Pantheon by Josh Strnad Review!!



Not even gods can change the past, but the world’s future is fair game.Lamont Price is afraid. A loner by choice, his life is defined by running—from relationships, from the law, and from his own guilty conscience. Once a boy who dreamed of adventure, he now wishes for nothing more than to slide through life unnoticed.

Emma Sutter is also on the run, leaving behind a painful past of abuse and neglect and stepping boldly toward a future of wonder and possibility. Independent and strong-willed, she’s searching for a fresh start and the loving acceptance she hasn’t known since girlhood.

When the gods, disguised as mortals in the windswept town of Pantheon, call Lamont and Emma together, neither seems a likely choice for a hero. Destiny, however, does not always work out the way one expects. With the fate of the universe at stake, these two must stand against a Legion of evil, battling their own demons in the process—But first they’ll need to see past themselves and discover the power within their reach.

My Review
I kinda wanna giggle, because what I’m about to say may seem weird, but it works. So think Wild Wild West meets Hercules. LOL Yeah, it’s kinda western, with Greek myths wrapped in. It actually was really cool and a very unique concept. And that came to being fun and interesting for me. 
So, Lamont and Emma are out main people. Lamont is in trouble with the law, and Emma doesn’t wanna be a prostitute anymore. Somehow, these two have come together, and then are thrown into chaos by the Gods to keep everyone else alive. And with those Gods, it’s a little reversal that has some very intriguing twists that I really wasn’t expecting. These are both people with trouble pasts and present, and they have some troubles but it became a story that you just wanted to cheer them on and make things work out for them, just this once. It’s not what I expected, for them to be saviors, but this unlikely pair had me on my seat’s edge rooting for them! 
The world building is pretty great, and the character are very well written.  You don’t learn what Emma and Lamont’s troubles are right away, so you learn to love them and fear with them, before you even know the whole story. And the way the Gods can mix with humans in a western town is just crazy, but cool. There are some happy times, and some damn scary times. Things get really nasty when a God tells you to do something, even if it means life or death, not just for you, but the world. It’s such a unique, and really interesting storyline.  It’s definitely not something close to anything I’ve read before, and that gets an A+ in my book for thinking out of the box. I enjoyed this one. Alot. And I’m also trying really hard not to spoil too many things for you before you read the book yourself. 🙂 4.5 SHOCKING, INSPIRING, FANTASTIC PAWS!! 
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About the Author
Josh Strnad
Josh Strnad has possessed a deep love of books since he was just a wee lad. When not guzzling down hot tea and typing stories on his old computer, he also dabbles in film making, writing music, and drawing cartoons. Josh lives in small-town North Carolina with his family and two incorrigibly goofy golden retrievers.
Thanks Mr Josh for letting me read and share your book! I hope we can do it again! And I hope you guys all check him out! Happy reading and later gators!! 

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