Contact Me… ya know, if you need to :)

So, I know that sometimes people have questions, comments, requests… ya da ya da… hahahaha so I figured I would put some proper ways to get in touch with me, other than just posting a comment on here… so, here ya go->

my e-mail:

my twitter: @magluvsya03

my facebook:

my goodreads profile:

If it’s important, I suggest you e-mail me (put something in the subject line so I don’t send you to spam) or twitter because those are linked to my phone, which gives me an alert to tell me you are trying to talk to me 🙂

If you are an author, HELLO!! and welcome… If you would like me to read something for you for a review, just let me know… or, if you just want some help with a blog tour, or spreading the word, I will help you in anyway I can… Just a heads up, I pretty much stick to paranormal, urban fantasy, and fantasy genres… sorry, but I tend to stay there so my reviews would probably not be so good if you are from another genre, HOWEVER I have LOTS of friends (blogger, etc) who do other genres & I would love to help you find someone to do those for you! I would want you to have the best review possible!

With that said, if you are just a book lover and wanna say “hi”… well then, HEY right back at ya 🙂

If you are someone who needs help with an animal issue or thingy, definately e-mail me, as I will help you in any way possible… advise, questions, places to go, resources to look up, etc…

Thanks for stopping by, and later my reading gators!

2 thoughts on “Contact Me… ya know, if you need to :)

  1. lizaoconnorl says:

    I noticed on a profile pic you are hugging a dog that looks like mine. Now I am look for a place to put up Jess’ pic. Think I’ve found a way. let me try.

  2. Hadley says:

    Maghon, thanks from the bottom of my heart for the lovely review – IT TOTALLY MADE MY DAY – also, I wondered if you would like a copy of the final DESECRATION manuscript after beta reads and 2 rounds of edits – I even added in a scene that you didn’t see! XOXO Hadley

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