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Now on Tour Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! By Janis Hill

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My!

Other World Series

Book One

Janis Hill

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Hague Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9872652-7-2

Word Count: 90,000

Cover Artist: Jade Zivanovic

Book Description:

Too late to save her sister’s life, Stephanie Anders must now try to save her soul from the vampire who has possessed her, Branwyre, eighteenth vampire Lord of the Aegean.

With only the aid of the ghost of a pissed-off Buddhist monk with a potty mouth and the modern day Priestess of Isis, Stephanie must take on demons and other denizens of a world she knows nothing about if she is to succeed in banishing Branwyre.

But even more difficult than that, she must learn how to forgive her sister Estella for what she did to her if she is to have even half a chance of saving her soul. Welcome to a world within our own – the Other World.

Book Trailer:

Available at Hague Publishing

Extract from Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! by Janis Hill 

Chapter 5

Estella had the grace and timing to wake up just after I’d hauled her dead weight, literally, into the chair and balanced it there long enough the grab the rope.

“By the Light of Isis, what do you think you’re doing?” Her tone was nearly petulant enough to be the old Estella asking me, not the new peace-and-love one.

“Following your High Priestess’ instructions.” I grunted while tying her hands behind her back as best I could, before continuing to wrap the rope around her and the chair.

“But why are you tying me to a chair now?” she asked, aghast to realise just how tight I had done it. “Branwyre can’t take over until night time. We’ve got at least another hour.”

Ignoring her question for a moment, I snatched her right foot and tied it to the corresponding chair leg. Then, ignoring the attempted kick, did the same to her left one.

“Roxanna clearly states in her instructions here to gather the required items, purify them and set it all up, you included.” I waved the note at her before continuing to wrap her legs, backside and chair in the rope. Yeah, I’d gotten a decent amount. Who says two for one sales are a waste of time? “Nowhere in her instructions does it say we should stop for coffee and a chat. When I’ve got as much of it ready as I can before moonrise, I can actually have a rest. You know, something even we non-undead need to do from time to time.”

She went to protest, I even paused to watch the show I felt she was about to perform, but other than gaping a few times like a stunned fish, she stayed quiet. Wow, this Light of Isis was amazing if it could prevent the Queen of Whinge from speaking.

“Fine then,” she finally managed, a slight sulky tone to her voice. “But how am I meant to eat dinner?”

I sighed; I hadn’t honestly thought of that, going along the lines that she was dead. Yes she was an animated corpse right now, but dead was dead. You shouldn’t have to provide meals for them.

“Nowhere in my instructions does it say I have to feed you.” I muttered. Then feeling I should relent a little as she’d found it within herself to be nicer. “But how about I order pizza, and you eat it cold later. Surely even the Light of Isis can’t have cured you of your cold pizza habits.”

She sighed, but said no more for a moment. Didn’t even pout, which surprised me even more than the silence.

“I do wish you’d be more respectful of Isis and her purifying Light,” is all she eventually said as I was adding a few more knots to the back of the chair.

“Uh-huh.” I was more interested in making sure I’d done a good job, than listen to a lecture on appropriate religious respect. Especially from someone who in the past hadn’t held any respect for anyone or anything.

“And no dinner is fine; I don’t seem to have the need to eat that often anymore.” She continued, trying to watch me over her shoulder. “I won’t have you dissing cold pizza though.”

“Sure!” I said, standing back and wiping sweat from my brow and then my hands on my dress. I remembered I was still in one of my best ‘sombre but not kinky’ little black dresses, not having had a chance to change. So Roxanna’s wodge of cash was buying me a few clothes tomorrow, too. Why not! If I wasn’t allowed to go home until this was all over, she owed me at least a pair of jeans and clean underwear. I checked the instructions again. Okay, so all items purified, sister roped tightly into chair. Salt time! Boy I hoped the motel’s maid service wouldn’t be too pissed at me, or at least wouldn’t notice until after we’d left.

My Review

This one is a very interesting new take on vampires, and the troubles they cause. As well as, ridiculous family members and the lengths you will go for them 🙂 And on the side, it’s not just paranormal people hunting down vampires, think old school dracula, where normal, religious people use their beliefs and their will to fight the evil. The case here it the Goddess Isis, her followers, rid the world of vampires, but not the lovely Edward Cullen- no I don’t like him- or my fav Jean Claude-from Anita Blake- this is a disease and parasite that becomes a complete killing machine. Very intriguing about my love/hate relationship with vampers right 🙂

Stephanie starts the story on her way to bury her sister, who has been a bad new, pain in the @$$, bratty little sister. She comes off a little cold at first because she is relieved that her sister died, until you realize all the bad things her sister really did. LOL And then she meets the church people, and poof, her sister is dead, but not, and is attached to a very old, very evil vampire, and she needs to help rescue that bad sister all over again. It’s hilarious, all the things Stephanie says in her head while the priestess is explaining all of this to her. Stephanie has a fantastic sarcastic side, and she’s not as cold as she wants to seem.

