she’s hearing things, she’s SMELLING things. She’s flustered. It’s kinda funny, but not, cuz I would pee myself if this happened. And overall, she’s strong. She’s coming to terms with things, she’s learning about Riley’s and his pack, and what that all entails. She’s brave, and she also figures out, she’s loyal too. She’s got a big heart, and she loves food, so she could be my bestie! She’s had an interesting childhood, and some rough patches, but she is growing and coming to terms with things and she’s quite a likable character. She’s also got one HAWT werewolf after her 🙂 It’s also quite nice to see a girl make the boy work for it! LOL And the relationship she developed with Riley’s sisters and Roxy have such an endearing quality. 

Riley is a HAWT piece. Seriously. He’s alpha, but he’s also young, like when he laughs at her for falling. So not manly 🙂 But he’s very loyal and caring, and he can be quite the gentleman. He’s also quite smart, and of course, over protective, but he’s also quite free for being an alpha. He has a tree house for goodness sakes. ummm, I wanna go to that tree house, by the way! And now, he’s going to help Luna, and help the pack, and try to make sure everyone makes it out alive and unharmed with this new threat coming to pass. There are also some great other wolves that come into play with Riley, and I look forward to seeing more of the pack as this series grows! 
The writing is great. It flows well, it made for an easy quick read, and like I said, the writer thought about things that most don’t, like covering your tracks when you go wolfy. 🙂 It’s also got action, suspense, humor-there’s some fnny werewolves around in here- and a great romance that will have you steaming. 😉 And I seriously cannot wait to see where the author is going to go with her ending. You just KNOW something crazy is going to come from this, and no worries kids, there’s no big cliff hanger, just a perfect opening to the mystery that will continue. It’s perfect. AND it’s got a nice little wrap up. Which means I am of course going to stalk this author until she gives me more goodies! I am so excited to have this one, and I am even more excited to know there will be MORE! GIMME GIMME! 🙂 a PERFECT 5 WOLFY PAWS 🙂 
paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main
Guest Post: 

When  I  started  writing  this  book  I  mostly  used  YouTube  to  find  my  songs.  I  can’t  even  begin  to  tell  you  how  frustrated  I  often  got  after  one  song  ended  and  then  I’d  search  for  hours  for  another.  Now  I  use  Spotify,  and  it’s   been  the  best  transition  ever!  Usually  when  I  write,  I’ll  have  some  instrumental  music  (often  piano)  playing  to  help  me  get  into  the  ‘zone’,  but   there’ve  been  plenty  of songs  that  have  guided  me  along  with  Nature’s  Destiny’s  journey.  Also,  you  can  follow  me  on  Spotify  to  see  what  I’m  listening  to  whilst  writing  the  sequel! 

Imagine  Dragons  –  Demons
This  song  actually  became  the  foundations  whilst  I  built  the storyline.  It’s  where  the  idea  flourished,  especially  the  series  as  a  whole.  The  lyrics  “When  you  feel  my  heat,  look  into  my  eyes,  it’s  where  my  demons  hide,”  captivated  so  much  of  my  attention.  There  are  so  many characters  that  can  refer  to  this,  but  I  initially  chose  it  for  Riley.  This  song  will  definitely repeat  in  future  playlists,  these  lyrics  especially  “Don’t  wanna  let  you  down,  but  I  am  hell bound…”  will  have  some  relation  to  Luna’s  destiny.  What  that  is,  you’ll  have  to  read  the novel  to  find  out!

Carrie  Underwood  –  Sometimes  You  Leave

I  loved  this  song  because  it  clarified  Luna’s  past,  for  me,  perfectly.  It  fit  with  how  someone could  have  such  an  impact  on  your  life,  that  it  becomes  a  path  to  your  future.  The  lyrics,  “All  this  time  I’ve  spent  staring  at  the  door,  I  never  had  the  strength…”  That  small  phrase  felt  like  Luna’s  entrapment,  how  her  fears  manifested  inside  her  to  keep  her  away  from  the  world  before  she  had  help.  Also,  this  song  is  reminiscent  of  her  overcoming  her  issues,  “But now  I’m  done.”  It’s  such  a  beautiful  song.

