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PERCEPTION: A New Adult Anthology is out NOW!

Elephantine Publishing is excited to announce the release of PERCEPTION: A New Adult Anthology

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The world will never look the same…

There comes a defining moment in every young person’s life that irrevocably shifts their point of view.

Missing by award-winning author Mary Laufer–For a new teacher who still compares herself to her students, the shift in reality comes in the form a missing girl and a false accusation that could cost her more than her career.

The Outlaw by debut author Scott C. Davis–For a young man who settles into a rut that not even his broken marriage can pull him out of, it’s a drifter’s gun to his head.

Drive by author & screenplay writer Nealy Gihan–For an idealistic college student, the point of view shift comes in the form of her parents’ divorce pulling back the curtain on who they really are, shattering everything she thought she knew about love.

My Boyfriend is a Senator by award-winning author Linda Davis–For a recovering addict who’s not ready to change, it might just be an unhappy ending to her illicit affair.

The Talisman by bestselling YA & NA author Heather Hildenbrand—For an orphan on the run from monsters, a shift in perception might be discovering the power of prayer as a saving grace against the likes of which no human being has ever seen. If we’re lucky.

In Perception, discover five captivating stories that explore what it means to be a new adult.

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My Review

My Boyfriend is a Senator by Linda Davis

Well everyone, hold on to a box of kleenex, cuz this one will make you cry. Taylor is our main character and she is in need of some love, or that’s what I see, and some acceptance. She really just needs a friend and a hug too. And when she finally does start opening up and the truth comes out, it’s gunna knock the breath out of you. And it’ll make you want to hug her more.

Missing by Mary Laufer

This one is the thrill ride of the book. The characters are definitely well written and have complexity that make them feel so real. And then it’s like The Killing meets Prisoners, because you just want to know what happens. You’ll search and search and search some more. WOW! And I still want to know what happens!!

The Outlaw by Scott C. Davis

This one is well written, but I wanted a little more from it. I wanted more feelings and more explanations, and though the story is not bad, I’m thinking that because the first two of this book had me so into them that I just needed… more. Now, without making you think that this is a bad story or anything like that, because it’s not, I definitely can feel for the main character. And he has his really good moments. 

Drive by Nealy Gihan

Is it sad that all I want to do is slap these people. LOL These are the types of characters that are well written, but jeez Louise I didn’t like them. I wanted Trevor to grow the hell up, like yesterday, and I wanted Simona to figure out that Trevor is not who she should be with.  And the plot has a very interesting line to it.

The Talisman by Heather Hildenbrand

Don’t be surprised, but this one is my favorite, of course because my favorite lady wrote it 🙂 Plus I love demons and this is the first Heather has gone into that particular supernatural being. Well done! I don’t wanna wait, Heather, you better start looking into making this into a book, a big one, with some more following that.  I loved the beginnings of how this world operates, so come on now, gimme gimme!! 🙂 

As an overall, this is a book that is gritty, and quite dark, but still a great read. And as always, there are some better than others, but it’s only an opinion, so 4.5 PAWS because all of these stories together make an awesome pairing!

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I hope you guys check this one out and I really hope you guys enter the giveaway! Plus, congrats to my STALKEE!! 🙂 Another one in the bag for you! Good Luck everyone! Happy reading and later gators!


One thought on “Perception Anthology Blog Tour w Giveaway!

  1. Thanks for your reviews and for taking the time to read and post! Love you, stalker! xoxo And Hmmm the Talisman would make a good novel!

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