Estella, the baby sister in rescue, Trishna, the over the top funny ghost of a monk who follows them, and of course the Mr Brandwyre, are our secondary characters, and with Stephanie, they made the story. The ridiculously hilarious curses that flew from their mouths, and the things they did, it made the story so awesome. Estella even gets to redeem herself to Stephanie, and the bad guy well, he’s still a bad guy so I won’t tell you 🙂

The writing flows well, and major props for finding some fresh creativity to go around vampires and the religious part, I thought would bother me, made it more interesting. I am definitely gunna watch out for book two, as this one was so much fun! 4.5 PAWS!!

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About the Author:

Janis grew up in and around Darwin, Australia, and its rural surrounds. As a child, she spent a lot of time around ‘science geeks’ at the Darwin University, where her father was a lecturer for many years. It took her a long time to realise that not everyone got to grow up like that or could relate to all the Science Labs scenes in the old Dr Who.

Janis now lives in the Adelaide Hills with her husband and 3 children, lovingly referred to as the ‘Demonic Hordes’. She is a semi-retired ICT Support Officer who, when not writing, takes pride in her work as a Haus Frau while dabbling in the art of translating century old cookery books into modern recipes to experiment on her family with.

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5 ebook copies of Isis, Vampires and Ghosts – Oh My! and signed business size book cards

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Good Luck everyone!! I hope you guys check this one out 🙂 Happy reading and alter gators!! 

Hollowntown Blog Tour w Giveaway!!

Hollownton Homicide by Gretchen S. B.

Hollownton Homicide

Anthony Hollownton

Book 1

Gretchen S. B.

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Mystery

ISBN: 978-1495499463


Number of pages: 258

Word Count: 82,628

Cover Artist: Talina Perkins

Book Description:

Homicide detective Anthony Hollownton thought he had seen it all until he and his partner, Rick Nelson, are called to a murder scene unlike any Tony has come across. There are no witnesses and none of the neighbors heard a thing.

Once Tony starts to investigate the facts of the case become stranger and stranger.

As the body count rises Tony is drawn into a world he did not know existed.

Starting with a visit from a dead woman from his past.

He must decide whether the paranormal truly exists or if these killing are some kind of delusional gang war.


Anthony swung up in bed. What had woken him? Had his alarm gone off? There was a ringing noise. He turned to his left and made a grab for the phone next to his bed.

“Anthony Hollownton.”

That was as polite as they were getting for the middle of the night. If they had a problem with that they could deal with it. He looked at his alarm clock, five am. That meant barely more than two hours of sleep. Why would someone call him at five am?

There was a pause on the other end.

“Hello.” He repeated. He felt himself freeze.

He could hear talking on the other end. He silently pleaded that it wasn’t the same woman from earlier. He was just frustrated enough to trace the call and chew her out. He heard a male voice come on to the other end and Anthony exhaled, forcing his muscles to relax one by one. He had to get sleep; he was jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

“Hey Tony, sorry to call so early man, but I gotta ask you a question.” It was his partner. The tone in the man’s voice sounded serious but genuinely upset about saying whatever it was he was about to say.

Tony felt himself tense again, what if something was wrong with Amanda or the baby?        “What is it Rick?” Tony tried to sound neutral.

When he heard his partner sigh he relaxed again feeling more tired than before.

“Look man, I don’t believe it but Amanda asked me to so I’m doing it.”

Tony screamed in his head. He wanted to get back to sleep. “Get to the point Nelson. I want to go back to bed.”

The use of the last name was usually reserved for when they were working. It showed Rick he meant business and told him to get to the point.

“As you know the land line is on Amanda’s side of the bed and she has picked up three phone calls since we went to bed she says it was a woman who laughs and hangs up. After the third time Amanda called *69 and the number is yours, your land line anyway. I wasn’t sure at first since you don’t really use it. But when I double checked in my cell, the numbers matched. I told her it was crazy, since you never have women over. I told her that outside of her and other cops you don’t even know any women, no offence, but she’s making me call anyway to make sure.”

Tony’s jaw dropped. Now he was wide-awake. He must have been silent too long because his partner’s voice came on with a worried tone.

“Hey Tony, you still there?”

Tony flicked on his bedroom light and scanned the room, empty. “Yeah man, I’m here, just shocked. I don’t have anyone here and I’ve been asleep. You know it could be some prank caller who knows how to reroute numbers or something.”

Tony debated telling his partner about the call at work but quickly dismissed it. With a wife and a four-month-old daughter Rick had enough on his plate.

“Yeah, I figured as much. I was just calling to make sure. Sorry for waking you up man. I hope you can get back to sleep.”

Tony nodded. So did he. “Yeah, good night Rick.”

He heard his partner say something to his wife. “Good night Tony, See you tomorrow, I mean today.”

As he hung up the phone Tony looked about his room. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Against the wall at the foot of his bed was his 42′ TV. To the left of the bed was the closet, which was still open from when he put away his work clothes, no one was in there. To the right of the TV was the door out into the rest of the apartment, still closed. Everything on the nightstand was still where he left it. Turning, he looked at the window above the bed, still locked. He turned back reaching into the top drawer of his nightstand and pulled out his gun and got out of bed. If there was anyone in his apartment he was going to find them.

