Happy Book Birthday Chosen w Giveaway!

Chosen RDL

Hello everyone! HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!!!! Yes I really do say that 🙂 But, today we are also celebrating the Book Birthday of Chosen by Paulina Ulrich!! I am so excited for her. She is a fellow animal lover and she writes awesome books! So let me show you the goodies! 

Chosen (Fighting Fate, #1)

Chosen  Synopsis:

Nothing can stand in the way of outspoken, rule-breaker-extraordinaire; Kaddy Richston…except destiny. Born with a spitfire personality and a take-no-nonsense attitude, Kaddy set her sights on being in a rock band and leaving her small Wyoming town along with the painful memories of her past. Kaddy knew she was a freak show with wildly colored hair and piercing gray eyes but was determined to do whatever it took to depart her broken childhood and make her own way.

But destiny had other plans for her.

The seemingly observant and mysterious Cole Huntington enters her life and becomes the bump in the road Kaddy is trying to pave for her future. Striking blue eyes, features to make any girl swoon, he’s everything but the new-to-town bad boy. Calm, cool, and always collected, he plans on unraveling every one of Kaddy’s dark secrets.

Hating him from the start and trying to fight her insane attraction to him, Kaddy is determined to undermine whatever intentions he has until she learns of a destiny she never asked for. Getting throw into a battle that’s been raging for more than a thousand years, the fate of the world lies in Kaddy’s hands as she learned just how different she is. The only person she can turn to for answers is the last person she’d want help from: the frustratingly attractive; Cole Huntington, who seemed to dislike her rule-breaking as much as she dislikes his rule-following.


“Kaddy, wait.” I heard Mike trailing me as I turned out of the Wheel Barrel.

            I pressed a hand to my temple and sighed. “Yeah?”

            “You okay? I know you didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” Mike scratched the back of his head and looked down at me, worried. “Maybe some lunch will help.”

            “What I need is sleep, and what needs to happen is for me to stop having these stupid night terrors.” I leaned back against the hot brick building for a moment.

            “You can’t help it. It’s not your fault.” Mike leaned on his shoulder next to me, his hands deep in his apron pockets.

            “I know, but I hate it. Why can’t they stop?” I smacked my hand to my forehead and sighed. Against my palm, my skin felt too warm. Was I getting sick? Great. It was the last thing I needed. “Do I feel warm to you?” I dropped my hand and looked over at Mike, giving him permission to touch me with a simple confirmation from my eyes.

            Slowly raising his arm, the back of his hand pressed against my cheek. “Damn, Kaddy. You’re burning up! Do you feel all right?”

            I shrugged. I did feel all right, just a little warm. “I feel fine. I need some sleep. Promise to plan on going to bed early tonight?” I doubted he would keep this promise. He and I always stayed up late writing music.

            Mike got a playful glint in his eye. “You know I’m a night owl. No promises there.”

            I sighed and rolled my eyes. “We both are.”

            Mike still had his hand pressed against my cheek until it shifted up to tug his gray beanie down on my forehead. “Maybe it’s just my awesome hat that’s making you overheat. Who wears a beanie in August?” he joked and I playfully scowled at him as I readjusted the knitted beanie.

            “Oh, I’m sure that’s it,” I laughed and gave him a gentle punch on the arm.

            “Whoa.” He took a step back. “You been working out or something? That hurt.” Mike held his upper arm like I had socked it with everything I had. I stood there waiting with my “really?” look and raised my eyebrows in anticipation for his mischievous face to appear. If Mike was anything, he was a jokester. Just like I expected, a few seconds later, he cracked a smile on his lips and started laughing.

            “You always think your little jokes are hilarious!” Even when I rolled my eyes, I couldn’t stop his infectious laughter from causing me to laugh.

            “Kadster, we know I tell the best jokes. I eat sarcasm for breakfast every day.” He winked and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I didn’t shy from his touch.