Bon  Jovi  –  Have  A  Little  Faith  In  Me
This  song  calls  to  Luna,  for  her  to  trust  Riley  and  to  see  how  different  he  is  from  what  she’s  known  in  her  past.  “I  will  catch,  I  will  catch  your  fall,  just  have  a  little  faith  in  me.”

Skillet  –  Hero
Though  the  lyrics  claim  about  not  being  a  superhuman,  and  in  this  case  my  characters  are, the  overall  feel  for  the  song  still  stands  the  same.  They  need  a  hero,  but  who  will  it  be?

Carrie  Underwood  –  Look  At  Me
Actually,  the  lyrics  in  this  song  are  pretty  self-explanatory.  It’s  how  Luna  feels  for  Riley.

Chopin  –  Raindrops
This  classical  piano  piece  is  so  beautifully  moving  that  to  add  it  into  a  written  scene  it  enhances  its  authenticity.  It  captivates  emotions  so  cleanly  that  when  I  wrote  it  into  Luna’s  mood  I  knew  the  music  would  speak  for  me.  When  you  find  it,  I  hope  you  see  what  I  mean.

Skillet  –  Fire  and  Fury–VE
This  song  I  refer  to  as  Nature’s  Destiny’s  theme  tune.  You  know,  the  one  where  it  sums  it  all  up?  When  I  first  heard  it  I  felt  like  it  was  made  specifically  for  me.  (I  know  it  wasn’t.)  It’s  everything  Luna  feels  and  needs.  “You  can  stop  the  aching,  ‘cause  you’re  the  one  I  need,”  is  how  she  needs  Riley  in  her  life.  How  he  is  the one  that  calms  her. 

That’s  my  condensed  playlist,  and  I’m  curious.  What  would  you  pick?

Maghon has two theme songs that just kind of fit, since you have lovely taste with Skillet! 🙂 I am choosing Shinedown’s Amaryllis and I’ll Follow You and I’m also choosing their stripped versions because Luna blooms beautifully once she finds Riley, and then I think Riley and Luna would do anything for each other 🙂 So, here’s my video choices. I have TONS more, but for today, the author’s choices are AWESOME so I’ll leave it at that 🙂

Author Bio:

 Author photo

I’ve  always  lived  a  life  based  on  my  imagination,  from  hopeless  dreams  of  romance  to  concocting  alternate  realities  involving  supernaturals.  I’m  completely  fascinated  with  anything  hero-related,  and  often  speculate  which  superpower  I’d  possess.  I  haven’t  settled  on  one  yet.

I  was  born  in   England,  and  currently  reside  in  Wales,  UK.  I  love  to  write,  and  most  days  you’ll  find  me  happily  tapping  away  at  the  computer  whilst  in  my  pyjama-clad  bubble.  I  also  spend  my  time  reading,  and  if  that  isn’t  enough  I’m  often  in  the  kitchen  baking  up  a  treat.

Author Links:

Giveaway Prize
So this is a little tour wide giveaway! Make up, nail polish, a wolf charm and a gift card, from the author! You can click on the picture to take you to the giveaway OR YOU CAN ENTER HERE! 🙂 I recommend using the gift card to buy this book LOL 🙂 
** I am also going to offer ONE winner a ecopy of the book because I loved it. I would like to know what song you would think we should have added to our play list 🙂 I know that most of you haven’t read this book as it’s new, but with what you’ve heard so far, give me an opinion in the comments to enter! OOOH so two giveaways today! 🙂 **
I need to give the author a very big thank you!!! Thank you for letting me participate, and thank you for letting me read your book! Please please let me know when I can have more! 🙂 LOL 
Thanks to you guys too, for hanging out with us, and checking out cool new books! I wish you guys good luck on the giveaway!! As always, Happy reading and Later Gators!! 

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Maghon! It’s been such a delight! Mwah! ❤

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  4. […] BOOK ONE is Fantastic and if you wanna see how much I loved it, click HERE!! […]

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