 My Review

Such an interesting story! You know, crimes go unsolved everyday and what if one say you found out that paranormal reasons were behind that. Well, Anthony aka Tony, is a homicide detective. He’s a good cop but he’s pretty rational. Until horrible, weird murders start happening and he starts seeing things he can’t explain. And dreaming of people he thinks are dead but know things. It’s definitely intriguing in the mystery department with a little paranormal to spice it up!!

I like Tony. He’s your everyday overworked detective. He’s got routines and he takes his job seriously. But then, after a really gruesome crime scene, he starts seeing creatures and dreaming of his friend from high school who’s supposed to be dead. And people around him start acting weird. It’s up to him to not only solve the murders but to unravel the paranormal mystery surrounding it and himself.

The writing flows so well, and I think the cop duties felt real. It’s like a ride along except scary lol. It’s also modern because paranormal isn’t supposed to exist. And I loved all the mystery. It keeps you on your toes and makes for suspense to keep you reading. Curiosity killed the kitty but you just have to know what’s gunna happen! Plus the supernatural part of this book is awesome and unique. I am specifically not saying anything because I liked finding out gradually about things. I hope there’s more from this book, I’d love to read it, maybe a follow up!! 🙂 4.5 PAWS!!

paw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw mainpaw main

Author Guest Post

Hello Everyone,

For my guest post today I wanted to give you a deleted scene from my latest book Hollownton Homicide. This book was originally part of a dream sequence toward the beginning or the book. When I rewrote the story earlier this year so it could be published I cut this part of Tony’s dream because ultimately, it just did not fit with the flow of the scene or the new direction of the story. It is from an early version so please excuse the editing mistakes.


“You feel wrong Tony, may I check something?”

Tony knew his face held his confusion, but he knew better than to doubt Chris’s intuition. It has come in handy many times in high school. He nodded.

She gave him a small smile but he could see the worry in her eyes. “Now I’m not getting fresh Two-tone.”

Right after she said it she closed her eyes and her right hand came up to the side of his face. Her long fingers slid upward until they were buried in his hair and her thumb was above his ear.  He closed his eyes as well. Even if she hadn’t warned him he would not have thought Chris was hitting on him. There was simply a different emotion behind her touch. Then he noticed it, her hand was warm, not just warm but at young Chris’s warmer than most body temperature.       Before he could say anything he felt her in his head. It was one of the strangest things he’d ever felt. Her presence moved from her own body to his. As he started to panic he heard her voice waft though his mind.

Relax Tony, I need you to relax, you know I would never hurt you.

Tony forced himself to relax she was right. It was after all just a dream. Then he saw her, or what he thought was her. A light green glow came from where her hand rested on his head. Then he heard her again but he knew she wasn’t speaking to him.

And what do you think you’re doing?

The light covered his mind like a blanket, warm and comforting. Tony knew in that second Chris could kill him from inside out if she wanted to. That knowledge didn’t scare him instead he saw her in a new light, he had underestimated her.

“Okay Two-tone I want you to open you eyes.”

Tony did as instructed and was startled to see that beyond Christina on the far side of the wall was a huge full-length mirror. He could see most of himself from behind Chris’s body. He must have jumped because he heard her chuckle. Tony glanced at her but her eyes were still closed.

“Okay Two-tone look in the mirror closely and tell me what you see.” Her tone was that of a patient teacher.

Tony felt himself smile as he looked back at the mirror. At first he just saw them.

Look closer Tony.

At her urging he took a deep breath and then looked in to the mirror at the details. He could see the slight curve of her back that showed she was leaning into him. He could see her body moving ever so slightly as she breathed. He was just about to question that when he saw it. The green glow he had seen in his head bloomed like a flower to encompass her. It grew faint as it moved across her back, it soon haloed her body. Tony began to shift to see if he could see her green-lit outline without the mirror. He felt her nails gently caress his scalp while the palm stayed still.

“Tony keep your eyes on the mirror you need to watch this.”

Tony wanted to protest but looked back at the mirror. His gaze followed up her arm until he was watching where it vanished in his thick hair. The green light was strongest here and had spread to outline part of his head. The light was pulsing, he would not have noticed it if he wasn’t looking directly at it. The green light seemed thicker above where her hand lay. Concentrating on that one spot Tony soon saw why.

There was a black spot covering the side of his head. It wasn’t like the green light surrounding Chris; this spot seemed to be stuck to him like tar where the green light was of Christina. He watched in silence as the soft green light chipped the black spot from Tony, the entire time Tony could still feel the warm comfort of that green glow.

About the Author:

Gretchen happily lives in Seattle, Washington where she spends her time creating new characters and situations to put them in. She also enjoys cheering on her local sports teams, even though it sometimes seems they are allergic to winning (Except the Super Bowl!).

She graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in History and a BA in Philosophy. She loves that Washington provides a large range of activities, from Shakespeare in the park to rodeos. At the end of her adventures she unwinds by curling up on the couch, knitting while catching up TV shows via Netflix.


2 ebook copies Hollownton Homicide by Gretchen S. B.via Smashwords coupon. Click the rafflecopter code below 🙂

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I wanna thank the author and Bewitching Book Tours for always giving me goodies! Ms Gretchen, I hope you have more to come from your werewolves book soon!! And thank you for that wonderful deleted scene! It’s pretty awesome 🙂  GOOD LUCK everyone! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Happy reading and later gators!

Happy Book Birthday Unbreakable!!



He isn’t everything he says he is. He’s even more…Who is Chase Tallman, the newest member of Shadow Falls? What made him into the sexy, mysterious vampire he is today? And what led him to Della Tsang?

Step back in time and unearth the secrets that haunt him. The secret of how he became a vampire—and how he knows so much about being reborn. Secrets about his first love, his family–and what steers him toward Della, the beautiful, complicated girl he just can’t seem to stay away from. The one who makes him want things he thought he’d given up on long ago.

It all began with a research study, a palm reader, and a plane crash that sent him on a quest…for a love that’s unbreakable.  Barnes & Noble  iBooks   Kobo


My Review
I love this!! You get a look at the mysterious Chase! I loved the Shadow Falls series and this new spin off is just as awesome!! You not only get this story from Chase’s POV but you get to understand why he is who he is. His past is a major part of him and his decisions so I loved it! And my only complaint- I wish it were longer!! LOL!! Excellently done 🙂 5 PAWS!

paw main

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C.C. Hunter

C.C. Hunter


C.C. Hunter grew up in Alabama, where she caught lightning bugs, ran barefoot, and regularly rescued potential princes, in the form of Alabama bullfrogs, from her brothers. Today, she’s still fascinated with lightning bugs, mostly wears shoes, but has turned her focus to rescuing mammals. She now lives in Texas with her four rescued cats, one dog, and a prince of a husband, who for the record, is so not a frog. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, spending time with her family, or is shooting things-with a camera, not a gun.C.C. Hunter is a pseudonym. Her real name is Christie Craig and she also writes humorous romantic suspense romance novels for Grand Central.

C.C. would love to hear from you. Because of deadlines, it may take her a day or so to get back with you, but she will reply.

Books by CC Hunter

Shadow Falls Series

born at midnight
Born at Midnight
awake at dawn

Saved At Sunrise

Shadow Falls: After Dark

shadow falls the beginning


AVAILABLE Sept. 30, 2014!

Unbreakable  Shadow Falls: After Dark Novella

AVAILABLE October 30, 2014!

shadow falls eternal
Eternal  Shadow Falls: After Dark (Book 2)

Happy reading and Later Gators!!

All Things Pretty Release Day Blitz w giveaway!

ATP RDL Banner

We are so stoked to bring you the Release Day Launch for M. Leighton’s ALL THINGS PRETTY! ALL THINGS PRETTY is a Contemporary Adult Romance and the third novel in M. Leighton’s Pretty Series. Sig’s book is here!

All Things Pretty

Amazon ** Barnes & Noble ** iBooks ** Kobo


Her lips are still curved when she turns her attention back to me. Something about the moment hits me like a punch to the gut. I think for a second that I could stand here and stare at her, just enjoy her smile and her happiness for hours. Days, maybe. But I can’t. We can’t. So, instead, I brush a clump of mud from the end of her nose. “Have fun?”

“I did. Thank you. This was so good for him.”

“And you.”

“And me,” she concedes.

“You can be the real you around me anytime. I won’t tell a soul.”

“So you prefer this?”

“Oh, hell yeah! I don’t need glamorous. Or proper.”

“I’m not proper.”

“You forget that I heard your…expressiveness that day on the side of the road. And it didn’t consist of ‘darn’ or ‘golly gee’. But I haven’t heard anything like that come out of your mouth since then.”

“Ladies aren’t supposed to talk that way, according to Lance.”

“I don’t want a lady. I want a woman. One who knows her own mind. One who wears what she’s comfortable in, one who says what she’s thinking.” I take a step closer. I can’t help myself. Her scent draws me in. Even covered in mud, she smells like sexy sunshine. “I want the woman who kisses like she’s on fire and makes me feel like I’m the only one who can put her out.”

“Sig,” she begins.

I break in to cut her off. I know her objections. And I know how much I don’t want to hear them. “I’m just being honest. I’m not even touching you.”

Her eyes are glued to mine, a damn near irresistible gravity pulling us together. “It’s not like you can anyway. I mean, we’re in public. With my little brother. What could you possibly touch?”

I reach down and smear my hand in mud. With her eyes locked on mine, I reach between us and flatten my palm on her chest, right over her heart. “This. I’d touch this.”


Pretending to be something they’re not, afraid to trust anyone completely, destined to tear each other apart– this is the story of unlikely love and unbearable consequences.