            “So do I, but no one but you finds anything I say funny.” I looked up at him as he walked me to the corner of the block, the direction of home. Only Mike called me the Kadster. Actually, he had a lot of nicknames for me and I didn’t mind it. He was one of the few I would let getaway with calling me things other than my name.

            “It’s because everyone is just jealous of the awesome friendship we’ve had since we were eight. Haters gonna hate.” He shrugged and his other hand pretended to dust off his shoulder. Mike was the only friend I counted on for anything. Long ago, we made a pact, and so far, he’s kept every word he promised to keep.

 My Review:

COMING SOON!! I’m finally starting to get better from being sick and so far I’m loving this book!!

paw main

Paulina Ulrich  Bio:

Paulina Ulrich

I love to write because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be telling stories, I wouldn’t have gotten a degree in creative writing, and my insanely fluffy cat wouldn’t be “assisting” my writing by laying on the keyboard. I am the author of the Flightless Bird series (Flightless Bird, Broken Wings, Fair Feathered, & Timeless Sky) and the Fighting Fate series (Chosen). I was raised to big dream or don’t dream at all and my highly active imagination has been the cause behind many of my stories. I write because life wouldn’t be as fun without the occasional break or two from reality. With my cat and a glass of iced tea nearby you can find me weaving stories and when I’m not writing, I’m out buying way too many cute shoes.


Blog: http://www.paulinaulrich.blogspot.com/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/paulinaulrich

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorpaulinaulrich

Author Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5142171.Paulina_Ulrich

Chosen  Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17288041-chosen


2 SIGNED copies of Chosen AND 3 Ebook copies of Chosen! GO HERE TO ENTER!

So I wish you all good luck to win this great book! I am so happy for Ms Paulina! I know she has worked really hard on this one! I am honored to be a part of it! Happy reading and later gators! I hope you guys are all going Trick Or Treating!! 🙂 

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Chosen Cover Reveal!



So, I’m going to rattle for just a second before I show you… This WONDERFUL lovely lady sent me a very nice email telling me she had a book coming out soon, and she had a gorgeous new cover she’d like to reveal… guess what- I GET TO SHOW IT TO YOU!! Because I of course, said yes…. well, I said more than that-but let me tell you one more thing…She could have had the ugliest cover on the planet, and I would have fought to have her on my blog BECAUSE she is  AN ANIMAL LOVER!! She donated her very small and covetted time at a kitty shelter!! 🙂 You love her yet? I DO… She is my new favorite person to stalk! LOL ok enough of me… here we go! 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]

Title: CHOSEN (Book 1 in The Fighting Fate series)

Release Date: March/April 2013

Genre: Mature YA/NA Paranormal Romance

Synopsis: Nothing can stand in the way of outspoken, rule-breaker-extraordinaire, Kaddy Richston…except destiny. Born with wildly colored hair and piercing gray eyes Kaddy knew she was different, but she set her sights on her ambitious dreams of being in a rock band and leaving her small town behind along with the painful memories of her past.

But destiny has other plans for her.

When the calm, cool, and always collected Cole Huntington enters her life he takes a strange interest in her, his striking blue eyes never wandering far from her every move. Despite her efforts to push him away, he plans on unraveling every single one of Kaddy’s dark secrets even though he has some of his own.

Despising each other from the start, Kaddy is determined to undermine whatever intentions he has until she learns of a destiny she never asked for. The fate of the world lies in her hands as she learns how different she really is. The only person she can turn to for answers is the last person she’d want help from: Cole Huntington who seems to dislike her rule-breaking as much as she dislikes his rule-following.

Sometimes destiny sucks.

