Sometimes People Wanna Know About Me….

Hello, everyone!  Sometimes, when I check out a blog, I like to know a lil sum-tin about the Blogger author &/or their preferences of reading, working, etc. So, here’s the gist of me…

My Animals:

I would like to explain that I am an animal lover/advocate/saver/sometimes hoarder 🙂  I am in college to become a veterinarian (though now, I am probably gunna opt out of that and open a non profit in my area to benefit both animals and children… trust me, this is a great thing, but it’s gunna take a long time to come up,  so for now, I’m in school until I can get things up & running)…. I sometimes hold animals in higher esteem than people, but that’s just me… so here’s my babies:


Xander is my for real kid. I got him in a really hard time in my life (from my mom) and he pretty much brought me back to life! He is a beagle/Dachshund mix, he is turning 9 on April 29, 2012, and he is the best ever dog you could ask for. He’s a momma’s boy, b/c he loves me, sleeps with me, and pretty much just wants to be near me, and he LISTENS!!! You can’t get better than this kid!


Mysha, aka MiMi, is my Siberian Husky, who is always playful, loves to give kisses (in fact, she’ll bathe you if you let her LOL) and loves EVERYBODY!! I always say she will kiss the robbers if they break into my house.  She is gorgeous, but sometimes she is a hand full-DO YOUR HOMEWORK WITH THIS BREED BEFORE YOU GET ONE!! I am lucky to have LOTS of land for her to run on, but she escapes & is notorious for killing animals (birds, opposums, rats, the neighbors goats & chickens) if they come into her yard.  However, when you look into those beautiful blue eyes, you can’t help but love & forgive her LOL  Mysha turns 7 on May 25, 2012!



Baylee is my youngest doggie 🙂 She came from my uncle’s and unfortunately, I think their kids made her a little nerotic, but then again that might be just her 🙂 She is my needy kid… She is absolutely terrified of rain (not just thunder) and is bad at home, cuz she doesn’t like visitors in her yard. But, She loves to work her cows (& herds all forms of life, my cats, kids, people) and loves to dig in the trash for yummies (this drives me insane) but is probably the most trainable, b/c she learned how to sit on the first try at 1 1/2 years old 🙂 I yell at her & Mysha a lot cuz they get into trouble, but she is the most loyal kid EVER! and she loves her mommy, and protects me from EVERYTHING, including the other dogs & cats! Baylee just turned 3 on January 8, 2012.


Nu is my big FLUFFY mane coon tabby! He is my sweet boy, who loves attention, and still at 8 likes to play! He is quite funny, and he is normally shaved, b/c he always seems to get all kind of things stuck in that beautiful hair of his! He is the most tolerant of all my cats, he will befriend ANYONE, and even tolerates my mother’s CRAZY Pomeranian.  NuNu just turned 8, on October 20, 2011 & he is my oldest kitty. 


Jennings (his name came with him) aka Jenners is also a rescue, he was called Lucifer as a youngling because he was a holy terror… But, he has become so loveable… not really, but better… as he grows.  He’s my hunter… He goes out into our pastures (with the cows) and hunts all small creatures (& of course brings them for me to see, but never leaves them cuz THEY ARE HIS!) He’s a BIG black FLUFFY mane coon also. His story is kinda crazy, but he’s mine & I love him 🙂 He comes and goes, gets a little love, food and treats, and is gone again 🙂 He’s a true hunter 🙂 He’s gunna be 8 on March 31, 2012.

Kiddo, Sushi, & Meeko

These monsters are siblings (real ones)… I rescued a cat, who happened to be pregnant (she passed away 4 weeks after having these 3 & one other female who lives at my cousin’s) and out popped these crazies!! Kiddo is the dare devil, but is sweet as pie! He was born with a heart defect, and takes meds everyday for it, but you would never know this. He loves to climb in people’s cars, on the roof of the house, plays in water (he takes showers with me) and fanatically loves to see what he can get away with 🙂 Sushi is the siamese mix sister who is my sweet love, but she loves only me. She usually hides around people but loves to sleep on the pillow with Mysha in bed with me. She loves to be rubbed and is quite beautiful.  Meeko is the quiet hunter (I think he hung around Jennings alot) since he comes and goes, and every once in a while wants a pet or two, and then has enough & out the doggie door he goes again.  These 3 are the babies of the cats. They turn 4 on July 17, 2012.  



I don’t like to generalize, because some of my favorite books don’t fit into a particular category, but I prefer fantasy/urban fantasy/paranormal.  To explain this, I love all paranormal/fantasy aspects, but I am not so big on the romance.  I dunno why, but I usually skip all “those kind” of scenes… But, sometimes the romance is part of the plot, and I can deal with that.  I do, every once in a while, read out of that box, but not usually, since I read a lot of my school books, I want to “have a fantasy get away”, so most of my reviews will be this. I do not mind adult vs. young adult, as long as the book is good, I don’t care what age group it goes into 🙂


The rest

I am not married, I prolly won’t ever be LOL, and I don’t have kids, but I adore other people’s kids (some of them).  I have this totally awesome step niece named Aubrey, and we have this special bond that I cannot explain. I have 2 siblings that are much younger than me, on my dad’s side, and I am an only child on my mom’s side. I am REALLY CLOSE to my mom, and her sister.  I live near my mom’s parents, and my dad’s mom lives right down the road, along with my dad’s sister, brother, and my dad, too.  I have 3 (yeah, 3) pretty awesome jobs, and I cannot complain about life. I am usually quite happy.  I TOTALLY love food, but you know, being from south Louisiana, WE ALL LOVE FOOD… and yes, I can cook that good food 🙂 hahahaha it’s why I’m a chubby kid! 

me and Aubrey for Christmas 2011 🙂

Alright, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sometimes People Wanna Know About Me….

  1. Cathy Deano says:

    I am one of the founders of Painting with a Twist and would love to know which studio you visited. Thanks for the great write up. We really appreciate it.

    Cathy Deano

  2. Thank you for having me on your blog today!! I love your site! I am a humongous animal lover as well -) Just signed up to follow your blog and am excited to see what other books and authors your profile! Thanks again and have an uber-awesome day! Lisa Ann Brown

  3. Laura says:

    I am really enjoying your site and getting to know you and what you like/love. I look forward to more good stuff coming from you.

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