Sig Locke is a cop. He was raised by a cop and all his brothers are cops. He bleeds blue, believes in right and wrong, and sees in black and white, never in shades of gray.

But that was before he met Tommi.

Tommi, with her long legs and bright green eyes, she captured Sig’s interest from the moment he saw her. Even after he discovered who she was–the girlfriend of a drug dealer, the beauty behind a criminal–he still found her utterly irresistible. What Sig doesn’t know, however, is that she has a secret even a cop can’t uncover.

Tommi Lawrence hasn’t had an easy life, and it only got more complicated the day she met Sig. She learned long ago that she can’t trust anyone. Her gut tells her that Sig is no exception, her heart tells her that he is. But that was before she found out his real identity.

Can love be forged in a fire of lies? Or will the truth destroy them both?

Author PhotoM. Leighton Bio:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton, is a native of Ohio. She relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she can be near the water all summer and miss the snow all winter. Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, M. Leighton finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions: literary fiction. Having written over a dozen novels, these days M. Leighton enjoys letting her mind wander to more romantic settings with sexy Southern guys, much like the one she married and the ones you’ll find in her latest books. When her thoughts aren’t roaming in that direction, she’ll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.

A note from M. Leighton: I love coffee and chocolate, even more so when they are combined. I’m convinced that one day they could be the basis for world peace. I also love the color red and am seriously considering dying my hair.

Twitter | Author Goodreads | Website | ALL THINGS PRETTYGoodreads | Facebook

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Entangled Teen’s Release Day Blitz!

October is almost here which means the haunting season is upon us. Why not dig into these two new paranormal reads from Entangled Teen to get into the mood.

A new companion novel to Alison Kemper’s Donna of the Dead
(Both titles can be read as standalones and involve completely separate characters)
About the book: 
The end of the world just might be their perfect beginning…

Glenview, North Carolina. Also known—at least to sixteen-year-old Ava
Pegg—as the Land of Incredibly Boring Vacations. What exactly were her
parents thinking when they bought a summer home here? Then the
cute-but-really-annoying boy next door shows up at her place in a
panic…hollering something about flesh-eating zombies attacking the town.

At first, Ava’s certain that Cole spent a little too much time with
his head in the moonshine barrel. But when someone—or something—rotted
and terrifying emerges from behind the woodpile, Ava realizes this is no
hooch hallucination. The undead are walking in Glenview, and they are
hungry. Panicked, Ava and Cole flee into the national forest. No
supplies, no weapons. Just two teenagers who don’t even like each other
fighting for their lives. But that’s the funny thing about the
Zombpocalypse. You never know when you’ll meet your undead end. Or when
you’ll fall dead over heels for a boy…

Pick up your copy:

Amazon | B&NiTunes 

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The exciting conclusion to the Salt duology!
About the book:
A little salt. And a whole lot of magic…

Up until recently, Penelope was a witch with no magic. After having
it stolen by a demon when she was just a child, Penelope had been forced
to rely on sharing others’ powers as she went through the grueling
training required to become an elite demon hunter. Now Penelope has more
magic than she’s ever known. And when you’re this powerful, who needs
salt to keep the demons away?

But power has a dark side.

Carter Prescott just wants to hunt demons and be with Penelope. But
suddenly, witches who formerly had no magic are developing
out-of-control powers. Now the world Carter swore to protect isn’t just
endangered by malicious demons—it’s threatened by the same witches who
once defended it. And Carter is horrified to see his girlfriend starting
to change. Stronger. More powerful. Unrecognizable. It’s just a matter
of time before Penelope transforms into something far beyond his worst

 Get your copy:

Amazon | B&N | iTunes

 Follow the blog tour!

The 99 Cent Club–Feature 116–Ten Books for Ten Bucks

The 99 Cent Club–Feature 116–Ten Books for Ten Bucks.

I just thought you guys would like to see some amazing books on sale this weekend! The first one is an anthology of 20, yes twenty!!, full length novels of amazing authors!! It’s on sale for pre order at $0.99!!! Yes I bought it lol! Check it out!

Serpent on a Cross Blog Tour w Giveaway!

Serpent on a Cross Button 300 x 225
Today I have a great new book to show you!! 
Serpent on a Cross       
Book One
Wendy C. Garfinkle
Genre:  Medieval Fantasy/ Jewish Fantasy
Publisher:  Booktrope Publishing
Date of Publication:   September 2, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-62015-507-3ISBN: 978-1-62015-523-3

Number of pages:  176
Cover Artist:  Loretta Matson
Book Description: 
Dennah Dubrovnika is a formidable hunter and talented healer. However, she cannot control her own powers, which have suddenly reawakened in the aftermath of her mother’s violent capture by a powerful warlord who destroyed their village in his wake. As she races to free her mother, Dennah is accompanied by Jeth, the man she loves. But she’s increasingly, inexorably drawn to the mysterious Skallon who is allied with her greatest enemy.
Will Dennah be able to gain a measure of control over her magic or will she lose everything and everyone she loves to its raging inferno?
Serpent on a Cross is Book One in a Jewish fantasy adventure series set in Medieval Eastern Europe.

