Blue Rose: The Noru ebook is FREE! :)

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Blue Rose (The Noru, # 1)


Genre: YA Fantasy
Number of pages: 397
Word Count:  73,062
Cover Artist: Renu
Book Description:
“After speaking to the other
angels on the team, I hang up my cell and sigh. No one’s heard from Aaden in
months. This bothers me not only as the leader but as his girl–well if I was
his girl–which I’m not.
Great. Now on top of being grounded, I’m
sitting here acting girly and needy. Argh!!!
Screw this! I start to head
downstairs to plead my case to my parents again, when something out the window
catches my eye. I lean in closer to get a good look. What I see astounds me:
soundlessly and without hesitation, the humans line up and jump off the roof
one at a time…”
NOTE: This book contains a scene in chapter 12 that is for mature audiences
only. Readers can skip this chapter without missing any info vital to the plot.
Available Free at Amazon  
Also Available at iTunes   Nook   Kobo

One thought on “Blue Rose: The Noru ebook is FREE! :)

  1. Beautiful cover for a YA book!

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