Pandora’s Key Blog Tour


Hello everyone! Today I am a stop on the blog tour for Pandora’s Key! It’s a fascinating story about, you guessed it, Pandora, and her little box of trouble! LOL I’ve got a guest here today, one of the characters is going to witness my wrath-I mean craziness-LOL and answer some questions. And then I’ll let you in on my review so you can see what I thought of the story! So now, I would like to introduce Raphe, Evangeline’s crush, to my blog! WELCOME!! 

Maghon: How did you know when you had “more than friends” feeling toward Evangeline?
Raphe:  Most of the girls in my class are hard to talk to… and when I do talk to them it seems like they’re more concerned with what other people are saying or doing than about our conversation.  Evangeline isn’t like that – when she talks to you she’s… all there.  And she’s not worried about her clothes or wearing makeup (which she never needed, even before her looks changed).  She’s just totally real.  And I guess I’ve always known that she could be more than a friend from the first time I saw her insanely dark blue eyes and couldn’t look away.  And in case you’re wondering, I’m not blushing when I say that.  I’m good with it.
Maghon: What do you think about when you hear her name?
Raphe:  The way she makes me feel.  And now I am blushing…
Maghon: How did you take it, when you realized she was more than just “a little human”?
Raphe:  It’s complicated.  Being a descendant is kind of like being a superhero, you know?  And that’s pretty freaking cool.  But for Evangeline, the cool part is overshadowed by the fact that she’s always in danger and that there’s a really horrible curse hanging over her head.  I mean, how would you feel if you found out that the person you really cared about was cursed to die in the prime of her life?  Sometimes it really sucks… but I just try to enjoy what we have right now because life is uncertain for everyone, right?
Maghon: Is there anything that you wish could be different with Evangeline?
Raphe:  Here’s the thing… if I changed one thing about her, then she wouldn’t be who she is and I really like who Evangeline is… so I wouldn’t change a thing.  And I know that sounds corny, but it’s true.
Maghon: Did you know ahead of time that you would sacrifice something so big as you did for Evangeline?
Raphe:  (laughs) Um, no.  I never thought I was the kind of guy who would throw himself in front of a bullet, period.  I’m a good guy, and I try to treat people the way I want to be treated, but I always imagined I’d stop short of sacrificing my life for someone else.  All I can say is that it was pure instinct… 
Maghon: How do you feel about your mother’s involvement in things?
Raphe:  LIke crap.  We hardly talk.  Next question?
Maghon: Is there anything you wouldn’t do to protect Evangeline?
Raphe:  I guess I can’t know that until I’m in a specific situation, but I imagine I’d do pretty much anything to make her life better and I think she’d do the same for me.
Maghon: Where would you like things to go from here with Evangeline?
Raphe:  Obviously, I like her…  a lot.  And I’m hoping that our friendship will remain super strong and that our relationship will… progress.  I know you’re looking for specifics with that question, so I’ll say this (because even though you might think I’m some kind of selfless guy, I’m still a guy):  I’m insanely attracted to Evangeline – inside and out.  I just hope she feels the same way because I don’t want to date anyone else. 
Maghon: Are you going to be sticking around for good?
Raphe:  I hope so… but Evangeline’s life is pretty crazy and you never know what might happen to her, or me, next…
Maghon: This or that…  a. Coffee or tea?
Raphe:  Ice cream.
b. Coke, sprite, dr. pepper, other?
Raphe:  Little known fact about me is that I can’t burp so I steer clear of carbonated drinks.
c. Mountains or beach?
Raphe:  Definitely the mountains.
d. Winter or summer?
Raphe:  I’m from Oregon so I like any season when it’s not raining
e. Boxers or briefs?
Raphe: Boxers or boxer-briefs, never tighty-whiteys.  I do my own laundry because my mom isn’t around much, so whichever is clean.
f. Vampire or werewolf?
Raphe:  Werewolf – it would come in handy for helping Evangeline.
g. Cold or hot?
Raphe:  Dry (it rains a TON in Oregon)
h. Favorite color?
Raphe:  Midnight blue
i. Night or day?
Raphe:  Day – sleeping feels like a waste of time.
j. Moonlight or sunlight?
Raphe:  Sunlight so I can see where I’m going on my skateboard!

Ok, don’t you have a crush on Raphe now too, cuz I know I DO!! And don’t think I don’t know why your favorite color is Midnight Blue!! 🙂 I really like him as the romantic interest 🙂 And now for my review! 

First I will thank R2R, the author- she gave me my personal copy on a random day, and I’m so glad she did!- and the making connections group b/c I’m reviewing for R2R but making connections gave me a part in the blog tour!! yay!!

This book is exceptional! I dunno why I had it in my head something like mermaids or witches… Crazy, since everybody knows Pandora is Greek mythology!! Lol forgive me, I’m a blonde 🙂 but still what a great fun story!! I’ve also never read an author who kills a main character Lol but it’s got a great plot, the writing is well done, and it’s fun and a new twist to the Greeks. 

The main character is a literal descendant of Pandora, and she becomes involved in a crazy new world without ever knowing it existed. Her mom begins losing her mind, her best friend has a new boyfriend, and her love interest only knows her as his best friend. And then some crazy stuffs happens- sorry, not giving this away, and Evangeline has to not only cope alone, but figure out how to survive.

I was really intrigued with the part that the doctor played in the story, and I really like her best friend, as you know I love supporting characters. I was wonderfully surprised at how many twists the story had, especially with the characters.  I know that there are some great things that are to come in the next story, as how could it not, if the first part was so good. 🙂 Even with different point of views from the characters, you still get some big surprises! This is a new outlook on the back story of Pandora. It keeps things fresh without venturing too far away from the original myth surrounding her.  

I very much look forward to see how things will turn out and continue in this series! thanks everyone who helped me to find a very fun new series!! Nothing like reading a new book and really liking it! 

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in the tour, the author because she gave me a copy, and Making Connections for putting together this tour! I really would like to tell Raphe thanks for coming by, and if Evangeline and him don’t work out, he could always call me LOL 🙂  I wish everyone luck on the giveaways, and as always happy reading my gators!!