Available at Amazon and BN


Stomach churning, a sour taste in her mouth, Dennah hovered above the massacre from her nest in the ash tree she’d climbed at the edge of the forest.

Guilt twisted a knot in her belly as she remembered Mamen’s order to flee, but she couldn’t leave; she might be needed. So she’d climbed the tallest leafiest tree she could quickly find, its branches extending almost to the roof of their cottage. She fastened the leather bracer on her left forearm, finger guards on her drawing hand, in case she was forced to shoot the ash bow. After stringing it, she set it and the bag of arrows in the cradle of two limbs a little above her and out of easy reach so she wouldn’t be tempted to fire down upon the invaders.

From her perch she saw the soldiers enter the shtetl, thundering over the ramparts as if they were fagots; they crushed the golden fields of barley, and wheat, forcing the defenders to give way or be trampled beneath hammering hooves. Seeing the guardsmen attack the horses to unseat the soldiers, her heart raced. Get them! What right have they to attack our home?! Anger boiled just under her skin. Her gaze sharpened and the branch grew warm beneath the grip of her fingers. Though there was no breeze, the limbs of her tree swayed gently.

Almost without thought, as if her hands had a will of their own, she pulled bow and quiver within reach and nocked an arrow. With precise aim, she inhaled, drawing the cord back, hearing the soft familiar creak as it stretched. She released on the exhale. Gracefully, the arrow sped toward its target, a soldier who’d edged up behind Marek and raised his sword. The shaft caught him in the throat, sunk deep and broke through the skin at the back of his neck. He fell with a thud, blood mixing with fertile ground in a muddy pool beneath him. Relieved of its burden, the soldier’s horse veered away from the melee.

Marek, eyes narrowing, seemed to find her hidden in the ash. He nodded slightly and turned to face another foe. A surge of pleasure warmed her at his wordless approval. Then there was no more time for thought; only action. Again and again her arrows flew true; but she was careful to watch for enemy soldiers looking in her direction. Her stomach dropped when she saw first Yuri, then Selwyn, and finally Yakkov surrounded and disarmed. A quick inventory of her quiver yielded only four arrows. Not enough to free the guardsmen. I’m sorry.

My Review
This is an intriguing start to a new series. There’s swords and magical and it’s set on medieval times so the setting is so atmospheric. I won’t lie, it’s dark with lots of death and evil floating around and things are different back then. The main part of the story involves a girl who has magical powers and is hunted down by an evil ruler. He’s willing to kill everyone for that power and enslave everyone else. It’s quite an adventure!

There are some very good characters but there were so many that I kept forgetting who was who and which did what. I also maybe wanted the characters to be a little more in depth. And I know some of them die but I still like to have a little but of knowledge on them, it makes their death feel more significant and makes the more main characters reactions to those death more involved. There’s also a few other point of views from some side characters that at least help you get a better grip of the things coming into play. Greed, evil, bigotry, jealousy, all play a part in the blood war happening around these characters. But Dennah, the main character definitely stood out. You get a brief introduction of her as a child to know at least a back story that started it all. I loved her strong will and loyalty. She wants to save her mother and she’ll stop for nothing and no one until she accomplishes this. She of course has weaknesses, and her powers get out of control because of it, but she’s also so strong and courageous.

The plot is based on religions and cultures and why there were sides, but I got a little confused with some of the sayings and phrases and yet it’s still poetic and makes you appreciate that other cultures are still beautiful even if you don’t understand them. And the writing is very good, it flowed nicely, so I look forward to seeing where the story will go. It’s got me wondering about some things so I’ll be picking up book two 🙂 4 PAWS!!
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author interview

WELCOME!! First, tell me a little about your book ….

Serpent on a Cross is the first book in a Jewish fantasy adventure series set in medieval Poland and Kievan Rus, in which a young woman, Dennah, a healer and archer just beginning to learn about her magic, goes on a quest to rescue her mother who has been taken captive by a powerful nobleman who raided their village.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated or did you always just know?

I’ve been writing little stories and poems since I was really young. I think the first time I remember being interested in writing was when I attempted to keep a younger child entertained with a fantastical story full of magic and dragons that I made up as I went along. I cannot remember a word of that story. Some years later, I realized that in order to remember the stories begging me to tell them, I needed to write them down.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Some of the stories I have written notes for and that continue to percolate in my head are loosely based on events in my own life. But the time period, persons and places have been varied to protect the guilty.

How do you chose when/which characters die in your books?

I must admit that I’ve yet to kill off a character I’ve grown attached to. Perhaps that will change in the future, when I’ve learned to be more ruthless and more willing to “kill my darlings.” For now, whenever it feels the right time to kill someone in the story, I try to be sure it’s one of the tertiary characters. In Serpent on a Cross, I killed the Rabbi pretty early on. I really liked him, but he had to die to raise the stakes of just how far Tarkan Maksimov is willing to go in his thirst for power.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Erika Johansen, author of The Queen of the Tearling, the first in a planned fantasy trilogy. The story has medieval tones, but is set centuries in the future. The story and protagonist, Queen Kelsea Raleigh, drew me in from the first page. I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

Who do you look up to as a writer?

