Reviews and some freebies! :)

Hello everyone, 

How are you guys today?  Well, I am stopping by to let you in on some reviews and tell you about some awesome freebies!!! so, here we go to start it off…

A Bite's Tale (A Furry Fable)

It’s a very cute, short, YA fairy tale… I loved it 🙂 so go read it… please and thank you hahahaha… here’s your links…

my review on goodreads:


Next up is….

Shifting Hearts (Wiccan Haus, #1)

yep, hot guy on the cover hahahaha ok, so this is a (slightly, or more than slightly) erotic paranormal romance… here’s my links…

review on goodreads:


barnes and noble:



NOW FOR THE FREEBIES!!! so one of my favorite authors, she has her stuff FOR FREE FOR TODAY (and maybe tomorrow too, not sure) on AMAZON… TRUST ME, you WANT TO READ these books!!! I mean it, it’s free, just GO GET IT!!!

Channie series book 1


Channie series book 2


Now, if you did what I told you and got these books already, here’s what I think you should also pick up while you are there… no, I am sorry, these are not free, but these are both the SECOND books in their own series… you can get the first of each book for $0.99 (Yep less than a dollar!!)… so here’s what I am off to read 🙂 

Book 2 of Blood Warrior series


Demonblood series Book 2


just click on the pictures and it’s gunna take you right to amazon 🙂 Now, for a bit of personal news… I AM STUPID EXCITED, cuz my favorite band is coming to my town, & I’m taking my favorite twins see them… here’s the picture 🙂 


Staind and Godsmack with special guest Halestorm

Fri, 02/03/12 10:00am

Lafayette Cajundome
Wed, 04/18/12  6:30pm

and here’s my twins and me:

Anybody else screaming with me as I purchase these tickets…. hehehehehehe 🙂 anyways, now that’s I’ve gotten that out of my system… go forth and conquer a book hahahaha

Later my reading gators 🙂



Reviews & an Update

Hello Everyone, 

How was your weekend? Mine was uneventful, which is EXCELLENT 🙂 I got some reading done, so I thought that I should let you guys in on the secrets 🙂 ok, they aren’t secrets, but how about my reviews! So, here ya go…. 

A Demon Made Me Do It

As always I need to thank the R2R guys and the author for giving me a copy of this book to read for review! There are some days when I’m just so happy to be part of this group, for without them I would have never found some of the best books! Like this one!! So, here’s all the links I think you should check out including my 5 PAWs review 🙂 (yeah, so in a description, some people give roses (KAY) and some people give bats, and wings, and hearts, and stars,  so I’ve decided to draw a paw (via paint program on my computer) and use this as my rating 🙂 see the paws ->)




Barnes & nobles:

Next up…

The Dark Gifts Inheritance

First, Thank you SO much Ms. Willow Cross, for giving me a copy to read and put up on my blog & THANK YOU Books4Tomorrow for sending me the recommendation of Ms. Cross… I was so intrigued by the cover, but I am thrilled to say I LOVED it when I opened it and started reading… so, here’s my paw rating & all the links 🙂





Barnes & Nobles:

Next is…

Chocolate-Covered Eyes: A Sampler Of Horror

ok, so first I gotta say, this is one of the books that had to be RESCUED on goodreads, so no worries, I’ve already reported it and I am going to keep trying to make sure the links work but at least you can still see my review…



Barnes & Nobles:


Now, I am so happy to say that all the winners contacted me ASAP, and so, all the kindle books were e-mailed on Saturday morning, and today, the Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin paperback books were mailed to that winner too… I am so happy and this was my first give away.. So, on that note, I am still thinking about giving away some more stuff, but I will have to make it good! So, Congrats again to all the winners and I’ll be posting another giveaway REAL SOON!!! in the meantime, today is the release of… 

Half Black Soul  (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #2)

SO GO GO GO!!! GO GET IT NOW!!! 🙂 I did 🙂

Have a great day, and later my reading gators!