Interview & Giveaway of Becoming by Raine Thomas

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here’s a sneak peek!!!

I had the chance to read the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy this past summer after they were released and immediately fell in love with the world and stories created by Raine Thomas.  I  had the pleasure of interviewing Raine about her first series this summer.  And now, I am welcoming back Raine to talk about her Estilorian short story The Prophecy that was released today as a free download on Smashwords (with Amazon and Barnes & Noble to follow).

All the Fur Babies!! Well mine anyways :)

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For those who care:

The smallish brown dog is Xander, The white Siberian Husky is Mysha, the black and white Australian Shepherd is Baylee, the fluffy grey tabby cat is NuNu, the all black cat is Jennings, the white and grey tabby is Kiddo, the siamese mix is Sushi, the tuxedo is Meeko (Kiddo, Sushi, and Meeko are biological siblings). 🙂

Hello to the world :)

Hello to the world, since this is my first ever blog, writing of any sort of that type!  Since I read so much, I decided to make my own blog to keep up with my favorites, and post pictures, give veterinarian advice (I’m a technician, so make sure and see your regular vet), and occasionally rant about all the crazy people in the world!  Most of the time, I am a happy kid, so it should be pretty fun, trying this out! So, first, I should say I have lots of fur babies 🙂 Once I get used to everything on here, and learn how to use it, I will post lots of pictures of all of them 🙂

Now, people are going to come tell me hello…. Tell me what ya reading on your end… Or what you can’t wait to read in the future… or what you’ve read in the past that you just can’t get enough of…. Your favorite authors…. or movies…. or, you know, just tell me anything you want to tell me (and the world, since it’s a public blog, and all HA!)…. Let me start:


I’m reading : Torn (Demon Kissed #3)   which is the 3rd book of the Demon Kissed series…. It took me forever to get my hands on it (it was my first e-book ever) and I am so glad I kept searching, cuz I LOVE this series!!! I work at a used book store as my hobby job (meaning I get paid in books hahahaha) so I get real books from here, not e-books… but I’m pretty obsessed with e-books too now!!!

I can’t wait to read:   Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy, #2)
which comes out November 29, 2011!!!


Now, I will make my next post about favorite authors of mine, and books I can’t get enough of!!! Have a great day!!