Nora Roberts. She has successfully written several different genres – romance, mystery, fantasy – and is world renowned. I love her books and her style of writing!

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

I think I would have tried to stretch out the scenes with Dennah and Jeth a little more, and explained more about Skallon’s history. I’ll have to try and fill some of those gaps in the sequel.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Trying to schedule my writing time around my regular job, family time, and whatever life throws my way, and stick to that schedule is quite challenging. I like schedules to a certain extent, but I also like some spontaneity. It would be lovely to be able to write whenever and wherever I want, whenever and wherever the mood strikes, rather than having to try and schedule for it.

What book are you reading now? Or what genre?

Currently reading Festive in Death by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts), Mystery.

Who designed the cover? And do you help with them?

My cover designer is the extremely talented Loretta Matson. I had some idea and a couple sketches of what I wanted to cover to look like. She came up with some options based on my concepts. The present cover actually wasn’t one of her initial mock-ups, but the last one. I was torn between that design and the one that became the “emblem” on the back cover of the book. We asked Katherine Fye Sears, Booktrope’s CMO, for her input and decided to go with the present cover for the final design. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Are there any books you think some of us should read, just because?

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward; Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K. Hamilton; In Death Series by J.D. Robb; Elizabeth Chadwick, various Medieval novels.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you so much for your support! I truly hope you enjoy the book. And if you don’t, I’m interested in knowing why, whether it’s because you don’t care for the fantasy genre, history isn’t your thing, the Yiddish proverbs scattered throughout annoy you, or you simply don’t like my writing. Whatever the reason, thank you for picking it up and giving it a try. Getting out of our comfort zone helps to expand our horizons.

About the Author:
Wendy C. Garfinkle was born and raised in South Florida. She moved to Northwest Texas in her early 20s, but returned to South Florida eight years later. She holds five degrees, including MA and MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She’s a poet, reading addict, and collector of interesting clothing tags, which she recycles into bookmarks.
She has served as a copy editor and reader for Hippocampus Magazine, an online nonfiction lit journal, and as a reader for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship. Wendy is a crime analyst for a local law enforcement agency, and lives with her teenage son. 

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Good Luck Everyone!! Happy reading and later gators!! 

Happy Book Birthday Fading Light!!

I am so excited to show you the sequel, Fading Light, releasing today, of a favorite new series! Let me show you! 🙂 
Fading Light
Shadow Born
Book 2
Angela Dennis
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication: September 23, 2014
ISBN: 1619224569
ISBN13: 9781619224568
Number of pages: 279
Word Count: 76,000
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Tagline: Everyone has a breaking point.
Book Description:
Her hundred-year penance lifted, Shadow Bearer Brenna Baudouin returns to the Earthly plane with her partner, Gray Warlow, to keep the peace between humans and supernatural creatures—and to prevent another apocalyptic war from happening.
The attraction between them is nearing a critical point, but their checkered history has left Brenna unable to trust either her heart or her instincts.
It’s chaotic business as usual until humans begin turning to statues of dust. There is no explanation, no sign of magical foul play or a biological toxin. The humans are convinced it’s the work of a deviant supernatural faction, twisting the knife in the already tense relationship between their species. Brenna and Gray agree—the deaths have a former comrade-turned-rogue stamped all over them.
In a race against time, they enlist the help of both friend and foe to save the human race and stop the impending civil war. Along the way, they are forced to come to terms with their past and decide, once and for all, whether they will come together or fall apart.
Warning: Contains a heroine who knows her weapons but not her own heart, an outbreak of supernatural proportions, copious bloodletting, and a race to save an endangered species—humans. All tied up in a tight bow of sexual tension.
Available at Amazon  BN   Kobo  iTunes  Google Play

My Review

I love when a new book catches my attention. I love it even more when the second book of that series is just as good or better than the first. Shadows of Fate was great, and Fading Light is even better. More action, more romance, more ass kicking, more amazing things happening. Brenna and Gray are on a big adventure, not just between the two of them but in the world around them. 

Both Grey and Brenna are adapting, and changing, but let me just state that I might have killed Gray a few times if he were my boyfriend. LAWD. I do hope he learns his lesson with what Brenna kept telling him over and over again and yet he kept doing it over and over again. But I am glad they are adapting to their circumstances, and I can’t wait to see what’s gunna happen between them. 

There are some old characters that will come into play again, but there’s also some new characters that you are gunna meet. A familiar character will cause some uproar and some are not gunna wake up from it. Adare is still around and he needs to die, but there’s also another big bad around and about and things are getting real. WOW. That’s all I can say with how things are happening. And also, everyone is dying around them, so it’s not only to stop the big bads, but they need to stop the already bad things happening. 