Author Bio:

author bio pic

Paulina Ulrich has always loved writing, telling stories, and the idea of dreaming big. An English Major with emphasis in Creative Writing, she is now a full-time author and has her very fluffy cat Juey to keep her company while she writes. Not to mention she always has a full glass of iced-tea nearby and music blaring in the background. Paulina is the author of the Flightless Bird series and the Fighting Fate series. When she’s not writing she’s out buying way too many cute shoes…

Links:  Blog  Twitter   Facebook  Goodreads

Any body loving this completely remarkably awesome cover… and totally thinking we should all stalk the author? HAHAHA good because I feel exactly the same! 🙂 SO, what do you think. Should we be so awesome as to read this book when it comes out? Let me know how you like the cover! To Ms Paulina… THANK YOU literally for being you! You are my newest inspiration 🙂 

Happy Reading everyone! Later gators! 

Here Trilogy Blog Tour

Hello everyone!! Today I sharing a little goodness for you 🙂 I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this author, and when this tour came up I just had to jump in. So lemme show you!

Here (Here Trilogy, #1)

Here Trilogy Book 1

Blurb:  Milo Mitchell’s life used to be charmed, but that was before her family dissolved, she went a little crazy, and her best friends started acting more like strangers. Spending Saturday morning in a treehouse with a stun gun for company and a herd of deer for friends is the only exciting thing in her life…until she shoots a fawn and finds her dart stuck in a guy.

Her gorgeous victim is dressed in a Brioni tux and armed with a hanky. He has no idea who or where he is. Afraid her dart caused his amnesia, Milo takes him in, names him Nick, and vows to help him solve his mystery. Soon the pair find Nick’s face in a newspaper obituary, and Nick beings to have strange, ethereal memories of Milo–who is sure she’s never met him. Suddenly Nick knows things he shouldn’t know and is doing things he shouldn’t do. When the Department of Defense shows up, Nick and Milo run–toward a shocking conclusion that could destroy both their worlds.

Trapped (Here Trilogy, #2)

Here Trilogy Book 2

When Milo Mitchell falls for the beautiful, tuxedo-clad guy she found wandering her family’s rural Colorado property, she never dreamed he was a scout from another galaxy, or that their relationship would leave him with an impossible choice: eradicating humankind, or initiating the end of his own people.

Nick’s job is finding the elements his people need to power their elaborate interweb of minds. Being a scout means he is capable of traveling to other planets on his own. It also means that, unlike The Rest, he has access to primitive feelings and individual desires. For eons, he was part of the whole, but when he encountered Milo, his obsession with her changed everything.

Nick’s partner, Vera, is capable of independent thought, but not compelled by it. She is satisfied with her existence as one of The Rest, and she won’t agree that humans are worth sparing; not when their planet has a precious cache of the gold her people need so badly.

While Vera tries to force Nick into endorsing an Earth invasion, working behind the scenes to tie his hands, and the Department of Defense lays a trap for them with Milo’s mom as bait, Nick and Milo are waging their own war – against a primal desire that can only lead to one thing: heartbreak.

Ok since I was supposed to have a review spot-but some difficulties have come up with the tour- I’ve decided to show you some music the wonderful author has on her website that inspired her when she was writing this series! 🙂 

I found a whistle: MGMT  

ET: Katy Perry ft. Kanye West 

Author Bio: 

Ella James is an Alabama author who writes YA and adult romance. She is happily married to a man who knows how to wield a red pen, and together they are raising a feisty one-year-old who will probably grow up believing everyone’s parents go to war over the placement of a comma. 

Ella’s published books include the bestselling YA romance Stained Series (Stained, Stolen, Chosen, and Exalted); the YA paranormal Here Trilogy (Here, Trapped – 12/12, and Away -2/13); and Before You Go, a YA contemporary romance.

To find out more about her  projects and get exact dates on upcoming releases, find her on Facebook at facebook.com/ellajamesauthorpage and follow her blog,ellajamesbooks.blogspot.com. Questions or comments? Tweet her at @author_ellaj or e-mail her at ella_f_james@ymail.com.

I think once I get my review copies, I will definitely enjoy this series, and since I’ve read the first book Stained of her Stained series and really liked it, I definitely have plans to continue reading more books by this author!! Thank you so much for stopping by today! I wish you all a Happy Reading and later gators!