It’s a Birthday freebie!!

So, I’m interrupting my normal posting to announce this, as there’s only a few hours left…. Silvia from dark mind book tours and Darkest Sin blog… I’m stealing this from you!! πŸ™‚ I don’t think you’ll mind this one time πŸ™‚

I hope you guys know how much I love this series, so I needed to share πŸ™‚

**From Silvia, this was posted yesterday. You have until midnight tonight! I’m late to the party!

One year ago, Vaempires: Revolution was released. Shouldn’t just this be a reason enough to celebrate? BUT, what if I say we’re celebrating the birthday of its author, as well? You heard that right, it’s an awesome double birthday today AND, because of that, for the next two days, Vaempires: Zombie Rising is FREE on Amazon!



To Mr Thomas and Vaempires- HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I wish you extra love… Now gimme more books hahahaha lol and to Silvia and Frannie over at Dark mind book tours- I love you guys for introducing me to this amazing series!!

Now go get your free book!!



Hello everyone!!

I received a wonderful email today! I was recently part of a book tour for Vaempires: Revolution and the author was so happy with not just my work but the work all of us tour hosts put into it. I’d like to first share a small piece of what that email said to me… Here ya go!

Dear Shae, Nicola, Anjana, Vix, Vanessa, Tana, Shawn, Sullivan, Shah, Rachel, Tanya, S.M., Molly, Michelle, Nikki, Maghon, Liz, Makayla, Bex, Carrie, Shelby, Gracen, & Gabby:

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for being such wonderful tour hosts. So … thank you. :)… anyway! I was so amazed that I wrote a blog post about the entire experience (if you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here:

He is so sincere in his thanks that I literally had no words. We, as bloggers, do this for fun and our love of reading! After I read the email and then his blog post dedicated to us, I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve accomplished something great and my heart just swelled! It’s not often that someone takes the time to be so grateful, even for something as little as writing a blog post, a review, or just spreading the word. So, as Mr. Tom is not only one of the coolest authors I have the pleasure of interacting with, he’s ridiculously generous! We’ve had some very fun twitter conversations. πŸ™‚ So, here’s what’s for you!!

Below are Smashwords codes for free copies of both Vaempires books:

Vaempires: Revolution KT25P
Vaempires: White Christmas TE58Z

The codes are valid until 7/10/12.

Yep, you as my followers are getting his two books for FREE! White Christmas is the prequel short story, and revolution is a fantastically written debut book! I’ve got reviews on my previous tour post of ya wanna see what I had to say.

I know I usually have pictures and links, but I needed to get this out right away, so I’m using my trusty iPhone WordPress app. Sorry that this post looks so plain, lol, as I’m usually colorful! πŸ™‚

But most of all, I wanted to say that Mr. Winship has made me feel extremely proud of my “hobby” lol and THANK YOU!! and in turn, I hope my words are enough to give him courage to gimme another Vaempires book! LOL He’s been so kind and I will forever have a place for him in my heart!! And my bookshelf! Happy reading my Gators- now go forth and get your free books!!