I am so pleased with how things are turning out for this series. I can’t wait for the next book to come out, and I love the characters and the plot lines that will knock your socks off! 5 PAWS!! GIMME MORE! 
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About the Author:
Angela Dennis lives outside Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, son and a sheltie with a hero complex.  When she is not at her computer crafting stories, she can be found feeding her coffee addiction, playing peek-a-boo, or teaching her son about the great adventures found only in books.
You can visit Angela at her blog  or at her website
She loves to hear from her readers, so find her on Twitter for a chat @angeladennis 

I’m so excited to share this with you guys!! Happy reading and later gators!! 

Hunting In Bruges Cover Reveal w Giveaway!!!!

It’s time for a cover reveal!  Feast your eyes on the cover for HUNTING IN BRUGES, the debut novel in the Hunters’ Guild urban fantasy series by E.J. Stevens. I am so seriously stoked because I absolutely love this author and now, her favorite series of mine is getting a little spin off from a favorite character 🙂 Lemme show you! 

Keep reading for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Hunting in Bruges (Hunters’ Guild #1) by E.J. Stevens.

The only thing worse than being a Hunter in the fae-ridden city of Harborsmouth, is hunting vamps in Bruges.

Being shipped off to Belgium sucks. The medieval city of Bruges is
quaint, but the local Hunters’ Guild is understaffed, the canals are
choked with dead bodies, and there’s no shortage of supernatural
predators as likely suspects.

On second thought, maybe Bruges isn’t so bad after all.

With a desire to prove herself, protect the innocent, and advance within
the ranks of the Hunters’ Guild, Jenna Lehane hits the cobbled streets
of Bruges with blades at the ready. Someone, or something, is murdering
tourists and dumping their bodies in the city’s scenic canals.  With the
help of a mysterious stranger, Jenna begins to piece together clues
that are dotted throughout the city like blood spatter.

Determined to stop the killings, Jenna delves into a bloody local
history that only raises more questions–but some secrets are best left
buried. Jenna must put her combat training to the test as she struggles
to unearth the truth about an ancient enemy.

Hunting in Bruges is the first novel in the Hunters’ Guild urban fantasy series set in the world of Ivy Granger.

Release Date:  November 11, 2014

Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Pre-order on Amazon.

Add to Goodreads.

About the Hunters’ Guild Series

The Hunters’ Guild series is an urban fantasy series written by E.J. Stevens and set in the world of Ivy Granger.  The series is told in the first-person point-of-view of Jenna Lehane, a Hunter with a troubled past, a proficiency with weapons, and an intolerance for monsters who target the innocent.

About the Author

E.J. Stevens is the author of the Spirit Guide young adult series, the bestselling Ivy Granger urban fantasy series, and the Hunters’ Guild urban fantasy series.  When E.J. isn’t at her writing desk she enjoys dancing along seaside cliffs, singing in graveyards, and sleeping in faerie circles.  E.J. currently resides in a magical forest on the coast of Maine where she finds daily inspiration for her writing.

Hunting in Bruges Cover Reveal Giveaway

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What do you think of the cover?

I absolutely am so excited for this one to come out! I love the cover, it’s something I see Jenna wearing. What about you guys? Happy reading and later gators!

The blood Lily Chronicles Release!!

Julie Kenner is releasing all three books in her Blood Lily Chronicles into one boxset! You can get your hands on all three books for just $4.99 for a limited time only, so if you love urban fantasy, make sure to get your hands on it today!


About TAINTED (Book 1)

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Kenner (aka J. Kenner) …

“Can I just say that dying sucks?”

So begins the first installment of the Blood Lily Chronicles, an urban fantasy romance which introduces readers to Lily Carlyle, a tough-talking bad girl who’s been chosen to save the world, and Deacon Camphire, the darkly sensual man whose words seduce her, but whose actions suggest he’s hiding secrets of his own.

“A wonderful balance between urban fantasy and paranormal romance. A casual, catchy first-person point of view peppered with slightly more four-letter-words than the genre usually bears, mingled with a kick-ass heroine and a dangerous, smoking-hot hero makes for an excellent read.” The Discriminating Fangirl

When Lily Carlyle set out to kill a child molester, she never expected to die and be resurrected as an assassin. Especially not as an assassin charged with fighting the forces of darkness in the ultimate battle of good against evil. It’s the key into heaven, she’s told. And in light of her sins, without that key, she’s doomed to an eternity of suffering.

But even in the demon world it’s sometimes hard to tell your ally from your enemy.

And when Lily finds out the truth . . . well, there really will be hell to pay.

Amazon| Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes

About Julie Kenner

Julie Kenner (aka J. Kenner and J.K. Beck) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over forty novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

Praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations,” J.K. writes a range of stories including super sexy romances, paranormal romance, chick lit suspense and paranormal mommy lit. Her foray into the latter, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner, is in development as a feature film with 1492 Pictures.

Her most recent trilogy of erotic romances, The Stark Trilogy (as J. Kenner), reached as high as #2 on the New York Times list and is published in over twenty countries.

J.K. lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and several cats.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest